Wednesday, February 16, 2005


And so.........the aftermath of Valentine's Day. Today, everybody goes around asking everybody else, 'How was it, what did you do, what did you get?'

It was no different with me. Recall an earlier lesson in life that I taught you guys? A lot of people asked me :

People : What did you do?

Vincent : I stayed home and did work.....

People : Why didn't you asked someone out?

Vincent : Expensive.....no money..

People : .........yeah...thats truee..

It was no different in my hostel dining room...

I eavesdropped on a bunch of girls' conversation. There was one particular lion pretender, Rabbit who was happily telling the rest of her single friends :

Rabbit : Oh...I got 3 cards in the post yesterday.

Pie : 3!! Woww...who gave you?

Rabbit : But one was from my good friend. The other two were anonymous though....I dunno who sent them.

Manny : Waaahhh.........got so many admirers? I don't have a single card..




Bullshit detector went off in my head.

Look here, cunt. Lying is bad. Lying to make your friends jealous of you is even worse.

Firstly, you eat carrots and overcooked cows, and crap more than me. You suck. No guy in the right sense of mind would fall for you. Its not a stalker anyway. Stalkers stalk fit chune chicks, not aneroxic rabbits.

But lets just imagine for a second.......love is blind, and male lion pretenders are weird anyway. What the fuck do you think this is? Primary school? Guys like recognition for their work. If they sent you a fucking card, they want you to know that they sent the fucking card. Nobody sends anonymous cards, not as this age. Nobody sends you cards just to make you feel good. If a guy sent you a Valentine's Day card, its because they wanna fuck you, and he would be stupid guy if he didn't leave his name. Cause then, how would you know who to fuck?

Ok, lets give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she did receive those two anonymous Valentine's Day cards. I can only think of two possibilities.

1) Her mum, anticipating that Rabbit would feel sad, sent one of those cards. After all which mother wants to see her daughter sad and down? True what they say.........a mother's love is unconditional.

2) She sent the other card to herself one night when she was depressed. After sending the card, she drank loads of tequila and passed out, forgetting everything that ever happened.

Ok.............I retract my words. Maybe she did get those 2 anonymous cards..You'll never know. Those lion pretenders are seriously damn weird. Check out this commentary from the Star.

On a totally unrelated issue, I looked at friendster the other day and found that one of my good friends from school hooked up with this fucking hot chick. This guy was literally a woman-repellant in school, we at one point even thought he was gay and called him a loser. He now officially has the chunnest girlfriend among all my friends.

Lesson of the day : Friendster teaches you respect.


So true.. nobody sends anon love letters anymore.. not only letters.. but everything.. even blogger comments :P i wouldn't want to comment anonymously if i mean good.. unless of course when blackmailing or flaming ppl :P

only chicken shit balless adolescent kids send anonymous love letters..

Heh.. I wouldnt even want to comment anonymously even if I did want to flame or kutuk people.. haha

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