Friday, February 04, 2005

ahbeng syndrome

Why do people diss ahbengs so much?

Firstly, how do you categorise an ahbeng? I dunno actually. The stereotypes are good. Chinese. Male. Blonde hair. Can't speak English. However, some people do have the Chinaman look that automatically qualifies them for that honourable title. I won't even bother trying to describe it, cause I can't.

I was blog hopping just now when I found a blog written by an ahbeng. Horrible english and everything. Also had a very ahbeng face on his profile picture. I never knew that ahbengs knew about blogs. I wonder who taught them. I won't post his URL here, cause well, its not right. Its his page, I just make fun of it and never return there again. However, I did show a few friends who I feel needed a laugh.

Here's one particularly interesting conversation that followed :
(don't bitch about the punctuations or spelling. I copied it straight from MSN)

Vincent: so....what do u think?

Lillian: damn ah beng

Vincent: good engerish hor? his england is very good….

Lillian: ahahahhaha….maybe he just tried to be funny

Vincent: i dont think his is funnying........

Lillian: you saw his face on the profile page?

Vincent: yeah…ahahaha….i expected blonde hair. If got blonde hair, I’ll sure ask him for some VCDs already.

Lillian: hahahahahahahaahhahaahhaaha

Vincent: I dunno what u are laughing about so much…u also look like ahlian

Lillian: SHIT LAR U…ME?!

Vincent: yeah your hair like ahlian…got blonde bits

Lillian: now dont have already…u mean i used to look like ahlian?

Vincent: yeah…but don’t worry…Ipoh ppl is like that wan…its ok…hahahahaahahahaha

Lillian: WHAT?!!!!!!

Vincent: thats what we call STOWNS…Small Towners….orang kampung...hahahaa...KL ppl basically make fun of ppl from everywhere else…


Vincent: even worse…all chinaman there

Lillian: this is not funny, k…i am so not ahlian!!!

Vincent: oh don’t worry....its not just you..ahlians usually never think they are one…they need ppl to tell them wan

Lillian: urgggh…now i really hope u get an ahlian as gf

Vincent: oh don’t worry....i will kill myself before i get an ahlian

Lillian: we'll see

Vincent: i will personally give u the knife…i got 4 camping knives…which one u want also i will give u

Lillian: i hope u wont have to eat the humble pie

Vincent: there are somethings…icant say for sure but there are somethings which i can guarantee. This is one of the rare occasions which i can guarantee stuffs

Lillian: good good…i'm going to bed…dont ever call me ahlian! and don’t you are write this in ur blog…or i will personally kill you

Vincent: aaaaaaah…that is a very dangerous thing to challenge me..haahah…

So yeah. If you find me dead tomorrow, it cause I was murdered by an ahlian. By the way, its not a really good idea to challenge me stuffs like that.


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