Sunday, February 13, 2005

interesting analogy

I just came home from George's place. Its 6am in the morning. We had a Chinese New Year dinner (again) and hours of playing bridge. Its actually more fun to play bridge than chor dai dee. Less luck required. More skill.

Anyways....random conversation :

Vincent : No need chick wan la....just go home and sleep...even better.

Morpheous : Isn't it better to sleep WITH a chick?

Vincent : Oh...no no no no...I don't believe in pre-marital sex.

Kay : Hmmm....yeah. Just like Britney Spears.

Vincent : Exactly!

Morpheous : My friend KK says...........

Vincent : He's the guy who believes in 'quantity, not quality' rite?

Morpheous : Yeah. He says..'you test drive cars, don't you?'

Kay : And cars....you throw after 5 years. This one you keep for your life.

Vincent : Aaahhhh.........I am enlightened.


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