Wednesday, February 09, 2005

its a HAPPY new year

Over the last couple of weeks, I have read countless number of blogs, and heard from countless number of people how they don't see the fuss behind celebrating Chinese New Year. Some say that seeing relatives whom they see once a year really isn't a big deal.

I guess, you will only really miss it when you are away from home, away from your family. I never get homesick, even when I first came here to study. If there is a time where I ever get close to missing home, its this time of the year.

My dad's family is pretty huge. He has 10 siblings in all. I have 19 cousins. Its not as if I am damn close to any of them, or my uncles and aunties for that matter. Its not as if I am dying to see all of them, so that they can ask me nonsensical questions. I do enjoy talking to a few of them, but that's it. So, why the fuck have my dreams for the past two nights been about talking to them and playing mahjong with my cousins? Why the fuck have I had dreams about bringing my chick (who has no face, by the way) home to meet them for family interrogation?

I shall miss the great food. Chinese New Year has always been about good food. My grandma was a damn bloody good cook. After she got Alzheimers, my aunties took over, and they are pretty darn good as well. We never ate in restaurants. It was always home cooked food, and expensive stuffs too.

Tonight, I shall go out with my friends to feast on some crabs, prawns and lobster in Nottingham's best chinese restaurant. Somehow, it won't taste as good as my grandma's fried chicken wings, which she would use old black newspapers to drain the oil.

I shall miss the the fireworks. Before they were banned, my uncle would bring a whole box of fireworks and us kids would play with it endlessly after the reunion dinner. Then, around midnight the adults would hang a 30 foot long firecracker from the top of my grandma's pre-war shoplot. Everybody would cross the street to hear the beautiful sounds of crackers popping and watch the red bits of paper fly about, lining the floor below with a fluffy red carpet.

Tonight, I shall burst some fireworks with my friends. We are going to buy a box of those fireworks which burst into the sky leaving a flowery pattern. Somehow, they won't explode as loudly as the pop-pops that came wrapped in a bag of sawdust.

I shall miss the gambling. Grandma taught most of us how to play cards from a young age. I watched the adults as the played mahjong, and could myself play when I was just 6. When us kids grew up, we opened our own mahjong tables. Police looking for money should raid our house during Chinese New Year. 4 mahjong tables, 1 card table (blackjack or poker), and 1 dice table (its a boring game..just throwing dice), really do have the makings of a gambling den.

Tonight, I shall play some chor tai tee with my friends. We never play for money, but the company is good and the beer - free flow. We shall chat over the card game, and make jokes. Somehow, though, I shall miss the irritating cackling of those mahjong tiles. Somehow, my aunties' nosy questions would sound nicer than the jokes that we will share tonight.

I shall miss my mum and dad. My brother and sister. Somehow, though, I always get through it and enjoy the company of my wonderful friends.

*Its still me alright.......I didn't pay some homesick girl to guest blog here*
*Superbowl post continue tomorrow....or when I am free to draw more diagrams*


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