Tuesday, February 15, 2005

lovely day

Last night, Kay asked me :

Kay : Do you hate Valentine's Day?

Vincent : No, why?

Kay : Was just wondering whether you were one of those people who actively hate it.

Vincent : Hate? What's there to hate? I love it.

Kay : I bet you do.

Vincent : Yeah. I love little kids, stupid people and support animal rights.

Kay : Hmmmm.

Vincent : Yeah. I am a very peaceful person. The other day, I saw an earthworm on the road after the rain. I stopped my bike, dug a small hole and put the little fella back in.

Kay : Too free ar?

Vincent : Aaah....what is two minutes of my time if it would save the life of one of God's magnificent creatures?

Kay : Fuck off la.........

But seriously, what's not to like about it Valentine's Day? Its damn great if you are a business man, exploiting child labour and selling big fluffy bears. Its damn great if you are a florist. Its damn great if you and your partner are sensible people. I have been reading loads of blogs over the last few days that have been unfairly critisizing Valentine's Day.

Above all, its a day of love. What can be so bad about a day where people show more love towards each other? Sure, you are supposed to love the person everyday, but is it wrong to love somebody MORE on the day? When else do you walk around shopping malls and see little red hearts everywhere? Does it not make you feel nice? If the Americans had dropped little red paper hearts and pink flowers all over Afghanistan, instead of their nasty ass bombs, maybe Osama wouldn't be such an angry person.

Ok, sorry for all the crap...seriously now.

I love it cause its a day where you get to see stupid people and mock them incessantly. Its a day when people do the stupidest things and say the stupidest jokes. When else in the year would people be willing to pay 20 bucks for a stalk of flower? I won't even bother going through all the stupid acts that people do. Instead, I've compiled a list of stupid things that people have said to me throughout the years.

Back when I was in school, some moron chirpily greeting me in the morning :

Moron : Hey Vince, happy VD!

Vincent : VD? Happy my ass la..

Moron : I know you got no chick...but don't need to get so pissed..

Vincent : Chick or no chick...I don't think VD is something to be happy about.

*VD = venereal disease, another example why sex education is important among kids*

As a principle, I MUST do something fun on Friday nights. Since I started uni, the only times I stayed home on Friday was to play cards with friends or hang out with them in my room. The only time I study on a Friday night is if I have exams the following week. 2 years ago, Valentine's Day fell on a Friday.

Anyways, the plan was to go watch a movie with a couple of friends. Nothing different from what I would do on any other Friday night. That day, the dining room in the hostel was almost deserted. Most people had gone out. Seeing the situation, peer pressure kicked into a lot of people. They felt they HAD to go out or else they would be called losers. So, suddenly, more and more people wanted to join us. From the 3 of us, suddenly there were 8 of us. 8 guys went as a bunch to watch Daredevil. Its actually better to sit home and surf porn than to go and watch a fucking movie with 7 other guys on Valentine's Day. I mean...they could have just stayed home...

Some dudes vowed that they would never do it again. (no shits??) Last year, I think it fell on a Saturday. On Saturday nights, I used to sit at home in front of the TV all night long. There's this cool game show called 'A Question of Sport' followed later on by 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' and then after there's 'CSI' and then 'Match of the Day' (football highlights). So, Saturday was usually a day I stayed home and watched TV.

My housemate was preparing to go out with his girlfriend. On his way out, he asked me:

Housemate : What are you going to do tonight?

Vincent :Stay home and watch TV.

Housemate : Wah! You damn sad man...

Vincent : Really? What did you do last year? Watched Daredevil or something, did you?

*There would be no more words out of his mouth after that*

Then there's the popular case, among girls. There's so many of such stories, I can't really remember who I had this conversation with last year :

Girl : The bunch of us went out for dinner.

Vincent : For what?

Girl : For fun la.

Vincent : You all too much money ar? Of all days choose this day to go out for dinner. You do know that all the menu's are doubly priced?

Girl : Yeah, but we just wanted to.

Vincent : Oh. I get it....its to celebrate being single rite?

Girl : No laa..

Vincent : Yes, yes it is! Its a defiance. You guys can't get dates, so you stare into the eyes of defiance.

Girl : Nola......

Vincent : And then you guys probably made a pact to remain single friends...

Girl : Nolaa.............

Vincent : Then why on earth did you guys pay 20 pounds for a meal which usually costs 10 pounds?

Girl : Felt like it.

Vincent : Tell you what. Next year, the bunch of you should pay me, I'll buy KFC for you all.

There are a shit load of other stories........but I just realised how bloody long this post is. So, yeah, hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day..


I thought something wrong with my eye, then I realised that it was because I stayed too long in your blog reading a long post that causes my eye fucked up with such a fucked up background colour. LOL... damn... where's my Eyemo?

valentine is a day where the stupid got ripped hhahahahaa...

but i think i did got ripped some years ago :( being young and everything


My mom who has a side business selling flower arrangements and such can sell a rose that she gets for 75sen a piece at 15ringgit a piece even if you factor in the wrapping paper and a tiny card that is used, the entire cost only sums up to about RM1.60.. today she delivered a bouquet of 345 roses and charged RM1,299.00 for it... easy money

Haha.. I spent valentines day being molested by a big burly doctor, and valentines night in the dark because TNB forgot to restore power.. I love Valentines day..

Hahaha, yeah i don't know why single girls choose to have single parties at the most expensive time of the year.
Defiance. Exactly.


KK : hahaha...yes. I have had many such complains before. fireangel said that she looked around and everything was green.

waterjunk : its ok. I was once young and stupid too.

seta : make sure u learn this flower thingy from your mum. take over that business next time. so easy.

uhmir : big burly doctor who molested your balls. hahaha. btw, was curious, did u bump into my blog by accident? the coincidence of it....didnt know you were jillian's boyfriend until i read her blog.

lyn : its good that you dont partake in such crap.


Vincent: JIllian recommended it to me.. She said it was worth a read.. and I agree haha..

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