Thursday, February 10, 2005

one meal

I only have 15 minutes...so a quick post.

So far today, I've had 4 meals. 4 full meals. By the time I sleep, that figure should rise to 6.

I woke up and ate half a pizza leftover from the previous night.

Then, I was supposed to meet my friend in the city for dimsum lunch, only that he said he would be there around 2. So, I had lunch in my hostel, a full sandwich.

Then had a full dim sum lunch.

Reservation for dinner tonight is only at 8.45pm cause, well its CNY day, and its probably the best chinese restaurant - so fully booked. Anticipating the late dinner, I just had couple of fried chicken for hostel dinner.

Add those two with the probable supper after the beer tonight....that would be a cool total of 6 meals in about 18 hours.

Actually, 6 is an ambiguous figure. I argue....I only had one meal today. It started when I woke up, and ends when I sleep. Come to think of it....all of us Malaysians tend to have only one meal a day at times.......


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