Thursday, February 17, 2005

racial hoo-hah

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Over the last week or so, there has been this racial issue hot on the topic of many bloggers. I considered long and hard whether or not to join in the debate. Actually, it was not even a debate in the first place. It was, I think, quite a senseless argument. I pondered the points, and agreed with most of the points.......on both sides.

Now, you ask, how can one agree with everybody's points? Well, only if they are true and blindingly obvious. Stereotypes exist for a reason - they are true. The problem with stereotypes is, one moron down the road tends to jump up and scream ,"Hey! I am not like that!". Well, yes, I know you are not like that. It was a fucking generalisation. If you are not like that, that doesn't mean my generalisation was wrong anyway.

Back to the whole hoo-hah. Yes, I know what TV Smith said was true. In the generalisation sense, of course. I then sat and thought long and hard about it. But why did he have to publish such an article, which would understandably piss people off? Freedom of speech? Was he wrong to ever write that and put it on a public domain knowing that people would react angrily?

Of all people, I advocate speaking your mind out. If you feel something, say it. There is though, a small difference between speaking your mind, and picking a fight. Its like having a good friend who has annoying little habits. Theres a difference between chiding him of his bad habits and sitting him down and scolding him, mocking his habits. Or, like having an ugly friend who can't score with chicks. You might be thinking, "Dude, you can't score cause you're actually uglier than my toilet brush." But would you say it to him?

And so for that reason......everybody has to figure out when to open their mouths, and when to shut it. Everybody has heard of the stereotypes. Everybody knows that the Malays are lazy, the Chinese greedy, and the Indians sly (orang asli - too insignificant to be mentioned). A Malaysian who has not heard of this generalisation clearly has not stayed in Malaysia. So then, is there a need to further shove that fact down people's face? Your friend from earlier probably knew he was ugly - he found out from his bathroom mirror that his face is covered in zits and his chin deformed, but do you need to still need remind him of it?

Its also one thing telling your friend that he is ugly. It might be acceptable once. But how many times? You tell him he is ugly, you walk away, only to return 5 minutes later. You whisper in his left ear, "You are ugly." You leave, come back, and whisper in the right ear, "You are ugly." You leave, and shout from far, "Dude you are damn ugly!" Sure, you are speaking the truth, but how long before your friend gives you a slap in the face and ceases to be your friend anymore? No, this is not freedom of speech. This is pure and simply, picking a fight.

This brings me to the second part of my take on all this. The replies came from Malays. The general consensus was that, its true, there are daughter bangers, bla di di bla bla, but not all (Doh! obviously..), yada yada. What actually interest me was the fact that most these dudes (if not all) are educated people who are extremely pissed with the fact that they other Malays are giving them a bad name. Before writting this post, I read this off Petaling Street.

A Malay calling other Malays "Melayu Bodoh"?
A Chinese calling other Chinese "Inconsiderate Bastards"?

Racism has weird effects, does it not? Suddenly people have gone about insulting their own kind? What's this all about? Actually, I do that all the time. Most of us Chinese do. Who makes fun of AhBengs the most? Chinese. We consider those damn AhBengs to be the scum of the society, those same buggers that give us a bad name, walking around with blonde hair, white t-shirt on the inside, shirt on the outside, unbuttoned. Looks like some kinda uneducated hooligan. That's why we hate them so much, that's why I give them so much stick.

I bet its the same everywhere in the world. Because people tend to stereotype according to a person's race, a new sort of discrimination is born. People of the same race get pissed off with each other. The hardworking Malays get pissed offed with the lower class dudes for making people get the impression that Malays are lazy. I am not going to be politically correct by giving you examples of each race, you figure that out yourself. But now, look at it the other way, the lower class dudes then get pissed off with the upper class guys. Stuck up, pretentious, holier-than-thou. A perfectly round vicious circle is formed.

Is all that shit true? So....let's see what we have covered :

1) We make fun of races except our own, and stereotype other races, insulting them for their bad points.
2) But we also make fun of castes within our own race. We hate them either because they give us a bad name, or because they are stuck up and try to be of higher class.

Cool......What does that tell you?

In the famous words of Sir Alex Ferguson to a bunch journalists : "Yous are all fucking idiots."

This was never about race. You made it an issue about race. If it was about race, then a person would NEVER critisise his own race. It is about people, rational people rightly mocking and critisizing other people in the society based on their attitudes. The lazy fuckers. The daughter bangers. The unscrupulous bastards. The coniving snakes. Its not about race, and should not be about race. You guys only chose to make it such.

Racism? I am fucking sick of that word.


Damn well written...love this piece heh!



i think sometimes we make fun of ppl for the sake of.. well fun.. we take pleasure in knowing that in this screwed up world they're actually people who suck more than we do.. wohoo.. and suddenly the sky becomes brighter, no?

yeah love this! :)


yes ... all of you are fucking idiots.. lol
ur blog's still messed up.. when u fixing it?


the new blogger commenting system allows you to leave your name, instead of putting anonymous. just click 'other' if you dont have a blogger account.

munkit : yeah true. i make fun of other people....for fun. to make ME happy. but race does not have to come into play.

keng : i fixed it a long time ago. i thought its ok already. looks ok on my comp. whats ur screen resolution? if its 1024 x 768, it should be fine

anybody else got problems viewing the page?


well, it's the same for every single culture on the face of the earth, the Indians have their untouchables, the Southern Americans have their red-necks

Why must it bed said and laid out in the open for debate? That answers itself, if we all sit back and keep our mouth shut things would only be worse, an open discourse would be a good engagement for everyone to see things with clarity. Agree with you that its not only about race, its the people. We often generalize things by a small sample to equate it to race as a whole when its a few individuals that pissed us off. Nice piece.

hey this is really good. i'm glad i took the time.

and then there's the other type of racism where you totally hate their guts.


have u ever met with a skinhead? i have indian friend in russia who has. that is real racism.

kervin : like i said. there is a difference between speaking your mind (which is good) and picking a fight (which is bad)

metalrage : skinheads, like in american history X. yeah, they show their racism by actions. we show our 'racism' by talking shit.


wow,nice work! Smith's blog had really pissed me off, it's like "wtf, who the hell on earth u think u are?" Being a blogger, he was way too emotional. We did good and we're innocent enough to deserve those words-of-shit.

racism is sumthin that is as ancient as any civilization;u can't pretend it doesn't exist but still u hav to tolerate it.

watever u r..malay,chienese,indian..live to know ur race,but cease to insult others..


Enlightening....hmm....well doesn't that mean discrimination against people? Instead of race then its people? So ya maybe you are right and we shouldn't label it racism....then doesn't it fall into discrimination against people?? Ok nuff said....it was something to think about....

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