Wednesday, February 23, 2005


A lot of people don't understand sarcasm. I wonder what so difficult to figure out that people are poking fun at you? Maybe its because sarcasm usually comes from your good friends. Most people don't expect strangers (or acquaintances) to joke around with them. But hey, I am Vincent, I joke around with everybody.

I am acting in a play this weekend. Its for this event called 'Malaysian Night' which showcases Malaysian culture to whitemen (intended audience) but its mostly the Malaysians who watch it. The play is about the legend of Mahsuri. If you are a Malaysian, and haven't heard of it, please go kill yourself.

Anyways there is this girl who is in charge of the costumes. Lets call her SnowWhite. Yesterday, she asked me :

SnowWhite : Hi, Vincent.

Vincent : Hello.

SnowWhite : Do you have a stripe shirt, black and white, like a prison uniform?

Vincent : Nope. Why you need it for?

SnowWhite : For one of the characters....do you know if Leman has it? I think I saw it before.

Vincent : Dunnoo...

(Leman walks in)

SnowWhite : Leman, do you have stripe shirt, black and white?

Leman : Nope. Its blue, not black. Why you want black and white? Like prison shirt issit?

SnowWhite : Yeah...cannot find

Leman : Ask Vincent la! He been to jail before what.

SnowWhite : HUH?!?! REALLY?!?! *eyes open big big*

Vincent : I don't have it anymore. They took away the shirt when they let me go. Bastards didn't let me keep it.

SnowWhite : You went to jail?!?!? WHY?

Vincent : Long time ago la..I was young. *puts a very sorry regretful face*

Leman : Yeah...he raped a school girl.

SnowWhite : *eyes open big big...looks at me in disgust*

(Leman...I know you are reading this..you spoilt the joke man. Theft, or drugs, I could live with, but this one.......cannot la. I got reputation to keep man.)

Vincent : NOLA!

SnowWhite : *phew*

And today, after rehearsals, I was walking out of the building with another actor dude. We never really talked before, and hence we made some small talk, "what are you studying, where you stay, bla bla bla." After all that intro crap :

Vincent : You know, you actually look damn familiar. You from SKL rite?

(SKL is the name of my secondary school)

Hamid : YEAH! How did you know?

Vincent : Cause........I am from SKL also.

Hamid : You are? I've never seen you before!

Vincent : Yeah, am your senior.

Hamid : *eyes open big big* Shit, you from SKL!?!? Are you sure?!?!

Vincent : *am I sure? sarcasm mode kicks in* I think so. Not too sure..

Hamid : You think so? *looks at me like I am some kinda dumbass*

Vincent : Like I said, I think so. Can't really remember.

Hamid : You think so?!?!?

*I can't stand it anymore*

Vincent : Nola. Joking la. Of course I am SURE I am from SKL.

Which also brings me to another point. When people talk to me and try to make fun of me, I hate it that they are scared that they might offend me. They then end their joke or their mockery with, "Eh, joking joking..." before I can even react to it. I hate that for 3 reasons:

1) If you are going to make fun of people, do it right. If you are worried about hurting people's feelings, then don't make the joke in the first place.

2) It insults my inteligence. It insinuates that I can't tell the difference between an insult and a joke.

3) I usually have a smart ass answer to turn the joke on you. By saying "Joking, joking.." before I can even open my mouth, you don't give me a chance to poke the fun back at you. It also diffuses the effect of smart-alec remarks I might have later on.

So, learn this well kids. If you see me, remember two things :

1) Never make a joke and cover it by say "Joking only ar." If you want to make fun of me, then wait for my reply and cover your face in embarassment after that. If your joke is good enough and I can't think of a responce, then you can laugh at me.

2) If you hear me say something stupid or incredulous beyond believe, then you must understand that I am making fun of you, and it is best you keep quiet in order to stop embarassing yourself any further. After all, I am Vincent, I never say stupid things without meaning it.


Get used to it. Some people just can't diff between a joke, sarcasm and reality. Some people actually believe that I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning.

Whahahaa.....funny funny....I've had enough of snow white too :P Too easy to trick her eh? And Leman...Vincent jailed for raping lil gals...apala...be more creative la..say he bombed up someone's house or something...knowing vincent...that's more likely! ANd oh...Vince..continue the sarcasm...I always give u a chance to deliver the 2nd punch line no? It's so Vincent..what can I say...Btw, Who the hell is Halim? Heh...Too many blur looking actors for me to figure out!



interesting read.. the part bout ppl covering their shits with "joking la" particularly pisses me off..

Yeah, typical case of flaming someone and then trying to put out the fire with "objectivity".. We dont have to be politically correct all the time..

hahahaha! don't la tease her. she's very innocent. there's someone else better to make fun of, and i'm longing for the day you'd do him. by the way, i wouldn't be so surprised if what leman said is true. after all, he is vincent. =P

KK : used to it already. thats why complain

nanook : firstly, you dont have to sign in as anonymous. u can click on other and put ur name there. secondly, its not that i had enough of her...i just found it funny that she believed lemans and my crap.

munkit/uhmir : thats like we discussed a couple of weeks ago...trying to be politically correct

byn : that one.....i bored already la. like bully retarded child. he doesnt even know people making fun of him.


wut do u mean 'like'? hahaha

Ah..thanks for the tip Vince...Who's Halim...I'm still waiting...p/s I agree with Byn...retarded child post pls? :P

Phwoarrr....... Child Rapist!!!! I knew it!!!!!
Join Pires' Club.

Oh, good luck for M'sian Night!


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