Monday, February 21, 2005

what would you do?

Imagine, you have a bunch of kids, and one fine day, you hear them arguing over a certain matter. None of them are right, none of them have knowledge in anything at all, they just argue cause that's what kids do best.

Huey : The sky is blue cause God painted it blue.
Duey : No no....My father said sky is blue cause of reflection from the sea.
Louie : Cannot! Sea is not blue also. Sky is blue cause its magic.

What would you do when you encounter a bunch of kids fighting like that? Some people would choose to correct them, but I THINK majority of the people would leave them to be. I would.

Question is, if you hear a bunch of adults arguing about something deep, like world economy, and everything that is coming out of their mouths is uter bullshit, would you correct them, or just laugh to yourself?

Me, I believe in equality. If I didn't correct the kids, it was because they were kids. If I didn't correct the adults, its because they are buttockers and I should let them be.


Leave them alone and let them bask in their stupidity. afterall it's the dumb that makes the clever, clever.

get a group of friends and point fingers at them and just laugh...

sumtimes adults are dumber than kids.. so rather than trying to explain i suggest we yeah like you, just shut up and get on with our lives.

kimberly : good point. genius is relative. the more morons there are, the easier it is to be a genius.

andy : unfortunately, sometimes..i am completely surrounded by morons and i am the odd one out. so there is no one to gang up with and laugh.

munkit : save some of your time. let idiots be idiots.


Its all relative.. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit as they say.. Why is the sky blue btw? =P

uhmir : dude. i am dissapointed. everybody knows the sky is blue. tsk tsk tsk *shakes head*

i hope you know the story about jack and the beanstalk. the beanstalk grew so big that it covered the sky. turning the sky green (cause plants are green - cause they have chlorophil). when jack stole the gold harp (yellowish colour) from the giant, the sky turned blue.

thats because, we all know:
blue + yellow = green

hence, green - yellow = blue.

and thats why the sky is blue.


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