Tuesday, March 22, 2005

about winning

There hasn't been a lot of posts recently cause term has ended, and I moved in to stay in my friend's house. Then....my comp got screwed up real bad with some viruses, so I am typing this from the computer lab. And since I hate typing from the labs with shitty keyboards...I am going to make this short. Normal blogging business should resume tomorrow when I get back my computer.

"I am dissapointed with the attitude of some people who claim that football is
about life and death.........it is so much more than that" - Bill Shankly,
ex-Liverpool manager.

You always hear people saying,"Winning isn't everything." Funnily enough, nobody says it if they just won something.


Personally, I think writers of viruses and the like should all be lined up and shot. After first being extensively tortured, of course.

Viruses are things that makes our world of internet fun.

winning isn't everything.. it is the only thing.

"You always hear people saying,"Winning isn't everything." Funnily enough, nobody says it if they just won something."

haha, so true

Winning isnt everything but it is something?


Chelsea should be kicked out of the champion's league for footballs sake.
"Winning isn't everything" right??


yng lyn, why Chelsea? That was some entertaining football (vs Barcelona 2nd leg) i havent seen for a long time.

Mourinho has done a good job i would say.

Liverpool fan


To quote friday night lights - winning isn't everything, its the only thing.

History is written by the winners.

Vader: Chelsea can play good football, but they don't. They were only forced to attack because they lost in 1st leg.


Vader: nahh.,, I am just a bitter Arsenal fan.... but i am rooting for Ac milan for good football ;)

yuenli : You let them off too easily man.

ignorantcow : Yes, its fun when it hits other people.

munkit & kristof : Generally only losers say that winning isn't everything

lyn : I actually supported Chelsea in the Barcelona game.

vader : I love Mourinho. When I grow up, I wanna be like him.

Seorang : Yeah..I agree with Friday Night Lights..........whoever the hell they are.


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