Wednesday, March 30, 2005


A few days ago, I had a chat with a friend on MSN. Let's now call her Beebs.

Beebs : So where you going for Easter?

Vincent : Staying at home playing PS2, staying in Morpheous' and Kay's house for the Easter. They have a PS2 and satelite TV!

Beebs : So...not going anywhere?

Vincent : Wanted to go skiing, but got ditched. Then usual travelpals couldn't and didn't want to go anywhere.

Beebs : So why don't you be adventurous and go alone?

Vincent : 'Adventurous' or sad?

Beebs : Yeah.....like as though you feel very 'happy' playing your PS2 the whole day?

Now, I have a lot of friends whose opinions count for nothing. Beebs is not one of them. She looks like a person who goofs around, but when she says something serious, I'll listen intently. Beebs did drive home a damn good point straight through my head. I was never against travelling alone. I did it last year when I toured London myself (stories are in the June archives). But back then, I used the excuse of loving time alone with myself.

When faced with a situation like mine...a lot of people would choose to stay home. What would you do if you really wanted to watch a movie which none of your friends wanted to see? A large number of people would rather stay home than be caught going to the cinemas alone....cause apparently that's quite a sad thing to do.

In this case, I heard countless stories about the tulips blooming in Amsterdam and how bloody marvellous they looked. Its spring now, and this would be my last spring in the UK if I don't get a job here. I figured...if I don't go now, there will never ever be a time when I would go. Not in the near future, that is.

And so, two nights ago, while playing Pro Evolution Soccer 4 on the PS2, I decided to fuck all. Since when did Vincent give a shit about what people said? I am going to Amsterdam. I am going to the red light district capital of the world! And...I am going alone! People always said, a good companion would be someone you really love. Guess what? I fucking love myself. Couldn't ask for a better companion.

When was the last time YOU had an adventure?


Way to go Vince....Enjoy Amsterdam...Make sure u come back with stories to tell ;) Happy Holidays! Btw, where r u staying?

went to hkg alone, it was great.

Watching movies alone are not a sad thing to do. It helps a lot if other morons are not civilised cinema goers. You know it's hard to say something if the moron happens to be your companion in the cinema.

Why people always associate being alone with sadness? Beats me.


amsterdam ehh..look out for weed vending machines ~ lol

u will have fun there...DEFINITELY !!!!


Excellent!!! VIVA AMSTERDAM!!!! Enjoy your trip!! woohooooooooo
Travelilng without a herd is what I call true liberty!!!!


hmmm...cool. Didn't think that so many people were loners too. :P

I went to watch movies only i want to watch alone, it helps to know that you do not need to depend on other people to do what you like.

Enjoy your trip! =)


Alone is not lonely.

Ppl can b with others yet they can feel lonely.

It's great watching movies alone, u get to do/feel watever u want without thinking ur companion(s) r thinking if u cry/LOL/slap thigh/scream hehee


oh wow.
u are the coolest.
im exactly like u but in female form. although i hang out with all males coz girls shit me up the wall. hurrah.


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