Thursday, March 10, 2005

congratulations...you moron

Wow weeee!!

Some girl sets a new national record! 17A1's for SPM!!! She must be getting loads of congratulations from everybody. Hell, even the PM congratulates her. So here I am, jumping the bandwagon with the rest of the people.

Congratulations girl, for throwing away your childhood for the sake of a few A's...you damn moron.

Look...I don't care what the papers say about her and her interest and whatever co-curicular activities she is involved in. A few years ago, before the introduction of the current 'open-cert' concept for SPM, such cases were unheard off. Its was simple concept, really. Education Ministry says...you gotta take this and this subject, and you just did it.

Open-cert system came about in 1999, the year before I did my SPM. It was good...it allowed students the freedom to choose the subjects they wanted. Students who weren't too sure of what they wanted to do in the future could study more subjects to keep their options open. Students who knew what they wanted to do could study less subjects, hence focusing only on the subject that they would pursue in the future.

Problem was.....kiasuwankers like these surfaced. Come on..for umpteens of years, its been the general agreed rule of thumb that about 8 or 9 subjects would be suffice, leaving the students enough time to enjoy life. With the workload that schools pile upon students these days..don't try to fucking convince me that she leads a normal student life when she has to study for 17 fucking subjects.

Me...I manage my time properly, and take pride that I do it well (just today...a junior of mine staying in my hostel asked me where I find so much time to act in plays, watch football everynight, go out without fail every weekend and still find time for projects) In spite of that...I can think of no forseeable way that you can study for 17 subjects and still lead a normal life.

Look at the girl....she can't even talk properly. I shall now disect every single idiotic quote of hers in that newspaper article :

"It was overwhelming news and I’m not ashamed to say that I cried"
Ok...nothing wrong with that..except that the first line of the article read : A year ago, Nur Amalina Che Bakri declared publicly that she was aiming to score 17As in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. So tell me...how is it overwhelming if you already expected it??

"I was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi who said, ‘The measure of success is not the result but the effort’
Riiiigghtt...I hate pompous people. Here, she's trying to sound deep by quoting a famous person from something she read somewhere. Its a good quote, but she uses it in very very wrong context here. She was asked why she chose to do 17 subjects and she quotes Ghandhi? And if it really wasn't about the result, then why are people interviewing you, and not some random stupid dude who put in as much effort as you, but only got 2A's??

"I also remember reading about a girl who scored 15 A1s in her SPM and I thought if she could do it, why couldn’t I?"
Thats not called raising to the challenge. Thats called KIASU. Period.

"I usually finish all my schoolwork and revision by 1am"
This proves my earlier theory about not having a life. Come on...which school going student sleeps at 1am? (unless you are playing computer games, which is a different story altogether) You have to wake up at 6am to go to school. 5 hours sleep a day?

And...the major bone of my rant :

Nur Amalina hopes to become a gynaecologist........
Like I said above...the open cert concept for SPM was especially designed to suit people who knew what they wanted to study. If you already know that you want to be a gynae, why the fuck did you take subjects like Commerce, Econs, Accounts, Malay Literature and Art? Also...why did you take Basic Science when you are already doing Physics, Chemistry and Biology? Basic Science is a core subject for Arts students who are not doing the above 3 science subjects.

If that does not illustrate the case of people taking subjects just for the sake of it, then I don't know what it is. Its a sad practice....of people who want 'face'. There is no reason that somebody would voluntarily subject themselves to all that unnecessary stress of studying so many subjects. Oh...actually, there are two reasons.

The first reason is interest. We can however strike that reason out cause interest in both Science and Arts subjects are mutually exclusive. Interests might overlap, but only a little. There is no way so much of interest exists in all Science and all Arts subjects. If thats really the case, then everything interests you, and you are nothing more than someone who gets excited easily. The more the obvious reason to why she did all those subjects - bragging rights.

Well....congratulations dude, you have earned your bragging rights. You have earned it indeed...with all your hardwork, I'll give you that. But you did it for the wrong reasons and at the cost of sacrificing the simple pleasures of schooling life...pleasures that no amount of success in your future life will ever bring you.

So....once again, congratulations.....you blinking moron.

Post publication entry :
This post has since generated loads of interest within the Malaysian Internet community. From the comments below, you can see that there are many people who agree with it...and many who strongly disagreed. There were some forums that this was discussed in :

1) Lowyat
2) Cari
3) Terato
4) Malaysian Bikers
5) Hell Storm Raiders
6) Play

Somehow, and dissapointingly, many people chose to make this a racial issue.

This was a view I took when I wrote the article, and one which I still hold on to. I still congratulate her for her hard work, but I pity her for having thrown away her childhood for the sake of a few A's. She may, one fine day prove me wrong......but till then, I still maintain that she is just another of those people who are only good at studying.


you said it vince... but somehow it ain't gonna stop some more kiasu students saying, whoa go for 21 to break the record! Please invent more subjects!!!

She wasted her precious school life for something not worth to achieve.

When she come to the working society, then she will be realised that the whole thing start over again, and regreted she spent too much time on unnessasary.

"Master of everything is master of nothing."


simon : they already have subjects like English for Science and Technology (one of those which she scored an A for) Can anybody tell me what the hell that is? I hear its like reading comprehension or science based text. Sounds like a Mickey Mouse subject to me.

KK : She doesn't have to wait till she gets to the wroking world. It automatically resets itself when you get into uni and find that it all counts for shits.


Actually I disagree with you. Even if you have decided to become a gynaecologist, it doesn't mean that she will chaneg her mind in the future. I have a science background and graduatewith a BSc in Forestry but ended up doing an MBA and joining the private sector and now working with the govt.
I know how hard it is to get an A but17 A1s - thats crazy.


hey dude, it's all hard work maybe to sarcifice her time to get all the A's is worth while. Everyone has his/hers reasons. So lets congs the girl. If u can do it I will sure salute u.

yeah Malaysia Boleh that what it about record breaking etc etc ... lolz

yes i think she's thrown away her life.. either that or she truly enjoyed studying, or that she's just too smart.

maybe she can take a triple degree in uni.. MBBS/BPharm/BEng then go on to specialise in 4 fields.


I wouldn't call her a moron (which is a cheap shot really).

Furthermore, if there is anybody to blame or criticise, it would be the education system and a society that puts too much emphasis on getting high grades. A lot of kids are led down the wrong path in school, and it's not the girl's fault for believing that the path to success and riches is getting 17As - it's the system's fault.


extreme effort for a piece of toilet paper.

Okay la tu, she cannot sing, she cannot dance, obvious she can't act. So how to be the frontcover of all newspaper instead of killing somebdy else?....
Wala, got 17 As lah, for the sake of fame.. Mana tau after that she can get title "Datuk".
What-ta-crap... If she got 17As in Havard or Yale for a semester, itu I respek la Datuk!!


man, i couldn't agree with you more. what a waste of time.
betcha she never skipped class, or passed notes in class, or daydreamed.
well, when she enters the working world, nobody gives a hoot abt how many As she made.

and what was the saying about being jack of all trades and master of none...?

ah... youth is wasted...


Man! She is seriously fucked-up! I think Kiasuism rules among other races too and not just in us Chinese (and no I ain't an Ah Lian). :)

Now I ain't trying to flame her or something, cause it's all about upbringing et all. Meh. I got nothing worth to say that isn't sparked by outbursts such as this. ;)


it all comes down to the great Msian Education System..

but have to say it's a BIG achievement.. u guys who cant do it dont criticise..

So what if she lost all her school life? It's her choice or family's.. u guys who has a life, so what, life to oneself is subjective, how u lead or want it is entirely up to you, and sometimes beyond your grasp..


oh yeah.. before i forget.. Art?? this i totally dont agree.. A1 for that?? bet she cant draw a straight line.. pisses me off for those who score A1 for Art but cant pen a sketch..

The blogger does not seem very smart for someone who claims to be a child prodigy. And he also says he hates stupid ppl. Must be a self hater then.

ZOMG.... 17A1... i couldn't/wouldn't do it... what do i do now? That's right! I'll write a lame little article and bash her instead! That will take something away from her achievement! That will make me feel better about my lowly self!
ROFL. Lamer.


You need to get a life dude..
calling her bitch because you can't do better than her last time?


shez seriouslly a retarded freak lifeless...

Commendable effort, but IMO, nothing to respect about.
I still remember the year before, the top scorer couldn't even string a coherent sentence.
But really, if she wanna live that way, let her be... although I don't like the overhypness of everybody's mindset of more A's = smarter.


17A1, i bet she will just another lame person in future ... getting so many useless A1 ...

i'm not on your side on this one vince. every individual leads a different life, what may seem enjoyable to you, may not be to her, and vice versa. maybe she DOES have a life, in studying, maybe thats the way she love to lead her life. who are you to say she don't enjoy it? you're not her.

the way i see it, you're just jealous (or maybe, humbled?) by the fact that she can do something you can't. you just had to take a shot at her. calling her a moron is a cheap shot really.


i find it disturbing. msian education system is dangerous territory, you get sucked into mugging for every bloody A, but when you finally come to your senses and realise it's creativity and professional artistry that matter most, you inevitably find yourself getting marooned on an island. people stop giving a fuck coz you're scoring Bs instead of As. Suddenly everyone says you've changed, you're mixin with wrong crowd, you're a waste of brains, you're a failure. truly, the system has ruined and is ruining many would-be stars. 17A1s? So what, she's just got a better memory than me.

and so she's a 'kiasu'? so tell me, what are u vince? a total 'typical malaysian' i should say? or maybe the word 'kampung' to be precise? sheesh! enraged with jealousy and small talk. at least PM acknowledge her presence and you? whining like a lil baby here. she's wayyy better than u, man..

u're the one who needs a life. nuff said.


Ok...there are a shit load of anonymous comments and its ridiculous for me to give them names anonymous #1, #2..so I'll ignore them...or at least most of them.

adam : Its one thing having a science background and then changing to arts. Its a whole different story studying 5 years to do medicine, 3 years to specialise, and another 3(?)years housemanship...only to realise you want to switch fields. That idea is just not realistic.

thquah : Like I said in the second last paragraph..She put a lot of hard work...and I congratulate her for that. But that's it.

munkit : Even if you are TOO smart, you can alway focus your energies to other things.

sashi : This is one of the rare occasions where I support the system implemented by the education ministry. The open-cert concept, which I described in the article is extremely useful....if used correctly. Other than that..its the student's and parent's fault for succumbing to society's lust for A's

stan : I won't call it toilet paper. Although....I haven't had to show that cert to anybody after I got into college.

suet : Kiasuism spreads through a race alright...Bangsa Malaysia

farhan : Maybe if you read this blog more...you would find that I get kicks in reading comments like yours. After all...you dedicated your time to flaming me, you called it a lame article, but you never said why it was lame. You did not have a single useful rebuttal to my points...which just proves me right. Thank you.

sesshoumaru : I think the most important thing, as other people had said is not being book smart, but street smart. I have ZERO respect for people who can't talk properly and can't answer questions properly.

haha : That's not fair though. Whether she becomes lame in the future..is only for time to tell.

avaxis : Come on...do you really believe that any school-going kid really gets kicks out of studying? That they would prefer studying than hanging out with their friends? She did get 17A1's. I only got 5. BUT I lived my school life to the fullest, and getting 5A's didn't in anyway hamper my progress to getting where I am today. So..if there is any jealousy, then I think she should be jealous of me. Oh....you are right, though. I am jealous of her hardwork, which admittedly, I can NEVER do. But that is it.

to one of the anonymous cows : when did I call her a bitch?


cool...I get two more comments just as I was typing the last reply out

kimberly : That's damn true. When you get into uni, and realise that life's so much more than that.....then you're screwed. Its called burn-out.

anonymous goat : please refer to my reply above for farhan...on second thoughts, you seem like a dumbass, so I'll copy it here for you--->Maybe if you read this blog more...you would find that I get kicks in reading comments like yours. After all...you dedicated your time to flaming me, you called it a lame article, but you never said why it was lame. You did not have a single useful rebuttal to my points...which just proves me right. Thank you.


OMG it's because of people liek u who liek to rant about tihs tihngs I was afraid to get 17a1's.
Y helo thar! Butsecks? LOLOL


for every cause to celebrate, there has to be someone to play the role of the detractor ?

cut the girl some slack. how would you know she's thrown her life away by working hard? do any of you know the girl personally?

4000 students achieving straight A's might make you worry whether our examination system has been too easy for them. but do not belittle the effort these students have put in.
Times have changed from your parents' and even your own school days. Children and teens nowadays have access to many facilities which are advanced compared to the last decade. Did you have broadband internet for your convenience when some of you had to complete a PE assignment? How many English-speaking Malaysian newscasters could you recall from the early 90's? Malaysian society nowadays are wealthy enough to provide more than the basic amenities compared to the yesteryears.

Different people, different strokes. You get your kicks from clubbing or putting down strangers. Maybe these straight A students get kicks from reading a book by Richard Feynman.

If ms Amalina had stated that she took tuition. I bet half of you commentators would have run her down for relying on greedy teachers who want to earn extra money. She didn't and you claim she has wasted her life?

I strongly admire young people who know what their goals are and are determined to achieve them.

THe open cert system has allowed students to choose which subjects they would want to take for exams. I've always believed that if one had the passion for something, one would work hard enough to excel in it. So what if some of these students were passionate about 'non-traditional' subjects that are not available in school? if kiasuism means working the extra mile, i don't think it's wrong. Kiasuism is only ugly when selfishness comes at the expense of others. I don't see how a girl toiling to practice exam questions deprive another student's chance of education.
OK, so some students take subjects that have nothing to do with their intended career path. Some may argue that in case their mind become fickle one day, at least they have the basics in another skill. How about celebrating diversity?
THere are medical doctors out there who know how to assemble a PC from scratch. THere are computer scientists who hold diplomas from the Trinitiy School of Music. There are engineering doctorates out there working in the banking field. Are they morons?

Children are getting smarter and i believe that your children would one day achieve more As than you did in school. There are reports of reputable universities finding it difficult to admit suitable entrants because there are too many straight A candidates.

Ms. Amalina knows that if she is going to earn a good medical degree at Oxford, she will have to stand out from the pool of candidates.

Nobody can be really happy huh?
A kid scores one A and his/her parents or teachers might be calling that poor kid a moron. Another kid scores 17, and a stranger calls her a moron?


im sitting for spm this year..n just to clear a few things up..NO i dont revise my form 4 n form 5 for 4 hours a day..NO i dont sleep at 1 am for the sake of doing it..YES i watch football n saw Real crashing out this morning..YES im enjoying my damn life thank u..n not to say that i dont gif a damn bout SPM nor am i 1 of those blond-haired motherfuckers wit tight shirts..i just cant figure out y ppl push so damn hard to prove sum1 else wrong..prove u can do it blablabalba..unless u really hate that person..hate em so much ur willing to throw ur life away..if he's Hitler den its a whole new thing..amalina's got sum insecurities man

Hi,Vincent!Been reading ur blog for quite a long time but never commented on it.
Wow....ur "congratulations...you moron" attracted so many ppl to comment.Bet it's the highest number of comments that u ever have,right?...lol *no hidden nor cynical meaning*
Yeah,excellent SPM results doesn't guarantee our future.It all depends on how we soar/fare in the working society.But,i really don't mind to get 17A1s cos our society still tends to use number of As as a measurement of one's intelligence.Sigh...:(
Btw,ur blog rocks.Ur posts r mind-provoking & cool!Keep it up,dude!Cheers.Good Day!


I mean "i really don't mind to get 17A1s(if & only if i were that smart & have the brain of hers)..."


Anyone who is truly intelligent will not quote that from Gandhi.

It seems that 90% of all M'sians I know score fucking straight As. Yawn.

Welcome to the age of "geniuses."
Whatever. These kiasu asses don't inspire me.

Good one, Vince!


Mr T : yeaaahhhhhh..........okkkkk..

space : if that is your perception of enjoying life and you are doing just that, then great!

silent reader : actually..my highest number of comments was when I made fun of jay chou and a few harpies attacked me. This one is catching up though.And yeah...of course you won't mind. I don't think anybody would mind..I am just saying that its a wrong priotisation of schooling life.

lyn : yeah man. Those geniuses spoil our name! hehehe..

sweelin : thanks for your comments..

"how would you know she's thrown her life away by working hard? do any of you know the girl personally?"

I don't know her personally, and hence I don't know her living habits. But do you believe that she can lead a normal life when she has to study for 17 subjects? She already said she studies until 1am and you can guess that she wakes up at 6am for school. Is that 'normal' for school kids?

".....make you worry whether our examination system has been too easy for them. but do not belittle the effort these students have put in"

Well, I do not belittle her efforts, or the efforts all the students put in. In fact, I did congratulate her over her hardwork, because that is something I can never do.

"Maybe these straight A students get kicks from reading a book by Richard Feynman"
Yes, nothing wrong with getting kicks out of reading. I used read quite a bit too (I finished the entire Hardy Boys series when I was in Form 1 and Form 2). But with her workload, I doubt she reads a Richard Feynman, whoever he is. Remember, most of the subjects could not be done in school for obvious reasons (timetable clash), and so she had to spend her free time studying the subjects not taught in school.

"I strongly admire young people who know what their goals are and are determined to achieve them"
Me too.

"I've always believed that if one had the passion for something, one would work hard enough to excel in it. So what if some of these students were passionate about 'non-traditional' subjects that are not available in school?"

As a Science student yourself, do you have ANY passion for econs, commerce, accounts AND art? I said it in the article. I believe that interests in Science and Arts are mutually exclusive. You might be doing one field, and its possible to have passion for another of those subjects, but to have passion for EVERYTHING? I find that hard to fathom.

"OK, so some students take subjects that have nothing to do with their intended career path. Some may argue that in case their mind become fickle one day, at least they have the basics in another skill"
So, can you think of any other reason why someone would do Basic Science, if she is already doing Physics, Chem, Bio? If its not to get a 'free A', I don't know what it is.

"Ms. Amalina knows that if she is going to earn a good medical degree at Oxford, she will have to stand out from the pool of candidates"
Right, and she'll stand out on paper alright. She'll get an interview, and with her 'excellent' speaking skills she displayed, and with a practically empty CV, I don't think she'll get past the interview.


'A pinch of scholars,a teaspoon of nerds,a glass of whizkids & a dollop of freaks.Mix them altogether & you'll get a nice,flavoured dressing of overachievers'.
That's what Amalina is.She's an overachiever.Her bestfriend quote in one of the newspaper that whatever competitions she's in,she always won.She even have a boyfriend.Wow!Talk about scoring on 'papers' AND in social life.Phew!
Ditto Vincent!I was 1/5 of Amalina in high school;smartass and an overachiever in everything(Alas,I wasn't in the national news,only on the local radio station & I also was 'boyfriendless'.That's why I said I'm ONLY 1/5th!LOL).Currently majoring in medicine in the land of 'fish & chips & bad weather.Hehe.Days of kiasusism is over for me.I'm enjoying my college life w/out all the fuss of 'scoring-stress'.Yes,I agree w/ppl who said that Amalina probably enjoys studying as much as some hard-rock dude enjoying the latest ACDC compilation album.But from all her quotes,she's highlighted her kiasuness enough that even Mahatma Ghandi would agree.
Does she do yoga???If she doesn't,I wonder what she does to suppress her raging cortisols.I mean,all work and ehem,some Akademi Fantasia infatuation would definitely soar the catecholamines.Hmm.Maybe she loves stress too.Oh,well.A born-perfectionist.


that's my point. nobody wants to see it. most want to see your degree. and you can survive without it. and if luck is on your side, you'd achieve success too. i got 1 C3, 1 C5 and 1 P8, the rest are the very auspicious F9s and I dare say I'm still doing OK as an IT professional.

c'mon you're kidding stan.. let's say your best subject is english.. C3..

who the hell gets C3 and reads blog?

oh sorry maybe spm english used to be real tough.. but nowadays if you can spell "calender" correctly, you're probably gonna get an A1 for BI.


BI is an effing lame subject for spm...anyway thats not my point. i tot BM is even more lame, so is PM. in fact i tot the whole of spm is effing lame

that's a really matching blogname for the blog i must say. great read. but can't say i agree


munkit: having a C3 in english doesn't mean somebody can't read blogs. person said he's an IT professional now. things might have changed from when he did his SPMs to now.

I stop reading this blog for a few days, and I miss the show.

Studies are impt, so to the 17A1s, congrats. Kiasu or not, you got some fantastic results. Have a good life. I'll just be happy with my 5 As (not even 1s).


Hi , my friend showed this site few days ago while we were talking about this "girl" . All along I thought I was the only one who think something not right about her , you have made my day and I would like to thank you .

So what with her "superb" result ? Universities is still different than ordinary secondary school and it takes more than just memorise to go through a subject . I am studying in upper form 6 now and it's quite hard even though it's just a pre-uni stage , and I doubt the way this village girl can handle the heat when she goes to university . Oh she doesn't have to go through form 6 anyway cause she already has a JPN scholarship in her hand , only time will tell when she gets the reality check . It may sound like I seriously want her dead or something , but I still can't accept her result cause it doesn't seem real .

Moreover , what the hell she took Gandhi as an example ? All along I thought Gandhi was a hero for Indian people cause he fought for their right and kicked the britih colony's butt out of their motherland . What this have to do with her "success" ? Such an irony that her History can still got A :/ .

Detail about Gandhi can be found here
He's more being revelutioner than a "hardworking person" , to make thing short , she is an insult to Gandhi .


i think the girl get 17A1 is her business, she is hardworking and now she get good result!

1.So it's not a 'crime' for kids to play counterstrike up till 1 am because it's 'normal' but it seems to be a crime for a girl to study up to that time ?

routine and condition.
it's kinda like pavlov's bell.
(though bear in mind I'm not calling anybody a dog!).
if you condition yourself to sleep at 1 am and set the alarm by 6am.
do it for sometime, you can get used to it.
just like those gamers if they had a strict timetable to play games.
and btw
i'm sure she sleeps too.
thought not as many hours some people do and maybe for more hours than some insomniacs do.

2. having the words congratulations and moron in the same line does not somehow sound sincere.
remind me this upcoming summer to wish you ;)

3. taken from Berita Harian
Nur Amalina turut dipilih sebagai Tokoh Nilam 2004 kerana minatnya membaca buku.

oh wow. apparently she reads too.

4. but it sounds like you don't seem to admire Ms Amalina or Ms Anushree. maybe the other 4000 students too.

if one would be so anal. why didn't she take geography or English Lit or Bible Studies or Arabic or Home Economics or Lukisan Kejuruteraan ?
if she obtained an A for Art, i think she must be a pretty talented artist.

free A. yet another crime.
it works both ways, easy A, double revision for the other science subjects.
if you had a chance to improve your cv wouldn't you?

so in your eyes, Ms Anushree is guilty of taking 14 subjects too. She wants to do be an economics and music double major.
but she was a science stream student.

6. are you an admissions tutor from oxbridge?
how blank would her cv be if she has won a public speaking competition, elected prefect, participated in an international student exchange program, maybe plays decent badminton, maybe knows how to kawat.
well true, admissions isn't just based on co-curricular activities neither is it based on one's proficiency in English unless say, Ms Amalina suddenly decides to do a degree in English.
if she can adequately explain her answers to the questions posed, prove her passion for the course she intends to do, it's up to the admission tutor/interviewer's discretion.
I reiterate, with the standards of candidates rising every year, she has to find a way to stand out.She has taken a small lead thanks to her current efforts. She has another possibly 2 years to do more. 2 years is enough to further develop an individual's ambition if they want to. A-levels is done entirely in English, with the right teachers and her continued initiative, you don't have to worry so bad about her English.

it is unfortunate to some, exam results and degrees nor cvs do not accurately reflect one's personality. But these are the yardsticks available to admission tutors and company recruiters. It's the only first impression they have on the crowd of students. Unless the education system is revamped to accurately measure every individual's talent and personality to suit certain career paths, luck and effort are basically what our students have to achieve success.

These 4000 students achieving straight As just enables them to take the elevator to the next level of success in life. THe rest are left with the stairs. It doesn't mean they didn't make it in life. They will eventually. Some will catch up and outpace the top scorers.

I really wonder where some of you bought the crystal ball of negative prospects.

Most of you detractors are just voicing your fears that the next batch/generation of students would be pressured to better Ms Amalina. Don't drag her into it, she's not the kiasu one, the parents/teachers who do the pressuring are the ones who should be labeled kiasu in the negative way.

Children these days are getting smarter. Don't worry, your children will be smart too.

If you're tired of seeing praise on Ms. Amalina's name in the papers, it's just for a few days. Get off her back. THe top scorer for STPM will be yours for you to run down next week.

oklah. tired weh. i've got a new distraction.



17A1s....so what?

There's a reason why in uni you concentrate in 1 particular field....there's a reason when you do your Masters, you only concentrate in 1 particular field....there's a reason when you do your PhD, you only concentrate in 1 particular field....

That's why we start of with a range of subjects from many fields, which is then narrowed off to Science and Arts stream in Form 4/5 and then narrowed further in Form 6 (where there's less subjects) and finally in uni where you only pick one course.

I just hope our younger generation won't be influenced with the idea "the more the better". I'm afraid the society (and the press) is giving way way too much credit to such nonsense.

Anonymous #999


Wont call u jealous, not cause youll try your best to vehemently deny that u are and in that process, probably inslut this person even more. This person that is getting read about in your country's Newsapaper noless, This person who deserves nothing less than to be rightfully complemented & congratulated for accomplishing a feat that puts her in a league way above yours garlic head... you give up your free time, stop watching soccer everynight and set your goal to get 17 A1s... heck I doubt you could get A1s for 8 subjects and thats LESS THAN HALF of wat she accomplished....

Trust me, she didnt need you to explain to her that if she wanted to be a gynae, she didnt need to take on the workload of 17 subjects. Some people are gifted, blessed, some have an exceptional talent for art... others are good at sports... and a few top 0.01% are gifted like that girl... who worked hard at something knowing very well she wasnt your 'average joe', and utilised the fact tat she is gifted and Im assuming the amount of effort she put it showed in her record breaking results.

Maybe if you grow up a lil ( no , I rephrase this as age does not guarantee maturity) so if in the future, you look at wat youre ranting about today, only to realise its bitter and immature (<- a word which I feel 'stings' quite a bit, doesnt it, garlic..to be called that. ), good for you, progress...
Trying to keep it short.. this 'open-cert' system was there to help you average joes , maybe its for the better, this freedom offered... that can be debated... but when gifted like this girl whom you call "moron", this is her chance - which door isnt open for her? Will you ever in your life find yourself in the same room as a head-of-state, let alone be congratulated personally by one. As to "giving up her childhood for a few As" ... she probably can read & understand chapters/ concepts at a fraction of time wat it takes you (nothing to be ashamed off, mind you) and she might enjoy reading up on the fascinating way our bodies work and spending hours debating possible answers to a math problem with her other gifted friends..
Since I am trying to keep it short, I am saying your post displays ( to me and I believe to others as well) how immature your thinking can be. "Kiasuwankers" ??! sheesh ... This 'venom' carried inside you will manifest in other aspects of your life, its sad you cant feel happy for her accomplishments ... But hey, I could be wrong about you... taking pride in your successful time-management to enjoy your idea of a normal student life in which case, guess its your right to castigate this person , youre not gonna get any reply from her though... she's probably busy considering which fully-funded scholarship will be the most fulfilling for her & her interests, where would she have the most fun...
You've said your 2 cents worth ... now youve heard mine.

BTW im studying in UK too.... which part of UK u in?

email me at npililis@gmail.com


Question is really, when will it all end? How many A's would be sufficient? Would a person that got 17A's be considered more gifted or smarter than a person who only got 9A's? I believe that if she wanted to gun for 17A's thats her fucking problem. But it does make a mockery of the whole system. It makes a mockery of how much Malaysians worship the 'A' hunt. If I was an admissions tutor, or an interviewer with a large MNC, and this is purely my view, I would think that anyone taking 17 subjects for SPM is indecisive and unsure, to the point of being insecure. Anyway, what happens now? I'm sure shes going to get a JPA scholarship, study overseas for 5 years and join a government hospital? Come on, anyone could do that with half the number of A's. So, why 17? Just to clarify matters, I did pretty well for my SPM with a bulgeoning co-curriculum list to boot. So no, I am not jealous of her.

chloe : Overachievers? I've known my fair share of them in school. The thing is....after SPM, everything evens out and they find themselves on a level playing field with the rest of the 'underachievers'. The difference? None at all.

stan : I disagree with that. I believe that one should play as much as he likes, but not to the point where he fails. Although, you still managed to be where you are today, so it shouldn't matter.

munkit : SPM english is easy. 1119 for English is NOT. A lot of power people I know didn't get an A1 for it. In my year, I think less than 10 people in my school got it (ooooohh..me included...hahaah)

yungjie : that gandhi thing was real off

odysseus : Did you think that writting such a long message stands you out perfectly from the rest of the flamers? You could have summarised it in two lines : 'She rocks. You suck' and still get the same response from me. Your whole message did not focus at any point in rebutting my points. Instead you chose to highlight what you thought I COULD do or COULD NOT do. How the fuck would you know what I could or could not do? Go back up and read your post. You're saying the same shit over and over again.

uhmir : the point about indecisive and insecure is a good one.


sweelin :

1) Of course its bad for kids to play counterstrike till 1am every morning. Everything in moderation, yes? Similarly, it should be just as bad to study till 1am every morning.

2) I'll be looking forward till this summer :) I never expect congratulations for my work done, btw.

3) I didn't know that. My bad.

4) Nope. Its just her in particular. There weren't enough details about the rest of them. About the 4000 other people, well, IT IS possible to get straights for 9 subjects and still lead a normal life. You just need to be a smartass. It is however, not possible to do 17 subjects, including those not taught in school, and still claim to have lead a life worth remembering 30 years from now.

5) Come on...Basic Science is NOT a revision for phy, chem, bio. It covers no where near the content of those 3.

6) "if she can adequately explain her answers to the questions posed, prove her passion for the course she intends to do"
That's the whole problem! She can't even talk properly in an interview. She was asked why she took 17 subjects, snd she quotes Gandhi in a quote which has no relevance to the question. How do you prove a passion for the course you intend to do when you have indeed taken so many other subjects? Like uhmir said in the comments - it proves indecisiveness.

And I really really disagree with the fact that children are getting smarter. People take generations to evolve and get smarter - not every year. I'll write about it next day.


just because she got 17A1 ...doesn't mean she's smarter than those who got 10A1 or 11A1...my friend who got 11A1 is the national science quiz finalist and MSSS tennis player but yet the whole nation is racking up praise for the one 17A1 but none the other... She doesn't even know how to earn a cent and yet the whole nation praised her like she built the twin towers... I'm in Form 5, taking 10 subjects in science stream, but hell, i already started earning my own income with my own effort...

Vincent says he is an engineering student but he doesn't know Feynmann?

Wow, that's beyond words.


wahhaa...damn nice story u have there...

agree..agree wif u...

sure dont have a nice sweet childhood...later when grow older, she did what she used to get when she was child to her children...


ala...everyone oso stooopid!


what's wrong wid you people? leave a name guys!

Its hard to reply...so i'll just target the dumbass. If I have no interest in quantum physics, why would I know who he is? There are many types of engineers, you know. Its not like dumbasses, where there is only one unique type.


knowlegde has no boundaries

to hell with all the morons praising the bloody moron.

to does of you who asked vincent not to stick his nose into other people's business, aren't you doing it the same thing? maybe with ISA some sohais out there is not used to some thing which is called freedom of expression. what the fuck he decides to write is his own fucking business. READ the fucking disclaimers for goodness sake, it stated that to those who disagree to his comment please go to start - run - cmd - type format c: then press enter and drown you sohainess into the toilet bowl and not let other people listen to your pathetic opinion which have no value and foundation.

ahhh..... damn bloody stress with all the due dates and presentation that is dumping to me day after day, sorry vincent for using your blog as a place to vent my anger


Apsal ramai orang dengki gaban nih?

Apsal sibuk sangat pasal kehidupan sosial dia? Lantak dia la dia nak jadi ulat buku ke apa

Dia baru je SPM. Perjalanan masih panjang. Setakat social life tu boleh dibina 2-3 bulan je aper.
Boleh ke ambil SPM tiap2 tahun? Education comes first. It doesn't matter whether you're nerd or not.

Tak perlu la bandingkan result SPM dia dgn result exam U korang. Korang ahli nujum ke sampai bole
tau macam mana dia perform kat U nanti? dah tau macam mana kehidupan bekerjanya nanti?

This Vincent is none other but a plain jealous dude who can't managed to get more A's than her.. LOL

Sudah la.. tak payah nak dengki2 dgn orang, dia dah berusaha dan buat masa ini dia berpuas hati dengan

Kalau dia perform gila babi masa kat U or maybe someday dia jadi bigshot.. ada company besar2 etc,
Akan ada jugak orang2 yg cemburu ni. Sebab tu la ada gak dengar .. Ala, kaya2 pon kalau hidup tak senang
nak buat apa?

Her knowledge walks, Loser talks a lot

p/s - kalau la dia terbaca thread ni/blogpage Faggie Vicent tu.. dia pasti Tepuk Dahi, Geleng Kepala dan Tersenyum


the anonymous who told ppl to run cmd and type format c:

well u are one stupid anonymous. obviously u can't format your c drive in windows. Lol.

vincent, i couldn't agree less with you. to me, that girl has dedicated her life to education. where's the fun in that ?

there's more to life than just education. one thing is, when u enter a univ, you couldn't take 2 courses at a time.

i don't even know the girl. i am not jealous of her. i do congratulate her for her success.

prolly that's just the way she is. and i do hope the ones who are going to sit for spm think carefully before making any headlines. :P


kiasu. not the 17 A's student.. but you.. blogger.. why are u so jealous about her? diam ajelah! semua orang ada goal in life.. if your goal is 1A in SPM and you did get 1A then it is superb already... in his case..she targeted 17As... so what? i respect her because she achieved her goal... what is your goal.. bitching about others ppl life? others ppl goals?... pls dont respect her for he 17As..respect her because she managed to achieve her goal. you said she tak ada life? no fun? i think posting blog is super-not-fun to do... trying to get attention from strangers... thats pretty stupid... if u feel mad at me.. then u should consider what others ppl gonna react before u put ur stupid comment in your stupid blog. the only thing that is wrong is the ministry... they should limit te subjects... only 1 student managed to score 17As.. but im sure a bunch of students now feeling very very sad because they didnt achieve their goal because they set too many A's next time dont project your goal to other ppl... they have their own goal in life... so do you... *cognitive biases -Attribution – tendency to blame people’s personality instead of understanding their context. -out-

what the ... bodohnye. so this blog is only for ppl who aggre with you. ahaha moron. if u scared others wont agree with you..why create this blog in the first place... letak dalam diary kau lah bodoh! stupid...or at least dont let other ppl post comment -out- -really-


man. first of all i would like to say

dude i kind agree with the whole kiasuwankstarism among malaysian..

17 A.. big deal man.. i got 9 AI for my SPM and where i am now?? a bum surfing the web and downloading useless junk. why?? i got tired of studying. all the pressure.. all the expectation just becoz of a few A's. so i just quit.. i cant do it anymore..

so u wanna be a gynae... go ahead. good for ya.. but taking 17 subjects is a dumb idea.. i hate the whole "more subjects means u r smarter than the lots " concept. stupidity in kementerian pelajaran. i think only in asia that people concentarte on getting truckload of A's in an exam. but u know what. these so called GENIUSES end up having ZERO social skillz.......zero human INTERACTION.

result = cant work for crap when he or she graduated. why?? they spend wayyyy too much time with books than humans. is it just me that all the top scorers are women. must be the fact that most males got prnified or Counterstriked by the ag eof 14.. so they just dont find books fun. haha.. but funny enough.. 60% of women graduates cant find job.. REASON? they have zero social skills. have the brains but cant work with other people.. USELESS> with that,..the presecution rest!

weiland out!


hey moron!..whut a stupid person is you huh??..first of all..i want to ask you one question!.. What did you get for your SPM huh?..no A huh?..you (moron) are the stupidest blogger have i met. bothering othes people's life just because of jealous?..you have to accept the realiti which is.. THE GIRL IS CLEVER THAN YOU la!..It is all about achieving our owh goal..she set her goal to get 17 Ai in SPM and she managed to get it..so..congrate to her!..if you(Moron) set your goal to get 9C or 9D in your SPM, and you got it..so congrate to you too la..feel mad with me huh??..think what the girl will feel if she read your stupid comment !


"the anonymous who told ppl to run cmd and type format c:

well u are one stupid anonymous. obviously u can't format your c drive in windows. Lol."

actually you can if your windows is installed in d: :-)



YO dude, way to go man..hahaa..nice comments there....hahaa..lol.
btw guys, it's just a comment after all.hahaa.relax la.
mayb the author was jsut too free.so coool down guys.noneed to F* here n there.hhaa...relax.
peace !


yo man,...1st of all...many thanks to the blogger who bring this topic up..i m not supporting the blogger for creating some fire here. i m just curious, y are you ppl here commenting n protecting? mind your own business la :P ...ok peace... i mean u guys can discuss n talk here..but don't simply f* here n there...those that post with these gestures.. u guys are the morons la.. secondly, to the guy that mentioned about getting full COMPULSORY As and EXTRA As... i think he mentioned the right thing! i mean, come on....the stupid government thinks that those with more As are better? suck it!! think a while people, taking econs, bussiness, art...these subjects are like free As. take the number 17...n minus all these subjects. then, minus the basic science also! wat the f*? isnt it easier than those 3 science subjects? ...no comment.. now i realize y ppl cant keep cool when we r commenting here.. just cant relax man! and...i personally think that, if you guys can take 17 As...then just f*cking take it la...shut up... n leave the girl alone. she got 17As, congrats la.. anyway, save all your time here everyone...i mean all of you who are commenting!!! save the time...go n shit better... m i not right? what i want to say, ppl.... relax n chill...peace! (just another comment to add in here)

Wow...what a heated debate...

I have to say, congrat on her getting 17As.

While I think its pretty sad to take 17 subjects, it does not mean one simply throw away ones childhood just because one is successful.

I don't know the details of this issue (nor do I care) but I do know alot of my 'clever' friends have a life as well.


when i saw she got 17a1s i was quite impressed, but when i saw what her extra subjects were ....

come on, taking basic science when you're already in science stream is so obviously looking for an extra A. and what's with the english for science? if you can get A1 in normal english, english for science is another one of those filler subjects (*i may be wrong about 'english for science' being easy, but that sure seems the way to me).

another dodgy one is 'basic economics'. is this the name for normal SPM econs or is it a watered down version a la basic science?

all i can say is congrats to you nur amalina for 15A1s well done. but that's about it. no record breaking feat there.


hm...u said she wasted her life for the sake of the subjects that she took...uhm...well, look at yerself dude, youre wasting your life bitchin about other people who wasted her life for her dreams....so now whos wasting time? the answer is obvious, its me and you~!

LOOK! All of you here are battering each other for baseless reasons. Well, stop it okay!? (The true idiots are all of you who are obsessed in outgunning each other in this issue)

The culprit is not the 17A1 girl, okay?

You want to know the real culprit?

It's the education system AND the whole nation as well...

All this thing about the SPM A1 race is
making the SPM unrelevant to future tertiary education. Malaysia's mindset is when someone gets more A1s then the other, the one with more A1s is smarter. That is bull shit. The education ministry have to take most of the blame as well. They only give rewards and scholarships to those 'magnificent' students with 12+ A1s, given obvious example when my brother Arthur got 7A1 in SPM but was denied scholarship for medicine. Well you know what?

He is the top student in Pre-med in Russia, outgunning those hopeless 12+ A1s students who got pampered by the education ministry, and most of those pampered ones can't even keep up to the competition and they end up quitting medicine. All this and my brother is still required to depend on my father's own money to fund his future. Does this sound right to you?

Sure doesn't...

Doesn't it make sense that they are a huge number of jobless graduates who happened to be 'super' students in SPM roaming in our country today?

They have to depend on the government to give them jobs...Spoonfed I would call it...

Those unheralded lower achievers (I'm talking 5-9 A1s) meanwhile strived for success without the help of the governmont but many of them achieved success because they are independant...

I am gravely worried for myself because I only took 10 subjects for SPM (science stream). Referring to Malaysia's mindset, I would have to stand on my own foot without help even if I do get 10A1...



to me the problem isn't that she managed to score 17A1s, but the repercussions of the feat.

the bar need not be heightened anymore - the media has already cemented the fact that the number of As is directly proportionate to the intelligence of a person.

the pressure is on the current form five students, not to top the feat, but to merely score a decent number of A1s to avoid being compared to her:
"amalina dapat 17A, you dapat 6A saja bodoh betul lah!"

it annoys me also to no end, that the PM will congratulate also in person only the girl who scores 17As. it seems that those who score 9 or 10 As are comparatively insignificant.

unfortunately for you, there is a high probability of her getting into oxford: the interviews are purely academic based. with decent english and a glorious track record like that, she's almost certain to get in.


she is just smart coupled with the fact that they like to study not pressured to do so and then excelled at it. she don't study gila-gila to the point of not having a life. she is just as sociable as other students.tell me man are you jealous or are you scared? why soon afterwards MCA start making a memorandum about wanting more money from government to build more Chinese school. chill out man! relax! some people can do it some people can't. please dont condemn those who can.

Well said ben.

That is exactly what is going on around here.


Just wanted to give a few opinions..

1. If you aren't jealous of her, why would you put her down? In fact, why would you even give a damn?

2. Why 17A's? Why not? Why the hell do people climb Mount Everest? Why glide across the South Pole? Think about it. While we can watch others do it, it is more satisfying to be able to achieve it ourselves.

3. Whether she did or did not enjoy her school life to the fullest is in no way your concern. I don't think giving up 2 years of my life to be successful is in any way wasteful. If that is the case, why do you go to college? Why not work instead? You still make money, little or loads, minus the hassle of going through college.

Yes, I can simplify the above to just, "She rocks, you suck." but I wanted to write why I think that way.

Even so, I do agree with ben about the PM congratulating her personally, just because she scored 17A's to be a little annoying. Of course, other people studied hard to get straight A's too. If only they had taken more subjects...

The problem with our education system is that it is entirely exam-oriented. Unlike the American education system, where you get to choose what subjects you want to learn, we have to take up what the government tells us to take up. Honestly, I hated Chemistry and Biology, and I didn't score well in those subjects for my SPM, but I made sure I did well in the other subjects that I was interested in. As a result, I became top student, as well as the school athlete. It is something that I can be proud of when I look back into my life.

p/s: sweelin has the right idea about things.


Patience is virtue.

Calling her names shows how shallow you can get and how inept you are. It shows how listening and understanding go a long way in fostering success in the future.


Patience is a virtue.

Listening and understanding come a long way in educating one in school. If you participate in class and do your homework and study you can be like this woman who will eventually go on to be a pinnacle in her medical studies.



well she might have taken subjects she shoulgn't have..but look at the bright side...she can apply for any scholar because they trust her. If she could get 17 A1, it means she will not be wasting their money. And who wouldnt want an employee who could multi task any subject and field she desires and perform them extremely well. It's her choice on how to lead her own life, that should not be questionable. She proved to us that she can outshine in any field she wants, but she choss a profession she loves. So later on people wont say stuffs like, "owh she's taking the subject bcause she wasn't qualified to take medic". So guys, respect her decision and be proud of what she has accomplished. Wasting two years of social school life would be nothing compared to wonderful life she'll be living...the life we all dream of...that is living what you desire. As for us who enjoyed our 2 years of school life, we are still unsure of our future..wether it will turn out good or we'll just stay at the same status as our parents if not lower. Me, i regret my years at school where i wasted alot of time hanging out on weekends and stuff. Those years were just 2 short years that we can never go back and change it. But the years ahead of us will be a long journey till the day we die.Besides, what do kids not about enjoying life anyways?

Fuck U Lo Stupid..Why U So Mad With That Girl?Stop Complaining Lo, I Know U Cant Get That Result..Dont Be Jelous To Other Ppl..If U Think U Really Smart, Prove It To The World Lo..You're Talking Like A Loser Man..Pls Think Like An Adult Lo,20 Years Old Still Talking Like Shit Ka?Study In UK But Still Stupid Haa?Poor Man..Wake Up Dude,Dont Be So Stupid Although You're Already Stupid..Smashed Ur Head To The Wall And Think Straight Lo...Haih..Poor Little Moron..

apparently this whole thing bout students scoring loads of A's is seemingly pointless.it's not that i'm hav any grudges against students making the headlines but it looks like society is to be blame for all these madness.i hav to tell u vince dude,that u're bitching the wrong party ere..the gal was not at fault at all but the society.face it,she was just complying to the society's demand of the successful-n-victorious n perhaps on her part as well,did the whole thing because she likes it.to call her a moron would be too harsh n unethical,really.perhaps the most stupid thing she had done was exposing herself to the public.but then who's to blame..?

why wasn't i quite keen to these whole drama? well,for one,at the same time all the commotion bout the girl with 17A1's went on blasted thourgh the media,my lil brother was left with his rather melancholic result: no A's but most B's n few C's.it breaks my heart to see the situation;while most malaysian celebrates their daughters/siblings/grandson/granddaughters success with the substantial A's they got,some poor souls are left with the reality that they don't do that well as their counterparts n dwelled on it for a long time.

somebody has to go n tell these less-successful people that they don't need straight A's to excel in life.my bro is a bright kid,i am sure of that.he had a great childhood n i'm sure that would propel him further for the his future life.nur amalina sure had a nice childhood too,in whatever way she would interpret.


i've lot of friends,who's f****** GENUIS and they seem to enjoy themselves all the time.all it takes is proper time management, good brain and of course passion.It's not easy to get 17A's.dont say she got A's just because she took easy subjects.whatever u do in life,if it's a TEST,there'll always be PRESSURE as well!it's like going for a driving test.of course some ppl spent their time with books and end up sux in their social life...but not all of them.some scored damn well in school but they dont know how to bring themselves around after school...i dont see anything bad about getting 17A's.someone i know use to tell me that my ambition are for stupid ppl, i ignored him,now i enjoy doing my job,i get good income,and i dont feel like i'm working.I get money to do what I like.maybe he himself dont achieve anything in his life,but it's not nice to drag other ppl towards the same road as he is now.

I got no As for SPM but now earning +RM20,000 per month...amalina could beat that huh?

so many ppl with and without education earning more than RM20,000.but still....

money is not a measure of sucess...17A's?priceless....


fuck fuck fuck.... hehe.. i juz kacau - kacau.... somebody sue me...
ok la.. saya lari dulu, polis nak tangkap.


i don't think she is smart, she just have good memory, i bet she couldn't answer anything that isn't stated in the books, so waht if she had 17 As, i'm taking spm this yr n still playing ro everyday, a smart person doesn't study his/her time away, life is about living life!and what kind of life is studying everyday till 1 am, i dont even play till 1 am, n only do school work til 1am if its last minute work

S = _____

S - Success
EQ - Wisdom and social ability
IQ - Intelligence and memory power
A - Arrogance



----- = S

S - Success
EQ - Wisdom and social ability
IQ - Intelligence and memory power
M - Misguided praise
A - Arrogance
D - Dependance
O - Overconfidence


She said she want to go to oxbridge(in newspaper)...think about it dude...the BMAT test is not as easy ask EST for spm..she can earn the title KIASU QUEEN.

omg....ok...for all of u who have so much to critisize this girl for doing such a good and incredible thing...just ask urself...how stupid u are and how many achievements have u done for urself.....even a small one u might have not achieved before....u dunt even have sumthing which is very tiny to be proud of because u only know how to talk bad about others....look at urself first....if ure too stupid....dunt critisize others for achieving sumthing that u couldnt achieve (even in 100 years time)...

vince...and others here(mostly not everyone)...u all(who ive mentioned) are more stupid dumbass than this girl...just face the fact...bc u all have a higher stupidity level...dunt talk shits about others if u urself are even worse that shit!

I think everybody here are stupid lifeless moron, especialy vince since he kutuk that girl didn't spend her life well to As. same as u la vince... just know paying computer and surfing the internet only and making the fucking stupid blog blaming others fault.This is only your life that you call enjoyable thing that u ever done.

Ok children, since I am bored of replying all your inane comments, I suggest you guys can all go suck your thumbs. I have no mood to reply people who do not even know how to leave their names when typing comments.

yeah man, i totally agree with you. guess what, she can't even pronounce Oxford. tsk tsk

Saw this in the papers waaaaay back but never even think about giving any comment because to me its soooo trivial...Maybe she's a Genius who could study 17 subjects and still have time for all sorts of activities, or maybe she did it because she could...who knows...but if she did it at the cost of sacrificing her free time during school, then it's truly a shame...

I've never been an Astudent, and never pursued it, not because I'm dumb but because I learnt from an early age a cert if only a piece of paper, and won't get you far. Don't even remember what I got for my 'O' levels but suffice to say I didn't pass very high above the passing point...

I've been working for over 20 years now and I never got a job because of my certs, but always because of my experiences and my willingness to learn and apply what I've learnt. My last position as an employee was as a senior manager for a company with offices in the Aisa-Pacific region and affliliation with a few internationally renowned establishments. Now I run my own F&B business. I'm not wealthy but I'm happy and I'm doing what I love.

Would I go back to improve my grades if I can travel through time? Hell no! I hate studying for the sake of studying! I'll however read an entire technical manual cover to cover and memorise everything in it if it helps me to do or make something I'm interested in, even if it don't make me a single cent.

I once took a Mensa test and my IQ was graded as 144, which puts me in the top 3% of the most intelligent people on earth. What did that do for my career? A big fat ZERO! Is the the girl who scored 17As more intelligent then me because of all her As? I doubt it...

My advice: Live the life you love, and love the life you live, for it's painfully short and it'll be over before you know it...


Hey, whassup dude.....

I respect kat Amalina Che Bakri. She is a genius. I tak tahulah macamana she study. Dia memang pandai. Hope dia boleh mengharumkan nama MALAYSIA di mata dunia.


haha allthough vincent has ego! i still think his really cute!! ^^

hey dont flame him anymore k. all of you other people are jsut angry that he has such a controversial blog. you malaysians are so stupid defending Amalina... anyways
dun flame a cute guy like him hehe^^
P.S stay cute hehe^^


why make such a big fuss bout diz thing?she got 17as and so what? u guys gonna mock her for being smart?diz is sick, guys..i can't believe that u guys will "kutuk" her, not praise her.17a1 means a lot.it means that she can push herself to be a student that was not being tied up by social and youth life.that's very good of her.one thing,y u guys not mking fun of the damn chinese girl who got the so-so 15as'huh?u guys are openly ethnocentric!if u ask me, i will say that i'm proud of nur amalina and you guys are sooooooo sick!!

if ur so smart to say these things,vincent y not take ur time to think?she got 17a1,her mom proud of her,everyone proud of her.wuts with ur probs anyway??hmmm...wait...wait...i get it...maybe u were just too stupid that ur jealous of her being the smart girl?come on vincent!can't lose to a girl?! y not do something that can make people feel gud bout u instead of doing this stupid things! i can tell that deep down in u, ur just jealous! prove urself to live, but not by this..!

Sheesh.. Why do people even bother leaving gramatically incorrect comments anonymously?

Anyways, I'll be getting my results this Monday(March 13), and I really hope they'll turn out good. They might just be Grades, but those grades will either break me or make me. I guess that's quite the truth.



why the hatred towards her?
i think she had done a great job.
AND..pls don't get jealous of her.
she's smart,intelligent N like what ur FREN said, don't give a fucking damn what subjects she took because it's her life n she has the right 2 decide.
If u dun agree wit me,why don't U get 17A's n prove it 2 me?


The government has always been stressing on the quality of education in malaysia in order to create more qualified human resources for the nation but is it right to do it at the expense of lowering the graph and increasing the number of straight a students. I am a straight a student myself but I agree that taking too many subjects regardless of ambition is a silly thing to do. Many subjects in Uni don't even need prerequisites except good english and a basic understanding of math. Sometimes I wonder why students are forced into taking subjects like Pendidikan Moral and EST. Are you gonna improve morally just because you got a an A? Are memorising definitions of moral values going to urge you to be "morally right" in society's eyes? And are scientific english terms that hard to catch up on until it needs to be turned into an extra subject? I enjoy a balanced life despite having to juggle between my studies and co-curricular activities. We end up wasting away time to prepare for needless exams taking away the time from subjects which can really help such as accounting and economics. To make way for crappy subs like moral and est, we are forced to drop subjects which would have made more use in applying for that scholarship. The government should seriously look at the quality of education and educators in Malaysia and I think that is more than a clear indication why graduates now are just not what they used to be. Amalina's efforts are still commendable though as she tried her due best with or without a "life" to achieve her goals. U can't blame her for wanting to score 17a1's when the first selection criteria for scholarship applications are based on results and results alone. In reality, its just that ppl have diff priorities and diff ways to satisfy themselves and maybe Ms. Amalina see's this success as a form of satisfaction and I do believe that she WILL remember the day she saw her result slip forever. So, whether its in terms of race, religion, or even intelligence, just don't discriminate. I believe everyone who tries their best to score the maximum number of A1's only wants a better chance in life, particularly those who cannot afford to pay a hefty sum for a ticket to an overseas uni. U can't blame us. After all, tertiary edu overseas is so much more established. I agree with Vincent though, that a string of a1's are not the things that determine the performance of an individual in the real world but it as an indication that the individual is willing to work hard and pay his/her dues to achieve something commendable. Is that not a virtue to look for in a good employee?

Money does not measure success? R u moron?Then why do you get a good result and enter a reputable university? Because you wana get into a famous big firm to work la bodoh! Why you wana work? Because of money la bodoh! You need money to support your living, or you think money is falling from sky?

Do you means those who got no A at all in spm is "habis" la.(I believe majority dun do well in SPM)I get 9 A in SPM but i do not look down upon those who got no A or not doing well in SPM. Who knows they maybe even more success than the top scorer in the future as long as he or she is hardworking.


HAHAHA... all the typos and grammatically incorrect comments tickle me..

What's with 17A's. I got so many D's and E's for my exams. Plus, I didn't get my degree. I'm a drop out.

When you have nothing to rely on, that is when your brain starts to think many ways to make money. During that time, if i see a 1 cents laying in a tong sampah I would kutip. So the only way for me to survive is to become an entrepreneur.

Paper qualification makes u feel complacent. Secured jobs makes you feel complacent. When you feel safe you would not want to try new things.

Hardwork is the key. If you are stupid it would only take time to reach there.

I am thankful i am a drop out. If not I would not smoke cigar and swim every evening in my swimming pool.

The Dean who kicked me out from University used to say this:

First class students would become prof.

Second upper students would become workers in the company.

Second lower students or third grade would become the Director or CEOs of a company

The drop outs would become entrepreneurs.

and so far, based on my experiences most of it are true...


hey.. thanks for sharing, its kinda interesting :)

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