Monday, March 07, 2005

drunken ramblings

I went to a house party last night. House parties aren't exactly parties where you sit down, eat some chicken wings and play 'spin the bottle'. These sort of house parties are where you go....drink a lot, drink some more, and then puke then pass out.

Ok....maybe not for all people, but the last two are usually true for people who can't hold their drink and can't control themselves. Apparently, people told me that I talked a lot of crap last night, and judging from that....they said I was drunk.

I disagree. I talk crap ALL the time. And to prove I wasn't drunk...I am going to say that I remember every single thing that I said said and did last night.

** Drinking makes you warm, that why I was chatting with some people in the open air backyard (approx 0 degree celcius last night) wearing nothing but my Nike Dry-fit t-shirt (and pants, of course) and a drink in my hand. Some dude asked me whether I was cold, I told him that only my fingers were cold. I told him its cause the cup was cold from the ice. Half an hour later...the drinks had kicked in and I started thinking it was cold. The guys, mocking me cause of my earlier statement said, "No its not cold. Just our fingers are cold." I retorted back, "Fuck you. I am cold ok. My nipples are all sharp and pointy. Don't believe? Touchla!"

** There was a point where I drank Baileys with ice. Baileys is a cream-based alcoholic drink. After finishing the drink, there was of course some Baileys stuck to the cup and the ice cubes. Without thinking, I poured some lots of Chivas (whisky) into the same cup and mixed it with Coke. The result? The Chivas coagulated the leftover Baileys and the Coke made those coagulated bits float around the cup.

End result -- a drink that resembled the colour of diahorrea in the toilet bowl. It tasted like shit as well (not that I've tasted that), but as a principle, I NEVER waste alcohol, so I just continued drinking it. I then took that cup around showed everybody what happens when you mix Baileys and Chivas. I gave good advice that they should never do what I did. People listened.......although most of them didn't look too interested.

** Last year at the same house party, by 1230am, there was a considerable amount of puke everywhere resulting from people, mostly girls, who can't control how much to take in at a time. Three of us thought it would be cool to bet on what time the first puke would come. Surprisingly, people were more sensible this year. When it was quite obvious that none of us were going to win the bet, the other two dudes mentioned that I was quite high and might in fact win it for myself. I declared, in front of a few chicks around me, "If I puke tonight, I'll eat it all up!"

** One of my friends wanted to leave quite early. I asked him to stay and drink more. He insisted that he had to go cause his girlfriend wanted to sleep. So I told him that I would talk to her on his behalf. For no particular reason, I am going to call him BlackLabel and call her RedRidingHood.

Vincent : I'll talk to her, ask her to let you stay a little while more.

BlackLabel : No its ok....you can sit down.

Vincent : Hey RedRidingHood! Why you ask him to go home so early? He needs to drink more!

RedRidingHood : Past his bed time.

Vincent : Ah...but its not past your bed time, so you can stay back and drink a bit. He can go home.

BlackLabel : No no dude....its past OUR bedtime.

RedRidingHood : Yeah..OUR bedtime.

Vincent : *winks* Ahhh......I understand. Both of you go home and......sleep la...

Now...you tell me....I remembered all that. You still say I was drunk???


bailey + chivas.. sounds real gross.. can't drink anything opaque.. so no to milk and milo and bailey :P

and why can't you drink anything opaque??

You're sure you didn't dream all the above? ;)

hmmmmm.......thats a thought.

heh.. did the same mistake once too.. it was a bit like drinking rootbeer float haha.. btw.. drunkardness is not about what you remember, more how you feel.. memory loss only happens 5 minutes before passing out..

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