Friday, March 25, 2005

flamers galore

I miss Haloscan. With the Blogger commenting system, I can't edit comments made by morons, and I can't check their IP. Anyhows, over the last 2 days....some people made comments on my article about my SPM article.

There were some really long racial comments which I deleted without much inconvenience to myself. Those poor buggers must have spent 5 minutes typing something which I deleted in 3 seconds. I'll blog about that another day.

There were a few other comments from some matkool's which really made my day:

what the ... bodohnye. so this blog is only for ppl who aggre with you. ahaha moron. if u scared others wont agree with you..why create this blog in the first place... letak dalam diary kau lah bodoh! stupid...or at least dont let other ppl post comment -out- -really-


People who post anonymously have no dignity to speak of, I won't really care about what they say.

And reading the "eating too much pork", I ROTFLMAO


That's why I am using KKComments.

I can edit, delete, keep forever, and email notify me. heheh...


MK's right. no dignity.

and they shouldn't be allowed any, especially on your own blog.

feel free to flame these guys.

if u r really free lah. coz they are not worth the effort meddling with.


OMG...these people are crazy man. Truth be told, I think people who are not open enough to accept your views (not that I always agree with everything you say) should just argue it out logically rather than posting all the *** words, which in fact made them look crude, uneducated, and everything they accused you to be. Maybe this is why people say there is no freedom of speech in malaysia. A small controversial point and wow, this is the response you get! *grin* Btw, hope u enjoy ur easter break :)

yay... more bitching!! this is truly a bitching log.. hahaha... can start hate mail collumn? like maddox... hahaha


hey .. been reading ur blog for some time now .. cool blog.. i love it .. gonna finish ur archives by next week or something .. just want to say I totally agree with you, hehe ... also to tell you that you're scary .. >.< lol ...

Sigh. Nobody reads the disclaimer

Although I did not quite agree with your views on the 17A1 topic, you nevertheless attempted to argue your views with logical reasoning. A disagreement on objectives and priorities is to be expected in any society. It is how we deal with the disagreements and differences in opinion that will transform us into a civilised society. Ignore the flamers, as they appear to be getting personal.

munkit : Actually, to me it makes no difference whether they post anonymously or leave a name. They can leave a fake name and I'll never even know. What irritates me is that its hard to reply messages which have 'anonymous' writers.

KK : Yeah, but I know next to nothing about writting these kinda programs. So when you going to make KKC public? =P

jxt2j : Yeah. I am very free.

nanook : Nah...they ain't crazy. Just a bit racist. I'll explain it another day.

keng : Dude..click on 'other' and put your name there la.

yunyun : 1) Thanks for popping by. 2) I am not that scary la. 3) Your sister used to be a big fan too. Haha.

kristof : People do read it. Its just the uneducated ones that don't

viewtru : Yeah...I am cool with it if people disagree. One of my friends posted a damn long argument rebutting my facts. Most of the other people who disagreed also did it in a very civilised manner. Its just the last few comments which were off. But....that's what we gotta live with, eh?


These flammers' comments are a good source of entertainment eh? I didn't realize that there are ppl out there who read other ppl's blog and take the comments too personally, when they arent even about them.

Mr Azlan's Signs of illiteracy:
???? Ini bahasa apa?? Nak express idea mesti express baik-baik.....


whoa dang lucky u, u have hate comments. I would have it screenshot and place as my desktop background. And for those malays out there, try www.xanga.com/quenius i is write here

Hahaha , glad that idiots are still alive and kicking (their own asses of course) ;) . But then I stateed again she doesn't deserve to be called a genius anyway .

can you please explain the difference between child prodigy and geniuses? that moron may be a moron whom wasted her life throwing away reading tons of useless shit books just to get a useless piece of toilet paper, will you consider her a child prodigy (cause she can memorize every single shit thing, including the useless moral values) as well or is she just a normal moron whom is blessed with photogenic memory?

nisa : It is entertaining, alright.

lyn : I don't really blame him. He didn't go to school.

quenius : Hate comments are cool.

anonmous : I explained it long and detailed. Go look for something called 'flaunting it' in the September archives.


Dude, Why do you EVEN bother layan-ing these losers by giving them free advertisement? Kembang only they all.

You mean that it's actually possible to sit for THAT MANY subjects for the SPM these days ar?

Sorry-lar if I was a bit slow... I WAS on holiday for 18 days, ya...


Vince: haha... don't worry, I will be sure that you will be the first one to sign up my KKC (erm... I think I better change a better name after that... KKC is very misleading... no good no good...)

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