Wednesday, March 02, 2005

how to score

Over the years, I have noticed the behaviours of many horny teenagers and young adults. A lot of young guys want to hook up with girls - mostly for fun. Apparently, its quite a cool thing to walk around shopping centres holding a girl's hand. Its also apparently quite cool to start sentences with, "My girlfriend says......." as opposed to "Ashley says...."

So, yeah, back to the topic....if you are looking for a chick for serious stuffs, like making babies, building a home, stuffs like that, sorry I can't really help. However, if you wanna be like most of the people around me, pay attention guys!

1) This one is specifically for you if you are studying overseas (might work in local uni, you gotta use your head, depending on situations). Try to get to know as many chicks (freshers, of course) as you can during your first week. Usually, in the first week, most people are excited about the new place, and want to meet as many people as possible. Contrary to popular believe, this is NOT the period where people get homesick. Move in for the kill when the chick gets homesick. Most people start missing home about the 3rd week or so. A smart dude takes advantage of that. Of course, the quality of chicks here might not be good. Any chick who falls for an equally desperate guy during this period usually isn't the most independant of people. You might get pissed offed with her attitude quite soon. Then again........most people do this 'for fun' anyway.

*This is by far the most effective method. Term here starts near the end of September. By October or November, you suddely see a lot of people hooking up. Those relationships are usually over by Christmas, where the festive season usually makes people lonely again, and this is where the second round of pairing up takes place*

2) Women are damn jealous creatures. No, really. They pretend to be happy for their friends, but are damn jealous when their friends score. Usually when one of their good girlfriends hook up with another guy, they get jealous and start wondering what the fuck is wrong with them. Better still, if that particular girl is the only single girl in her gang of friends. Guaranteed success.

*This one works anywhere. The downside is the timing. There's only a small window of opportunity which you can pounce on. The correct moment is when her friend just hooked up with the guy. You then have a time limit of about 2 weeks. After that, you run the risk that the jealousy has worn off and she might be ok with the idea of being single*

3) In this case, your target chick has a bunch of girlfriends, all of whom are single. This is by far the hardest scenario and the most challenging. The good thing about women (good for them) is that they are extremely loyal to their single friends. Its then extremely hard to get chicks to go out on dates or to hang out with you when there is an added distraction of her irritating female friends.

What do you do? Well, you could go about the hard way and try to get around her friends. But this is where the jealousy I talked about comes into play. Her single friends might not like you and can easily convince her that you are a wanker. QED, get rid of the competition. But, how do you get rid of a bunch of single females? That's where the tricky part comes into play. You have to sell your soul to the devil or something, or basically get your own single friends to help you.

The trick is for them to 'attack' all her friends at the same time. Even better, you then exploit the weakness by applying method number 2. After you got your chick, your friends can then dump her friends while waiting for you to buy them an expensive dinner.

I think 3 methods is enough for today. I shall now leave you with two words of advice :

1) Yes, I know you and your friends and your cousins as well as their girlfriends are not like that. That's why its called a fucking generalisation!
2) Quoting Maddox, "I am right. If you disagree with anything, you are wrong."


Ah, the art of hunting females eh? ;) All about strategy, but then again all strategy and no substance is not going to get you far.

All the best to those who wish to try these methods, but be prepared to get burned ;) Especially if to your horror you found out you've caught yourself a materialistic girl! XD


again, an amazing insight.. esp the observation on girls being extremely loyal to their single friends.. ahah

Its all about opportunity isnt it? Girl in need, guy pounces on her like a dog in heat haha.. Your observations, all so true.. Perfect the timing, and we have ourselves a winner..

How to beat no.3)
I will "attack" all the single girls at one time. Take them out, shower attention on a few, make them jealous of each other, they will fight and voila, the best girl wins ME !!! MWahahahahaaa!!!


applegal : substance..that goes without saying. anyway...u misunderstood it...theres no worry of getting burned. people who partake in this..they do it for fun.

munkit : oh. thats extremely true.

uhmir : or more than one winner :P

vader : u know dude...those girls are single for a reason. mostly because of the blimp factor.


Do you pratice those 3 methods yourself :P??

meigie : i dont really PRACTICE things.

Vincent: Hahaha! Great observations! Let me guess: you don't PRACTICE those tactics, they just come naturally to you, right? ;)

Vader: Hmmm... So THAT's where I've been going wrong. Now all I have to do is find a bunch of single, beautiful gals...


Haha...this is one of the more hilarious posts that I've read recently.

Trying to score with girls. Does this really work? Some of the tactics sound really familiar, so I guess they do work sometimes.

Nice blog. ;)


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