Sunday, March 20, 2005

i love the news

Loads of cool stuffs going on in Bolehland.....

Induction course waived so that Pakistanis can start work earlier

We urgently need 100 000 workers? ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND?!?! Why is that? Cause somebody had the great idea of deporting all the illegal immigrants.....which is correct. Only problem is, they forgot that the illegal dudes aren't exactly in Malaysia to go shopping. All the illegal dudes do some kinda work. Which means.......someone forgot that kicking them out would result in an acute shortage.

Shouldn't they have had ready substitutes? And.....what exactly is an induction course? I reckon that induction course thing is to introduce the workers to the Malaysian culture....so that they don't go around catching people's dogs and eating them..oh wait, sorry, that was the Vietnamese dudes. So....waiving the induction course does solve the problem at hand, but won't it cause more problems later?


MB : Crime on the rise due to media

KOTA BARU: Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has blamed the print
and electronic media for the increase in the crime rate, especially in

"Reporters are actually the cause of increased crimes and moral
decay among youths as they are the ones who like to write about negative
things," he said.

He said reporters should write about positive things and that newspapers
should not resort to using "sexy" photographs to attract more customers.

"For instance, the newspapers like to publish articles on gays and
lesbians. What is this? Semua karut (All nonsense)," he said.

Yaler.........semua karut! Man....I dunno about you guys, but I really love this dude.


About the first excerpt, what goes around comes around. there is a tradeoff yeah?

Menteri Besars. Everytime I think of those menteri besars, I think of dumbasses. It is one thing to be a hypocrite. It is another to be hypocritically dumb. i guess he didnt think before he spoke.


I agree with you and kristof.
Apa ini? 100,000 workers???? thats a freakin' big number that can build another nation!


hello, this comment is nothing in relevance to this entry. i just want to ask for your permission to have your disclaimer displayed at my journal too. i'll credit you. thanks in advance, i really like your disclaimer.

crazy.. there're just too many foreign workers without pakistanis.. just go to kota raya and experience yourself.. totally sucky.

kirstof : I disagree. I love those MBs. I really admire their job...I wish I could have a job description like theirs someday. Isn't it cool to sit down, do nothing all day, talk to the press a bit, and get paid?

lyn : Its ok dude. Its ONLY 100K people.

ohchaste : Sure...no problem. Go ahead.

munkit : And what do those guys do in Kota Raya?


I would looovee their jobs too. Too bad i'm chinese.

I am from Kelantan , I am quite surprised that he finally boke the silence and told the best joke he still can't offer . No matter how "Islamic" he is , the people here don't give a hoot anyway .

kristof : Doesn't matter. Malay Chinese Indian Kadazan Iban....all of them are cool.

yungjie : There are loads of other funnier jokes too.


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