Wednesday, March 16, 2005

life is beautiful

A scary number of young people out there are pissed offed with their lives. I was just reading an article off Petaling Street about this dude who was saying that 'life is not beautiful' and that life becomes meaningless as we get older. I have heard loads of my friends complain time and time again that they hate the way they live their lives, and that it sucks.

I disagree. I love every bit of my life. I have a loving family, I do not sleep under a bridge, I fill my stomach 3 times a day (2, sometimes when I wake up in time for lunch).....all those taken into account, how can I complain that life sucks?

Life......has its little bonuses. There is a bit of good in everything. The key point is to focus on all those good stuffs. If you think life sucks, then do something about it to make it exciting. So what if all we do is work, pay taxes and bills? If your life is really that meaningless, then surely it is up to you to inject a fresh breathe of air into it?

Take a break....look around you. The world is a beautiful place. Take a walk in the parks and look at the green trees. See if you can find a nest with birds feeding their young. Go out after a rain and treat your lungs to a breathe of fresh air. See if you can find a rainbow with colours so beautiful, they make your heart stop.

If having a 800cc Honda motorbike is enough to make people happy, and enough to make them feel that their lives is indeed beautiful, then perhaps its time to re-evaluate whether our goals make us miserable.

Maybe then........the success of a person would be measured by his happiness.

UPDATE : I just remembered this...so I thought I should add it in. There were a couple of saying I heard as a kid...

Life IS a bed of roses, just beware of the thorns.
You either complain that roses have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.

*did you know....chasing the magic dragon really DOES make you feel happy?*


Sometimes circumstances dictate that life sucks. Imagine going to school or working every weekday for your whole life with no future, just waiting for death to come, imagine your car stuck in a jam on the morning of your finals exam and then finding out you failed for it later. The thing is, when you go out, there are no rainbows birds and parks, there is smoke, rude drivers and stinking piles of rubbish.

But i do agree that 'complaining about life' has become a fad. Too many people complain about life. and more often than not, complaining only makes it worse


Vincent, i think you are too young to feel the suckiness of life.

kristof : that's where the phrase 'find a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day of your life' comes into place.

anonymous : well, then maybe everybody should learn to think like a kid?


so far i'm still quite satisfied with my life. well semi-satisfied. i'm in the middle of nowhere.. more fortunate than some of my peers.. but less fortunate than others..

chasing the dragon.. and you mean heroin? well according to huai bin it does make you feel contented and blissful and comfortable :)


Hmmm... all this happiness...... mmmm.. you managed to do what the rest of us been trying to do all our lives? didnt ya? Using some latest pilates technique, managed to give yourself a blow job??? pls share with all of us ere' pls....

i fink chasing the dragon means smoking marijuana, ever heard of d song Puff the Magic Dragon ??

Yeh, like Roadie sed, share wif US !!!


munkit : being fortunate doesn't mean that one is happy. And nooo...I don't mean heroin, I mean PUFF, the magic green dragon. HuaiBin should be right, whoever he is.

roadie : no way man! who would ever disclose such a secret??

vader : chasing the dragon actually refered to heroin, but these days people do use it to describe pot as well (I think)..And like I told Roadie..no way man!


You said life is beautiful...but how come i have not been happy ever since i step into the 'adulthood'? There is so much things to consider...so many responsibilities as a university student, then later comes the working world. The most beautiful moment in my life in these three years was when i sleep every night. Once i wake up every morning....i cannot stop myself from thinking about all the unfinished workload i have and those that are about to come...so tired!!! Life is beautiful for only a short period of time cause most of the time we are always not happy with the things we do and somehow we have no choice. Maybe life will be beautiful again when i am old and retired :)

If I could change one thing, I used to wish that my dog didn't have to go.

But sorrow has spurred me to do extraordinary things.

I am now living my dream and I aint complaining.
One needs to have known sadness in order to appreciate happiness.

Now I can agree with you that La Vida es bonita!!!


meigie : Well, ask yourself, why do you work so hard?
I think your answer is : "I want to graduate with a 1st class honours"

Then...ask yourself, would that 1st class degree make you happy? If it does make you happy, then that's the beauty of life isn't it? You work hard for something, and rejoice in the end.

However....if getting 1st class degree doesn't make you happy, then like I said, maybe its time to reconsider your goals if they make you hate life so much.

Everybody has responsibilities, its just for us to question....how come other people with the same responsibilites feel happy while some people dont?

lyn : yeah...La Vida es bonita! ...whatever that means.. :P


i knew you sounded high.

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