Friday, March 04, 2005

MTV sucks

If you remember, a few months ago, I was complaining about the travesty that was besieging football. It happened again the other day. I went to the common room to try to watch some football highlights. Instead, a bunch of girls were watching MTV.

This is something I never understood. What the fuck is so interesting about MTV? If its the music that you appreciate, go buy a bloody radio. Ok...before I continue ranting, let me tell you why I hate watching MTV (or any other music tv channel) so much.

1) Its not possible to like ALL the songs.
2) Its possible to like some songs, but they might have a piss poor stupid video that goes with it.
3) Some might have a good video, but the song is shit....which makes you get a headache listening to it.

Bad video - Bunch of fags dancing around, no storyline. (Any Backside Boy video you can think off)
Good video - Scantily clad women shaking ass (Shakira - Whenever, Whereever)

What do you do when you watch MTV and they start playing a crap song? Switch channels to and put on Channel [V] ?? What if they are playing some shit song as well?

Look.....radio was invented so that people could listen to things. TV was invented so that people could SEE things. Now....with faggots like the now defunct Backstreet Boys, who (besides juvenille girls) wants to see them dancing, swaying their gay asses and their boyish faces? If you are a singer.......SING!

This also brings me to another point....although I don't really mean it, but I figured its right and I have to be fair to ugly people. Its because of the emergence of music videos that the great singers who are ugly don't get to go very far. Ok....even before music videos came out, the good looking people had an advantage (Elvis) but at least the ugly people stood a chance (Lobo). On the other hand, these days......you are more likely to succeed if you have a pretty face and a nice pair of boobs, even if you sound like an African bullfrog with sore throat (Mandy Moore).

Still.....all that would not concern me if they didn't watch MTV instead of football. What so interesting about seeing a few people dancing in a club and watching an 18 year old girl with fake boobs run away from paparazzi and throw her camera from a helicopter (Lindsay Lohan - Rumors) Its a nice song...I'll give you that much. But what do you learn there? Nothing...except that it doesn't make sense and gives false information. It actually takes much more than gravity to destroy a memory card. Read it somewhere....can't remember, so just trust me.

Here's a suggestion. Instead of watching an inane show where people beat drums and scream into the microphone, it would be better to buy a radio. Cheaper too. If you still think that you want to feast your eyes watching something, then may I suggest watching the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. You can put the TV on mute, and turn up the sound on your radio. At least then you'll learn some educational stuffs, like how lions chase some zebras and how hyenas eat basically anything...things like that. And if you really want to see scantily clad people, National Geographic does documentaries on tribal people too. Sometimes you can even see them naked.

Hell, I don't even mind watching football without the commentary. You can have your music in the background if you wish...just don't piss me off by watching a bunch of angry guys with a nose ring screaming and going beserk on tv while having an epileptic fit banging playing their drum.


Assuming those are really "fake" and not natural, then compliments must be given to Ms. Lohan's plastic surgeon then.. nice job indeed...

i agree that some mtv really suck but watching football without commentary? aww.. that'll be a bit boring to me? i wouldn wanna watch a movie by just looking at the subtitle without sound.. quite a torture ;)

Video Killed the Radio Star! Heard of this song?? Hehehe..

WOW! U dig Lobo ?? Rawr!!


anonymous dude : no need to assume anything. they are FAKE.

munkit : if you understand the game enough..you dont need a bunch of stupid commentators. some of them suck as well. i'll be better off giving my own commentary.

vader : i dont dig lobo. i just said he's ugly, but stood a chance cuz he can sing a bit too.


Lindsay Lohan's boobs are fake and i think she is just stupid...
Backside boys are stupid...
Mandy moore is stupid...
MTV is stupid, only the female VJ's chune...same for channel V!

Oh yeah and the scantily clad chicks part too is kind of visually 'stimulating'.


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Naaahh... I've seen the Channel V veejays in real life and they are awful!!
Make-up does wonders... the same goes to Lindsay Lohan's 'enhanced' cleavage!


hi buuudin!! :D

andy : you sound angry

lyn : make-up....thats what i always said. deceive people only

siti : oh hello!


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