Friday, April 01, 2005

protective shell

Every parent wants the best for their kid. Usually, no guy is good enough for a father's daughter. No guy can ever be smart enough, successful enough, or caring enough for daddy's girl. Somehow, that mentality rubs off the shoulders of a person onto their friends.

Many a time, we have seen our friends date another person and wonder," What the hell is wrong with her? She can do so much better than him." No matter how happy he makes her, no matter how right he is for her, sometimes a guy is never good enough for a girl in the eyes of her friends. That actually happens on both sides of the coin, but since my story is about a girl I know, so I am telling it from the girl's friends' point of view.

I have a friend, whom I shall now call Belle, because I am in a very fairy tale kinda mood now. Belle started dating this dude about a year ago. Our first impression of the dude was that he was a Beast, and that their relationship would never last. That, and partly becaused we had only heard stories of him and never met him before. Fast forward one year, to the present day, they are still a couple, and possibly still as happy as ever.

We finally met him a couple of months ago, and all our initial accusations proved to be right. He was a damn AhBeng, talking to him was like talking to a male bimbo (bimbo might be a wrong term to use - bimbos generally look good). Nevertheless, as Belle's good friends, we supported her, and accorded Beast the same treatment one would extend to a sibling's partner.

Somehow, no matter what Beast said or did, it was never good enough for us. We figured that his priorities were screwed up and that he was nothing more than a binatang. Belle's good friend, Cinderella spat out most of the venomous critisism, while the rest of us poked the fire with our equally red-hot pokers.

Admittedly so, there were absurd things Beast said which would have been alright if it came out of the mouth of another person. We just mocked him just because he the Beast that Belle was saving from the curse. And then......when I started thinking objectively, it started to make great sense. Belle was just like him. We mocked the way he dressed, but she did the same. We mocked the way he carried himself, but she was the same. We mocked his outlook towards things in general.....only to realise her outlook was exactly the same. And more importantly, they are still together after more than a year.

As a Pug would later put it : "He's the type of guy she would marry one day." But don't get me wrong - we still think he is a fucker, just that now, we accept him for the fucker he is.

Wait.....there is more than one moral of the story somewhere here. Two, in fact. You figure it out.

*Belle was the name of the girl in Beauty and the Beast*


birds of the same feathers flock together?

I didn't know that there was a Pug in Beauty and the Beast... but he's wise...

shanks : interestingly, no. I have seen ducks, swans, and geese flock together. :P

kim: neither was there a cinderella in beauty and the beast. however, that pug, sometimes only wise. other times, its just a pug. haha.


What can I say? Love is blind.
My bf may not be the handsomest looking person around and is very crude and rude most of the time but I still love him to bits. I mock at his dressing like his other friends do but yet we still get along very well. Sometimes, love hides the bad and brings out the good.

Btw, I am such a lousy contact keeper. Your performance during the M'sian Night was great! I missed out a few scenes cos I was busy behind but generally I must say you really do have acting skills! I wanted to go say hi to you personally but never got the chance to. Nevermind. I'm sure NMS will be organising the leavers BBQ. We'll meet up then ya! :)


cherry : I would like to think that it ALWAYS hides the bad and brings out the good. Thanks for the compliment....I was quite crap at the start of rehearsals though...hehehe...

Beast is probably bonking Belle with a ten inch schlong.
Moral of the story? "Size does matter."
Cinderella is venomous 'cos she ain't getting any of that action.
Second moral of story? "Hell hath no fury like sour grapes."
Not surprisingly, after more than a year, Belle is still with Beast.
Third moral of the story? "A good man is hard to find.....but more importantly.....a HARD man is good to find."
Now get your friends to stop mocking the poor guy.


man...you're good....

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