Friday, March 11, 2005



I would like to thank everybody who commented yesterday. Man...got damn many mini-orgasms. They even talk about me in forums! Cool shits!

As always...I've had people say how bloody marvellous I am, I have had people who disagreed with me, and I've had people call me all sorts of cool names with mouths that they use to suck their own dicks.

Most of the thanks go to the people who disagreed with me, but took their time to think of reasons why they thought my article was wrong. Sweelin, especially. I love good debates from time to time.

Then....I've had most of my above mentioned mini-orgasms from the people who called me loser, jealous, sad fuck, etc. One dude even dedicated his whole blog title in my tribute. A lot of people have been saying those stuffs on forums too.

I realise that most of them are new to my blog and don't know me, so I should warn you flamers...I get kicks out of reading baseless critisism of me. If you want to critisize my article, fine by me. But whacking me without saying why you think I was wrong only further proves to me that I was right....and I fucking love it when I am right.

That wasn't really the point of today's post. Some dude asked me just now...how do you come up with all these alternative views? Nobody really thinks like you. But after you say it...it sounds damn true. Needless to say...I got another mini-orgasm there.

But that story of my life goes back a long way. When I was in Standard 6, I had this really awful class teacher. She's the second worse teacher I had in my primary days (worst teacher was Pontianak, if you remember her). She was unprofessional, and biased. She hated my guts because my mother had gone to school and berated her for another issue, which I really can't remember.

However...if I meet this cow on the streets, I'll shake her hand...caused she taught me something that I use till today...and is extremely invaluable. She randomly asked the class one day : "Why do coconuts grow so tall?" They are not trying to keep their fruit away from animals, cause there really aren't many animals on the beach anyway....so why so tall for?"

Nobody figured out the answer. She then said that she didn't know the answer, and had been thinking of it for a long time. The main point, she said, was to look at everything around, and ask "WHY?"

Everything exists for a reason...everything happens for a reason. People say, the appendix in your body serves no useful purpose. I say, it does have a purpose, just that we haven't figured it out yet. And so, at that age, I was extremely inquisitive and started disecting every information I got. Every time I saw something, I asked myself, "Why is it like that?"

It might be eccentricity, or downright mental, but it has indeed helped me in many decision making processes. There's not much of a point for this post, really just to give people an insight into how I think. I just feel that an inquisitive mind is a healthy one.


damn good question... inquisitive people like you make great engineers :)

Haha, yeah. People like you give civilization a reason to acquire knowledge. Keep up the good work

wah... praises of Vincent's genius only... Confirm kepala kembang

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