Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I'll be off to Amsterdam in a few hours time.

I bought this guide book, and its got a lot of useful information about Amsterdam. For example, contrary to popular belief, even the soft drugs are technically illegal, just that possession and consumption have been partly decriminalised. Also, in the famous red-light district, you should NEVER try to take a picture of a prostitute or you will find yourself in quite deep shit. Apparently too, the Dutch have a great reputation for being tolerant people and hence, its really okay to be gay.

So...I am off to see the red light district capital of the world some nice tulips and windmills. Till Thursday, bye bye.


Take pictures of the chicks!

have fun, don't miss me too much :)

go spread your seeds and make malaysia proud my boy!

I think its more reknown for being the home of 16 year old sex workers.... crazy dutch

remember to get some condoms from the dispenser.


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