Tuesday, April 05, 2005


If any of you thought that my competition was for real.......please find the nearest sewer and plunge in for a swim. I mean, its ok if you don't have a calender, and forgot that it was April Fool's Day, but when I already reminded you, that's really not cool.

At this point.....a lot of people are screaming to themselves : "I knew it was a joke all along."

I say : "I have no reason to doubt you, cause only you would know whether you are a dumbass or not."

But anyways......thanks to you guys who seriously thought it was for real and answered...check your mail box, you'll find a specially drawn love mail from me. Although, if your feelings were hurt or something, don't expect an apology from me.

Oh yeah.......I was supposed to post a picture of myself:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As you can tell from the picture, I wasn't a very nice kid.

*if you believed that it was a picture of me, pleasee...do the world a favour and end your life*



Knew it!! *bluek*

Cute baby!


lol. I didn't enter the competition, but being the curious sort, can I get the love mail too? ;)

So I won't be getting the 6 Ringgit and 80 sen? rats... I wanted to buy a couple of Made In China action figures with it....

that was kinda lame for an april fool's prank. and for those who fell for it, lamer. but still doesnt make things any less lame for you vincent! =P

Ohh Ohh.. I know what you look like! Yes yes I do! Btw, you didn't have to drop sooo many hints throughout the entire April Fools post haha.. kinda gives it away..

yunyun : lalas are a type of clam

nanook : sure you did

yuenli : hahaha...its a microsoft paint drawing which i drew in 3 minutes

seta : of all people.....i am dissapointed in you

byn : lame? no la.

uhmir : sure you do.


very weird april fools joke.. hmmm

so? lalala~

hey vincent, it makes me wonder, how many ppl who read or reply your blog are people you know?

stoolx : The people who post comments - I would say about half of them. This post for example..I know 4 of them personally. But people who read my blog - I am guessing about 25% of my readers are people I know cause I don't go around telling my friends about it.

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