Wednesday, April 27, 2005

don't speak in front of me

The only publicity this blog has among my friends is through my Friendster account. There's just one sentence about it in the 'About me' section. Otherwise, my friends tend to find out about it through other friends. Sometimes, some people do tell me when they first read about it. And because of that, some of them feel the need to 'warn' others about me.

Like a couple of months ago, I was talking with a few dudes and one dude tried to make a stupid joke. My friend Leman then said, "Eh, careful what you say in front of Vincent - after he put it in his blog."

If only Leman was in my hostel - he could sure warn a lot of people about me. A certain Rabbit could do with a warning. Last I heard, the Lion Pretender boyfriend of hers actually had a fiance and another girlfriend plus Rabbit herself. Wow, shite! I always thought male Lion Pretenders were women repellents. I blame the press for that misconception.

But anyway, Rabbit is the type of person I feel who desperately seeks other people's attention, and so she found it suited to announce her predicament in front of everybody in the dining room. Now, let me distance myself from that boyfriend of hers, and say that it was really unfortunate that she got duped by an ass. So, wisely, she decided to break up with him - but not before vowing for revenge.

You see, when people are in tough predicaments, I never laugh at them. I am a very kind person, you see. However, things change when the said person does/says something stupid and makes me laugh. Yesterday, she again announced (I think she's one of those attention seekers) her oh-so-orginal and oh-so-brilliant mode for revenge. She decided to get back together with the polygamious dude so that she could dump him one day. She also claimed that she never really loved the dude.

As you can imagine, I am a huge fan of her great idea. I am 101% behind her in this plan. I think its a fucking brilliant idea. I think she's a damn genius - even smarter than me. And above all, I think she actually meant everything she said. I also kept a straight face and didn't laugh at all when I heard the marvellous plan and her truthful claims.

And just when I thought that I had heard everything and was chomping down on a turkey fillet, another random girl called Manny decided to give me some more stuffs to blog about. Apparently, Manny's friend had date a couple of days ago. For reasons that I cannot possibly fathom, Manny asked her friend whether she could follow (??!?!). The friend then asked her date. The date, obviously a clever guy, would have obviously been cursing but decided it was not a good idea to piss off the friend of his date. So, he brought a friend for Manny.

Just now's conversation takes the cake :

Manny : *something something*.....blind date.
Rabbit : At least you went on a date.
Manny : Yeah, but I still don't have a boyfriend.

Desperate fuck.

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering why I did not write a physical description of Manny, well I am in a very happy mood and I feel like a very nice guy today, so I want to be kind to her and therefore I won't write any description of any sorts - except tell you that the name I gave her suits him her.

In case you guys haven't already noticed, I do tend to gossip a shit load. Its one of my main hobbies. My main hobby is sleeping, followed by blogging, and then gossiping, and then followed by blogging gossips like that. And yes, today is just one of those days when I feel like being a complete arse.


I get ideas for posts from conversations with friends all the time. But I just don't mention their names lar.

People are just more interesting subjects to write about, i guess. you never know what you gonna get in every conversation.


eyeris : Yes, people are interesting subjects to write about - especially the stupid ones.

What kind of idiot would voluntarily be a light bulb like that?

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