Friday, April 01, 2005

double celebration competition

It was my blog birthday 2 days ago. I was planning of doing something special for it - you know, sort of like a great article or a funny joke. But then, I got too busy with assignments playing PS2. Then I figured, since the 1 year anniversary is so close to April Fool's Day, why not do a double celebration?

Now....there really isn't much you can do on blogs to trick people. I mean, you could bluff people that you are closing it down ala MichaelOoi. The only other alternative is like what Maddox did, where he changed his site to have a different sissy theme so that readers thought it had been hacked. Other things could include telling a story and then declaring that you were pulling people's legs. Besides that, there is pretty much nothing else any blogger could do to trick people online.

So, I've decided to sod April Fool's and instead make the 1 year birthday of this blog the theme for this article. Which brings me back to the point above - I still need something special to cap it off. But....if you have been paying attention, I already said, I DON'T have something special prepared.

And then...as I am typing this, I figured, hey, competitions are good things! So, doesn't matter if you've been a regular at my blog or if you're a newbie, humour me this :

1) What is a toyol? (Andy, Keng, Seta - you guys are not allowed to answer this question)
2) What is it called if we give equal roles to people who clearly are not equal?
3) "...that big titted woman walking down the street with her top two buttons open, revealing her Victoria's Secret underneath" Who was I referring to when I said that?

And really, please humour me, cause I'll look like an arse if nobody replies...all the answers are in the archives, somewhere.

Rules :

1) Just leave a comment in the comment box.
2) You don't have to get all 3 answers right.
3) In fact, I want 3 different winners, so if you get more than one question right, then the next person who gets another question right, wins as well. So if you are damn sure that you got it right, then don't answer more than one question.
4) Doesn't matter if you read the blog a bit late and saw some people answering correctly. Just put your answer in...just in case they are wrong.
5) Just leave your name and your email add in the comments box so I could contact you if you win and get your prize over to you.
6) Entries close 2nd April, or when I feel like it.
7) If you didn't understand the rules, please go kill yourself.

Oh yeah, I didn't mention the prize! What sort of competition would it be if it doesn't have a prize?

*drumrolls please*

For each of the 3 winners, you get 1 pound each! That's a cool RM7.40, which can buy you, absolutely nothing these days. But hey, its not like I am Bill Gates right? I am taking 3 pounds out of my bloody pocket which I could use to buy me some beer, and giving it to some stranger. It adds the fun of competing anyway. Oh, would be good if you have a paypal account.......never mind..will contact you if you win.

Oh.....and since I do have a lot of strangers reading my blog, wondering what I bloody look like, if ANYBODY can answer this question, I'll post a bloody picture of myself here (not the monkey that you see at the top of the page).

I am a member of the Scum Club. What specifically does the Scum Club do?
*ambiguous question...think properly*

So yeah...what are you waiting for? Humour me! Please don't make me look stupid.


question 3, you were referring to yourself.



Yay! An answer finally....keep it coming people!

*not going to confirm whether answers are right or wrong till after competition closes*


toyol: "small ghost" as chinese would call it, then again, toyol is a malay thingy. wait a minute, doesnt we use it when you calling people stupid?!

mistake, it's coladonkey@hotmail.co.uk

1 - Vincent
2 - Vincent
3 - Vincent

LOL! hehe. too lazy to go find la. btw, i've always thought the name vincent sounded dracula-ish. lol. i have no idea why. but vincent from ff7 is hoooott hehehe


What does a member of the scum club do?

Indulge in "unholy" and "unchristian-like" behaviour like drinking, cursing and gambling to name a few.


its the toyol thing again.. cool. I'll keep my mouth zipped... hilarious though..

chingling : whats your email addresss?

yunyun : who the hell is ff7?

liyen : I'll consider that answe :p


the ans to Q2 is COMMUNISM! where's my prize??

TOYOL - The One YOur Only Love

Vincent is a boss (i think) from Final FAntasy 7. He's just hot hot hot hahaha till he changes to a monster ...


1 - The One Your Only Love
2 - Communism
3 - Ego = VINCENT

yaaay. I'm done.


oh gosh, I just reread the rules, I'm so sorry... ehehe .. *sweatdrop* rukawa_hakkai@hotmail.com is my email ...

1) Not allowed to answer DOH!
2) Socialism (Although China calls itself a Communist country a more accurate word for it would be socialist)
3) Hell if I know, mebbe Pamela Anderson


id be really amazed if i got an emaiL from ya. neway, its cglgyee@hotmail.com. ta :รพ

1) Wayne Rooney
2) Chairman Mao
3) Soho Transvestite


u tell a toyol that the box he's suppose to guard contain a pair of victoria secrets which in fact, is empty. the toyol peeks in n found it empty (of course la) then proceed to steal 1 pair for u.


should it supposed to be money?



vincent....nobody touched the boobs when having sex.....so why guys wan big boobs?

ahlian : dear....how old are you?

I'll just leave something in your commentbox so u wont look stupid... :P

vincent..i am older than u..

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