Thursday, April 14, 2005

greetings from amsterdam

Damnn....these fuckers are horneyyyyy!!

I have 30 mins to kill before I go on a tour of the red light district. Its a 2 hour tour conducted by an actual prostitute (or used to be one). I went on a tour myself last night, and boy, some of those prostitutes are so fucking hideous, you wonder how they manage to get customers.

There are also proper legit well-lit places (as opposed to dodgy ones) that have live-sex shows. Did I go check it out? Well...you don't exactly go to London's West End without watching a play right? There's a funny story (which I'll tell you next day) where I asked the bouncer what a banana show was.

One thing about this trip so far.....its missing good food. I am the type of person who would rather pay money for food than other stuffs like clothes. And so, I try to savour all the good food I can. Unfortunately, food sucks in this country. No, really. The food sucks. They have shops which dispense hot food (like burgers) through vending machines. Heelllooooo?? Vending machine? What the fuck are they thinking?

More details about everything when I get back.


Ooooh. One of my must-go-see-see some day place in the world. Post some pics ey?

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