Sunday, April 17, 2005

let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, when the lands were young, and the sea water was fresh, there lived a poor family by the seaside. They were poor, but content with what they had. The father would go fishing everyday and bring home enough food for the family.

However, the little daughter of the family grew discontent with what she had. She wished for more. She wished for nice clothes. She wished for nice shoes. Above all, she wished that she could eat something other than fish.

The story here gets windy and complicated, and so, lets just skip to the part where she one day chanced upon a magic pot. The person who gave her the pot told her that it could multiply whatever she put in it. And, as with many other magical items of that time, there was a way to deactivate the spell.

So off the little girl went, to her little seaside cottage, while her father was at sea and her mother picking clams by the rocky beach. She had a fun time multiplying random stuffs - as you would imagine. Just then, she knocked a container of salt into the pot, and being fine grains of salt, it multiplied exponentially, till it overflowed from the brim of the pot. Being panicked, she tossed the pot out the window, and lo-and-behold, it fell straight into the sea. Since she never stopped the spell, the pot continued churning out salt........till this day.

That's why the sea is so salty today.

My kindergarten teacher told me this story when I was a kid. Ok, she did a much better job than I did....but that's not really the point. The point of it was that its a stupid story that didn't make sense and is obviously not true.

BUT....is that even important?

What Ms. K taught us that faithful day in the kindergarten was that sea water was salty. Of course, when teaching something to an uninterested bunch of kids, it would not have been a good idea to explain the real reason why. Instead, the intended message (sea water is salty) was sent across to the uninterested audience in a matter that would interest them - an amazing story.

This is where I like to relate my favourite religious story. When preaching to a bunch of uninterested people, its not good telling them that there once lived a great man who led a lot of slaves to freedom. Instead, tell them that there once lived a great man who had a stick which he thrust into the sea causing the water to split. Suddenly, everybody stands up and listens intently.

And that's why I feel its not important whether the story is true or false. The important thing is that the message was sent across successfully and to its intended audience.

Today, reading something off Petaling Street, some dude exposed the famous HustlerDiaries as a scam. Come on you people.......did you need a bunch of pictures to figure out that his stories were just STORIES? Are you people that gullible? Same goes for a Sweet Young Thing too.

In case some of you are morons (as is usually the case), this is where I say that I am not flaming either Hustler or SYT. I read their stuffs sometimes and never fail to be amused by them. And that's enough for me. Never mind that I know that their stories are made up, they never fail to amuse me everytime I visit their site. In short, their message was successfully sent across. Shouldn't that be enough?

And this is where I always say....all stories, whether told by your father, your teacher or your friendly blogger....all stories have added preservatives. It is the fundamental principle of human communication isn't it? No story is completely accurate. Its either spiced up to make it more interesting, or toned down so that it would not be too powerful. (with the exception of mine, of course..................)

This is where, as the reader, its damn important that you scour the post for the message the writer is trying to convey. It may not always be in the main bit of the story, and hell, stories can be made up to present the message in a more interesting manner.

And so, answering Michael's question of what makes a good blog, I believe it lays in the blogger's ability to send the message across. If the blogger successfully sends a clear powerful message and says what he wants to say, which impacts people and manages to get them thinking, that is good enough a blog for me. That is why, Lilian, I don't buy your rules of blogging.


Well said! I agree with you totally!

Me too, I am the same wave length with you. Good thinking. Don't agree with the rules of blogging.(Rules are man made) they are meant to be broken.

Well said,
"And that's why I feel its not important whether the story is true or false. The important thing is that the message was sent across successfully and to its intended audience."
I fully agree with you.


Is the Bible real?

Besides, who is to say a blog can't be fictional either? If blogging is the 'new journalism', why can't it be the 'new fiction' as well? :)

Well... the stories was really good... can't stop nodding when i read it.

kenny : I haven't read the entire bible (just parts of it). However, I believe that it was written to convince disbelieving people. Some how, people need an assurance of a higher power, and they need to see a miracle in order to believe things.

eyeris : I agree. Most things you read are part-fiction aren't they?


Of course the bible is fictional, the creation of a powerful social engineer to control the minds of the weak masses.

Sad thing is...it's 2000 years out of date, but people still get duped by it.

It's because it's so masterfully written, a lot of it is very ambiguous, so the religious leaders of the times can intepret it however they so desire making it virtually timeless.


I couldn't agree more on this. There's never a rule saying blogs are real anyway. Besides, in blogs, we do what we want to do, write what we want to write. No obligations on the writer's part to adhere to truths. No obligations on readers to believe them either.

Seriously , who in the left mind can create a 10 stupid blog rules like that ? I am not going to tell her to go suicide but please , don't set rules upon other bloggers except yourself :/ . By the way , bright background also not good for people's eyes too , her her blog's skin , IMHO is too bright and hurts my eyes *rolls eyes* .

Welcome back vincent!
anyway you come out with the best blogs anyway, we're all tempted to plagiarise.....


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