Friday, April 29, 2005

malaysian culture?

Was reading this just now.

The writer basically questioned : "What is Malaysian culture?" Well, considering the fact that we are a multiracial country, and hence multicultural, what would we term as a unique Malaysian culture? What is so special about us that no other country has?

Surely it has to be the food. Where else can you get so many types of food? Where else can you sit by the roadside or next to smelly drains and yet get fantastic variety of food in the middle of the night?So yeah.....its the food then. That's truly Malaysian, alright.

But surely nobody's culture is based solely on food? That would make it a culture of gluttons. So what else is there? Could it be our pirated VCDs? Once upon a time, I thought we were doing very well with this pirated thingy of ours....until I met the Thais and the Chinese. My friend from China has a stack of VCDs and DVDs which he bought at home. The quality of it beats ours hands down. No shits. I even thought they were original ones.

Then, I thought I was being clever by buying Pro-Evolution Soccer from Malaysia and bringing it here to play on the PS2. My Thai friend did one better - he bought it from Thailand. Those Thai buggers cracked the game and replaced the fake team names with the real names (because of copright issues, even the original version does not use the real names of the teams). The Thai pirates also took the liberty of modifying the jerseys to include the sponsors' logos. There is even the Thai national team in there (not in the original version) which is sort of a cheat team because it is too good.

So, its not the fake stuffs that make us uniquely Malaysian.

Loads of stuffs have been going on about how uncaring and inconsiderate we actually are. But, to be fair, I think its not just a problem that we face. I think most Asian countries have serious issues with that.

And to be honest, I couldn't think of anything else that is unique to that place we call home. I was sitting and thinking about it over and over again, yet I just could not get my brains to work. So, I decided to read the original article again, along with the comments made by the readers (check it out from the above link). Two dudes said that we have no culture at all. And then it hit me.

I have met loads of people from loads of countries in uni....all with different backgrounds. Rich and poor alike. However, nobody, and I mean it, NOBODY puts down their own country as willingly as we Malaysians do. From the sports teams to the government to the national cars, nothing is spared as we indulge in endless critisism our country. Never mind about whether the critisism is warranted or not, some dudes just love to bitch non-stop about how everything about Malaysia sucks.

That, my friends, is truly Malaysian.

*please feel free to add in what you think Malaysian culture includes*


I have met loads of people from loads of countries in uni....all with different backgrounds. Rich and poor alike. However, nobody, and I mean it, NOBODY puts down their own country as willingly as we Malaysians do.

but if we do put down our country more than any other people in the world... that says ALOT about how things are in our country to begin with... i mean, if we are contented, why should we hate things about it so much? everyone complains abt their country... i know my american friends do (and some even want to leave America), and some Japanese friends do too (the only thing they love about Japan? Food and transportation)... But still, they're proud to be American and stuff...
so what went wrong with Malaysia?

I don't think that the people are fully to be blamed? cause it's a whole collective mentality. There must be something in the environment that caused it.

that's what i feel.

btw, it did take LEAVING malaysia for me to appreciate ASIAN culture.. lemme repeat... ASIAN culture ;)

to know malaysia is to love malaysia, to love malaysia is to leave malaysia.... hm! ahhh always the beauty from afar ;)


The other reason why we just love to criticise almost anything about Malaysia is.....yup , we just set our ecpectation "too high" . By the way , I find myself bitch more about "how sucks the Malaysian football squad is" than "how arrogant Mounrinho is" . Also , we do love foreign product , aren't we ?

Hmmm.. Kiasuism, pure opportunists in just about everything, jumping queues on the road(or anywhere), unethical drivers giving fingers and all. Malaysian drivers could easily top my bill of ugly malaysians, as far as this culture is concerned. Reason why we bitch about them is it's pure human nature, to look at the negative because it's more appealing and it infuriates us. Plus, there is an obvious hint of hypocrisy in them/us.

Moving around in massive herds is malaysian culture.

Oh, hold on.... I think its a singaporean thing TOO!!


what about the malaysian's record-breaking obsession? that's something to bitch about. those ridiculous crappy ones like longest buffet line or biggest lemang etc etc etc.

Malaysians eat, sleep and complain. My kind of people, yeah!

Malaysians are freaks. They are skinny and scary and they don't know how to watch tv. How could I talk about the OC with a Malaysian? It would be a waste of time, kind of like how the Malaysian culture is a waste of space.

Why do we care about them? Why do we feel? Why do we shut out the pain? Why do we thirst for unobtainable glory? Malaysians can't answer these questions, so we might as well ignore them.

BTW free your mind with the Laws of the Psyche. It's way cool.



elaine : The main problem with us lies in the second sentence. We expect everything to be perfect. There are a lot of things you can be content about, but we aren't. And please don't tell me that countries like Nigeria have better facilities than us.

yungjie : Ah, thats where you are wrong - Mourinho ain't arrogant. He's just brilliant.

anonymous : I've been to Italy and I think Italian drivers are much worse and crazier.

lyn : That's an Asian thing.

ck : Ah yes. Thats a good example.

viewtru : Spot on.

newton : Firstly, OC is a fucking stupid show. Would you watch a show called KL if I released it in America? Secondly, please don't pimp your blog on my space. Thirdly, just so you know, I'll be writting a piece about your absolutely brilliant yankee culture very soon.


Lol, that cracked me up big time!! Totally agreed on the OC thing. Good one vincent.

What ?! Brilliant ?!

*starts rambling like other Malaysians*


I actually feel that we are unique in our specially formulated language...:) No one else has it..even the variation in Singapore is different.

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