Tuesday, April 26, 2005

no suitable title

Yesterday, I talked about the slit-eyed show, and randomly announced that I had a new chick. Seems more people are interested in my chick. *tsk tsk*

So...what do you busybodies wanna know? Ok ok...she plays tennis, although not very good.

What else? Ok...she's blonde too.

Her name? Anna.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's not really my girlfriend, if it wasn't already obvious to you. Oh, and if you are a guy and don't know who that is, please go and suck your own dick.

Ok ok, you can click here to see my new chick's picture. But that's all you are gonna get from me. I don't blog private stuffs ok.

Just as a random lesson, there's more chance of me shaving my head than me talking about my girlfriend on my blog. Oh..thanks for the laughs guys. Speaking of which..head shaving I mean..what would your reaction be if one day you saw your friend with his hair shaven bald?

You then try to guess - why the fuck did he shave it for? There are usually a few reasons which won't go wrong - depending on the type of person he is.

1) Religious dude - he made some sort of pact with Lucifer in order not to study for exams. All he needed to do was shave his head.

2) Sporty dude - wants to be like Jordan...or Agassi...or Roy Keane.

3) Dumbass - lost a bet. I mean, which idiot bets his hair?

4) Vainpot - Thought he could pull a Brat Pitt and look good with a clean shaven head.

5) Dumbass 2 - Wondered how he would look like bald. Stupid because he could have used Adobe Photoshop to see how he would look.

6) Stingy fuck - Figured that he would save money on the barber fees.

That's about all I can think off actually....Oh, or he could be someone like Vincent who just woke up one morning and figured he would do it just for the fucks of it.


Tennis gurl ? I lurve Maria Sharapova ;)

A shaven head requires higher costs to maintain. U need to go to the barber at least once every 2 weeks. Congrats on gettin new chicka btw ;)


Oh you shaved? picture!! hahaha.. and I was the stingy fuck when I shaved last time... heheheheh

back in high school, one classmate of mine shaved his head coz he became a monk for 2 weeks (those temporary purification stuff), says he wants to purify himself and learn "the way of life".

all he got was being the school's laughing stock for 1 whole week. His face was "sui" (cantonese) enough even with hairs on (you just felt like punching him the moment you saw him). Thick frame nerd glasses was a bonus.


men should either be bald or have super close crop hairstyle.

It's usually a case of a failed Barthez look.

vader : No you dont. You can always use a razor.

stoolx : I know what you mean. I just saw a yongsui fella just now. Wanted to whack him even though I didnt know him.

kimberly : Ahh....so you want to make out?? :P

Lyn : Barthez....that's actually the last person I thought off. Now, won't Reyes look good bald?


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