Friday, April 29, 2005

random lesson in generating opinions

My friends seem to think that I am a damn opinionated person. When it comes to opinions, most people just follow the mob culture or listen to what they read in the papers under the 'editorial' section. So, here are 5 simple steps to generating your own opinions...or you could just stick to whatever it is you were doing.

1) If you are going to say something, think it through properly, then only talk about it. Don't say something if you aren't too sure about it. That only serves to make you look stupid later on.

2) After you thought it through, and decide that you want to say something, make a stand and STICK TO IT. Otherwise, you would just look like a moron who can't make up his mind and can't stick to his principles.

3) If you say something, expect flak. That's how things work. People are going to disagree. Here's where you need to have been very strong in number 1 & 2. This is so you can defend your point. Before you say something, think of the objections that your opponents are going to raise, and think of how to counter those rebutals. This is especially important if you are a kid in school taking part in one of those Minggu Bahasa debates. Key point here is being able to counter those flaks.

4) Have some balls. Even if you come under heavy flak, stick to your believes. I think that is something people can respect. Don't be a chicken and change your mind halfway and say "Nola, I didn't mean it like that........" or "It was not my intention to hurt people, but...." Cause that seriously makes you look stupid. Lets face it, there are always going to be sensitive people out there. If it was not your intention to hurt people, then you should just shut up.

5) As someone wisely said, "Nobody can make you look bad except yourself."

*quotes and events are purely fictional. any perceived similarity with real life events are purely coincidental and the blame should be put upon the Gods*


1 & 2) It's sorta like lying, I'm guessing good liers are also people who people who stick to their principles. Sticking to principles is one thing, Capitalizing on other's priciples is another, some people just do it so that the seem more, 'knowledgable' to the average joe, who is too freaking blind to see the shift in alligience.

3 & 4) The, "Nola, I didn't mean it like that........" is a means of 'self defense' some people, like me, use it when taking flak to ease the situation, but i guesse it all depends on the situation, obviously if you're arguing on why the chicken is crossing the road you stand firm by your believes. However there will and shall always be room for improvement. Some People just lack the ability to think clearly or even percieve thing correctly.

5) Hn... yes and that that wisely spoke was?


i only do the "Nola, I didn't mean it like that........" thingy when the person flaking me is someone i like or whom i have a crush on.

must always give way to each other. reality sucks, doesn't it?


stoolx : thats actually a pretty damn good point.

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