Monday, April 25, 2005

a slit eyed discussion

*spoilers ahead*

Many weeks back, succumbing to the many reviews I read about Sepet, I decided I had to watch that show. And so, just a few weeks ago, I managed to get my hands on a not-so-original VCD of Sepet.

The first time I watched it was more of a joke, and since I watched it with Kay (who isn't Malaysian), I had to explain some stuffs to her mid-way through the movie. At the end of it, I think we both agreed that it was sort of a very weird movie, though it was pretty darn funny. Harith Iskandar is the sort of person you can laugh at even when he pulls a serious face.

I however, watched it for the second time today. Obviously, when watching it again, it wasn't quite as funny because I knew when the jokes were coming. This time, however, I did manage to soak up the seriousness of some of the scenes.

Is it a great movie? No.

But its different. Its a Malaysian movie, truly Malaysian. It pokes all the right sentiments - their friend with the irritating phone, the mamak who didn't give a shit that someone got shot, the motorbike weaving in and out of traffic......Those I feel were the defining moments of the movie. Those were the scenes that made me feel Malaysian. There were some scenes which were weird, though (all scenes with his friend, Keong). Nobody speaks like that, ok? Besides, conversations between two ahbeng VCD sellers would no doubt contain more "kaneneh" and "cheebai" than was mentioned.

The story? Well.....I didn't like the story and the concept behind it. Realistically, you know its not as simple as that. I've explained it before, if you remember - you can read it here : "at what cost?" My views on that remain pretty much the same.

The part I pondered upon the most was probably the ending, in the car, when the two women were doing their womanly stuffs (crying) and Harith was mumbling stuffs in the background - "...gangsterism.....making other women pregnant.....Abah rasa budak ni tak sesuai la...I'm sorry." His wife then gets a bit pissed - "Tak sesuai? Do you know those were the exact words ayah I cakap when I told him I wanted to marry you?"

Harith has a point there, actually. Now, I am not a parent, so my imagination has to govern my thoughts for the moment - but can any parent, or anybody out there tell me that they would actually be happy for their daughter whose boyfriend sells pirated VCDs for a living, lives in a constant fear of being bashed up by other dudes, and successfully got another chick pregnant? Sesuaikah budak macam tu?

By the way......can somebody explain to me what happened in the ending? Who the hell was that on the phone if he had already got knocked down? Is it one of those movies where you have to guess the ending? Like Italian Job (not the shitty remake, but the original one where the van hangs off the cliff and then the movie ends.) If there is something I hate about movies it is for something weird to happen in the end, and I think, "What the fuck just happened there?"

In a totally unrelated, but joyous occasion, I got myself a new chick today. Only my 2nd ever........so happy.. :) More about her tomorrow...


ooh new chick eh...congratulations :D i haven't watched that movie yet but the mother's support is a lil unrealistic...vcd peddler and champion knocker...where can?

Congrats on the new chick. :) Is it a Black-Breasted Red? Buckeye? Jersey Giant? White-Faced Black Leghorn? Or some other variety? ;)

oi oi i am more interested in your new chick than the film!! who's she?? tell tell tell
btw: Yasmin is gonna make a sequel to the film to explain the ending... i haven't seen the film yet but i guess its one of those abstract arty stuff


If he followed my advice, Damn Hot, but thats a bad thing, a bit on the bulky side too, okay lar, no boob job, but who needs a chick with fake tits lar... Quite smart but not a genius... Mature lar to say the least


Now... may I know who she is so I may send my condolences... :p


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