Saturday, April 23, 2005

somethings are just wrong

Just now, at dinner, this dude from HongKong wore a pink polo t-shirt to the dining room. Thing with almost all the hongkee dudes I know, they have a damn weird dress sense. This guy, however, was alright - or so I thought until just now.

Then Singaporean dude then tried to make fun of him and said he looked gay. Mind you, its not often that I agree with the Singaporean dude. It was a good thing I kept my mouth shut too, because immediately after he said "gay", there was a barrage of critisism from other people. A lot of people called him old-fashioned and conservative. One dude even said, "Wearing pink shows that a guy is modern."


If I am old-fashioned, conservative, out of date, or whatever shit you want to call me - fine by me! I won't be caught dead wearing a pink shirt, that's for sure. I don't care what those homosexuals bisexuals trisexuals metrosexual dudes think. Pink is a woman's colour ok. Its just not right. No justification required, no excuse needed. Pink on a man is like pink on a lion - ever seen a pink lion??

And then, the conversation after that continued on to where the dude bought the shirt. It was, as he claimed - a genuine Polo Ralph Lauren. And apparently, he got it cheap - on E-Bay. I dunno about you, but buying a shirt on E-Bay is another thing that I won't do. I didn't want to ruin it for him - so I didn't tell him that his shirt looked a bit fake.

But yeah....some things are just wrong. Men in pink clothes is certain one of them.


Well, I wouldn't like to see pink on a guy either - but then, if it isn't my guy, I guess I wouldn't say anything :). BTW, you should check out the latest Spring collection of Polo Ralph Lauren- they have a variety of colors that most males should definitely stay away from.

Next thing you know, they'll be wearing tank tops and say it's a GUY thing, not GAY thing.

Who knows what next year...... purse and handbags? o_O


GAAAAA! Pink shirt on a guy! GAAAAA! The horror! the horror!

Well, I wouldnt say ALL pink clothes.. unless a tie isnt clothing... I have a pink tie... And its cool. And so does Donald Trump.. hahahaha

dhana : No thank you. I got better things to read than fashion magazines...like comic books :P

stoolx : Handbags are already out. I've seen some guys carrying them around.

keng : No dude. Its indefensible. Pink is pink. Be it socks, or underwear - its just wrong.


Once a upon a time, not so long ago (can't remember when exactly), pink was considered to be a boy's colour while blue was thought be a girl's colour.

Until societal preferences changed (again perhaps).

The logic that pink suited boys was that it was a strong colour while blue is soft and calming hence suited girls more.

See, even colour preferences are culturally driven. 'Til the next shift.


man.....those stone age people were crazy! how is pink a strong colour??!?!


hehe not gonna agree with u on this. i've seen well built men in pink shirt (not tight ones) and jeans....sexy ok. then again how pink also is an issue, it must be dusty pink...not fuschia pink. and also must be at least 5'10" only can pull it off....otherwise the whole effect's gonna skewed to the feminine side

kimberly : haha. you might be right there. BUT i can assure you, a normal guy doesnt know the difference between dusty pink and fuschia pink. check this out :



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