Friday, April 08, 2005

wait a while

As I don't have a computer right now, posts are going to be infrequent until I get a new one. I really hate typing blogs from the computer lab - the keyboards suck and people are always staring when my beautiful maroon screen pops up.

George said he'll lend me his old notebook till I get a new one...so I'll be able to start blogging from home in a couple of days time. I've got a spanking post which I can't wait to put up - its about racist motherfuckers in our beautiful multi-racial Malaysia. Wait for it, ok?

Oh...and I managed to land my hands on a Sepet VCD, so my review on that will come. Till then, jut wait a while la.


"about racist motherfuckers in our beautiful multi-racial Malaysia"
The anticipation is killing me


Yeah, i cant wait...

ugh. i sincerely hope it's not about quenius again. ugh. the anticipation *IS* killing me. or some ppl call it dread.

huh? quenius? i read them once ina while n i doubt it, ive seen vincent posted witty comments in quenius b4 n not mistaken, he linked them as well. so it would hipocritical. Dun noe where they went though..

no children, its not about them. i dont blog about stuffs that dont concern me.


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