Sunday, May 15, 2005


People tend to do things with a particular intention in their mind. However, sometimes, good intentions might sometimes backfire and result in something bad. Similarly, it is possible to have a totally evil intention, and by some miraculously sinister twist of fate, the event turns out to be well received by people.

There was an incident once upon a time, when I was a rascal in school. I was just 13 years old and in Form 3. There was this Maths teacher that nobody liked. He was this lanky Indian man who thought he was in the 60's as his hairstyle and starched bell-bottom pants would indicate. He would come to class everyday and the first thing he would do would be to sit at the teacher's desk and shout out each student's name to return their homework. And he scolded each and every student for a mistake. He did not differentiate the good students from the bad and nobody escaped his daily maniacal tirade.

After that, he would rise from his chair the same way I imagined Jesus rose from the grave, and stand upright before straightening his immaculately starched pants. We imagine that it was something he took great pride in doing. Being rebellious (and creative) teenagers, we decided to do something about his weird pride in his pants.

Before he came into the classroom for the lesson we would take the blackboard duster and whack it repeatedly onto the teacher's chair. This left all the residue chalk dust on the white plastic chair. Needless to say, it would not be a very good idea to sit on white chalk dust when you are wearing black pants, and so we managed to successfully leave a big white spot on his ass cheeks everyday.

This went on for sometime until one day, when I happened to be busy dusting the chair with the blackboard duster, the dude walked in. He was 5 minutes early. With my back towards the door, I was not aware of his existance..till he shouted :

"Vincent! What are you doing?"

With the help of some extremely quick thinking, I quickly concealed the duster and started wiping the chair with violent arm movement...sort of to emphasise the point that I was cleaning the chair.

"Oh sir. Er...I think the chair is very very dirty because everytime a teacher sits on it, their pants get dirty. So I was just wiping it."

"Thank you. I'll clean it myself now. Please take your seat."

He then began his daily routine of giving back the marked homework. And you guessed it, for the first time in history, he did not say anything to me when he gave me back the book. I think he was still thanking me for saving his pants from getting dirty.

And so.....that was how a totally evil intention turned out damn well.

And why am I telling you all this?

Because the same thing happened two days ago. The last post was supposed to be poking fun at 'people'. If you guys had looked at the other 'lessons in life' they were all sarcastic answers meant to poke fun at people. This was no different. What was supposed to be a laughter/puke inducing article actually backfired in my face. It caused a lot of women to nod silently to themselves and leave with the impression that Vincent is actually a very nice romantic bloke who says all sorts of nice things to women.

So..in actual sense, since chicks DO read this blog, I should have shut up and let the brilliant backfire work in my favour. But lying is bad (kids take note..LYING IS BAD), and so I decided to come clean and not spoil the market for my comrades-in-arms (other guys) out there.

Lesson learnt : If your boyfriend ever says something like that to you..he doesn't mean it. Its true, you know. There is a lesson to be learnt from reading Snow White and the 7 dwarves. Mirrors NEVER lie. In other words, never ever ask questions like that. Ever.

*In person, I am a very very nice guy who says nice things to women. Its true, you know.*


Hi there vincent. thanks for stopping by my blog. haha..I guess everyone has had wierd teachers like dat! :) nice writings..keep it up!

err...the point wasn't exactly about the teacher.

Hehe... I thought that some time ago, you said that you should not scold little kids for lying because it keeps them thinking? Heh... I think you should have kept it quiet about the whole thing anyway. :p

On the contrary Vincent.. Mirrors DO lie.. Mirrors are a perception of ourselves.. We only see what we want to see in them.. On some days, I think Im the most handsome bastard in the world.. On others, Im just a typical handsome bloke haha (see what I mean).. But if the mirror could talk, it would have been equal to another person, whos views are more unbiased, but different from person to person.. Then theres also blind spots blabla, but thats a different story..

Oh, Lying IS bad, but look at how it saved your ass and made you look good in front of your math teacher.. Its a tool, just like any other social skill.. Used wisely, it could save you , or get you places..


Kim : not scolding kids for lying...and encouraging them to lie are two different things

Uhmir : Ah, but you see, in that case, the mirror didn't lie. You just lied to yourself.


Don't bluff-lah, your coming clean is just another tactic to win gals over, isn't it? ;)

Just kidding. ;) :)


yuenli : ssssshhh.......don't tell people la......ish..

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