Monday, May 16, 2005

the best

Its exam week and my timetable is crap. My first paper starts in about 6 hours time and as usual, I have taken the liberty of harnesing my 'working best under stress' skill. I just finished studying the whole subject.....in just one day. Who said you need to study during term-time?

Anyway, as I was saying, timetable is crap. I have another paper tomorrow and on Wednesday, before finishing on Friday. I predict that that would be when all hell breaks loose. However, most of my friends still have exams, so celebrations on that night would be limited to watching Star Wars.....and a few drinks.

So postings will be infrequent and unpredictable (I always say that, but somehow do post anyway). I haven't even looked at the notes for the Friday paper yet. Hehehe....

Oh, my friend Karen who just discovered my blog a couple of weeks ago asked me about the 'previously on...' section in the sidebar. In case anybody else was wondering, those are my favourite articles and stuffs which I think are generally the best of the lot. They give new readers an insight into my blog to see what kind of person I am.

She then asked me which my favourite/best was.

Favourite...I don't know. Most controversial is easy. Its gotta be the 'Congratulations...you moron' article. I wrote 'A Woman with Balls' with the intention of building an inspiration for some people...and I would like to think that it worked. 'Racial Hoo-Hah' was something written in the midst of all the controversy and is my personal pick for best of the lot. 'Patriotism my Bleaming Ass' also rates somewhere up there as one of my favourites. 'Unscrupulous Kid' and 'Education' are examples of articles which I know from feedback a lot of my readers loved.

So, you tell me....Which was your favourite? Which article do you think is the best of the lot? Feel free to split them up into your own categories if you wish (eg. Most Inspirational, Funniest, Most Asshole-ish, etc....)


I have to say i love the article where you wrote about the day you "accidentally" made those menace on the stupid roller shoes fall down in a mall!

Ive been dying to burn those shoes. Your story was such a relieve!


The most funniest is "OMFG" for sure!!!!

BIMBO is my favourite.. muahahhahaha...

Hey, all the very best with your exams. :) Hope you come through with flying colours. :)

sugania : there were two of those actually. One was a dream. The other one was the trolley incident.

lyn : Hehehe...they've got a new bimbo already. I haven't checked her out yet tho.

yuenli : Hahaha. Thanks, but flying colours is not something possible. Hahaha


yeah i know there was 2. of course i meant the real one.. although the dream was very convincing!

I definetely like cultural clash the most. Never thought about the uh....topic till you brought it up..explains those mysterious bottles of baby oil I found lying around my friend's house..

tilia : Maybe your friend had a problem of dry and sensitive skin. Or maybe your friend had shaved his landing patch and the skin was itchy? Maybe.........

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