Wednesday, May 25, 2005

biological accident

Yesterday, I was chatting on MSN with my friend whom we shall now call Sotong.

Vincent : Oi...haven't seen you online in a while.

Sotong : Oh, been busy. I just came online to congratulate my friend who is getting married.

Vincent : Ooh...accident?

Sotong : Don't know. The dude is around our age.

Vincent : Guaranteed accident then!!

Sotong : Dunnolah. I don't know the wife. But I think he is quite the holy type.

Vincent : I don't think her big belly agrees with you.

Sotong : Heheheeh..

This reminded me of a story when I was younger.

My neighbours on the left house were a bunch of really rich dudes. They were in their late-50's. Their youngest son was quite a charming bloke of about 30 years old. One day, Mrs. Lim called over my mum over the garden wall and my mum had a hearty little chat with her. Housewife gossip, I reckoned. I went about my business playing around the garden when I noticed that Mrs. Lim's eyes were teary and mum was busy consoling her. Still, I was just 5 or 6 years old and had no concern in the problems of the adults.

One fine day, many years later when I was about to leave to come to the UK, in the midst of all her advice of 'study hard' and 'don't play around so much', she suddenly reminded me of Mrs. Lim.

Mum : Do you remember once when Mrs Lim was talking to me over the garden wall?

Vincent : There were loads of times you did that la. You housewives used to gossip a lot.

Mum : No, there was once when you were playing with your car and Mrs Lim started crying. After that you asked me why she cried.

Vincent : Oh...that. But no, I never asked you why. Hahahaha.....I had learned not to ask you about housewife gossip.

Mum : Smack you then you know.....

Anyway, mum then proceeded to remind me about the Lim family who had since moved out of that house. They were filthy rich, and as such had a high social standing. I remember them having a shit load of house parties as well. Mum then told me that on that faithful day, Mrs Lim had just found out that her youngest son had made his girlfriend pregnant.

Apparently, they were extremely old fashioned people.....and a bastard grandchild was the last thing they wanted. The humiliation was intolerable. How would they tell their equally conservative families? How could they face up to their high-society friends? What would people say when they go to the wedding only to find the bride with a protruding belly? If there was ever an example of Chinese 'face culture', this was it.

Times change. Traditional conservativeness has long evaporated. We have traded our values in the name of modernisation, the same way whores prostitute their honour. All for the sake of keeping up with times. All because the norm says its ok to do so. Still, all that is forgivable.

What is unacceptable is the reckless way people go about with this newly acceptable act. To put it crudely, only for the sake of drilling the point home - it is unconceivable that people these days still fuck without protection. Educated people. People from large towns exposed to these things from an early age. Fuck all you wish. Copulate like bunnies.....its your life. But don't cause pain and suffering by bringing unwanted babies into this world. Don't go around spreading diseases. And don't give idiotic excuses like (true story) :

"I can't feel a thing wearing that thing......"

"He promised that he would pull out before he comes......."

There was a moral to the story above. If you do not care about whether you get knocked up, or whether you get AIDS, fine by you. Just spare a thought for your parents.

I end this post with a story in the Sun newspaper here in the UK a couple of days ago. Its the kind of story you read....and can't decide what to feel. You don't know whether you should be sad or disappointed. You know you are angry, but not sure who you should be angry with...

Meet the Kid Sisters

Picture sourced from www.thesun.co.uk
Picture sourced from www.thesun.co.uk

SISTERS Jemma, Natasha and Jade Williams proudly pose with their tots - after getting pregnant aged 12, 16 and 14.

The three girls and their children share a council home in Derby with their twice-divorced mum Julie, 38.

None of the toddlers' dads is supporting their children - so the Williams family rakes in £31,000-a-year benefits.

Moaning mum Julie last night insisted their school was to blame for them getting pregnant.

Grandma Julie said teachers had failed her girls by not explaining about the perils of sex early enough.

Continue reading the article....

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Heh.. the girl on the right looked like she bonked a black dude.

Pretty fucked up family.


TWELVE yrs old??! Wtf, I sure as hell didn't know what sex was at that age! Kids these days..screw around early...damn, what a messed up life



screwed up life, screwed up mum...

There are just no words to describe it...


Sotong can talk meh?

kim : Of course they can.

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