Friday, May 27, 2005

calvin and hobbes

When a kid starts reading the newspapers, the first section he would learn to read are the comics. I was no different. I had a great fascination with Kee's World, that local comic in the Star newspaper. Mostly because it had a great deal of pictures. The problem with comics like that is that they get dull very quickly. Its a case of 'seen one, seen them all'. The satire is almost always of the same genre.

Calvin & Hobbes

And that's when Calvin and Hobbes caught my eye. The jokes were hardly ever recycled, and there's something about obnoxious people - you just love to hate them (think Jose Mourinho). Me, I love people like that. So, it was not much of a wonder that this soon became my favourite comic.

Thinking about it, it soon became obvious why. Calvin and Hobbes was a comic about a kid who:

1) talks a lot to his imaginary friend.
2) is sarcastic and obnoxious like hell.
3) has a vivid imagination.
4) is smart ass with smart ass opinions about everything.
5) enjoys taking the piss out of girl(s).

Remind you of anybody you know?

Sounds like you, Vincent.

*if you know me well enough, you would have been able to see the similarities between myself and that comic strip above....shit, just read yesterday's article*


Well, apart from the fact that Calvin's a six year old... u 2 have much in common... I love that comic... I still don't get why they put it under 'children' material... Kids laugh yes, but they can't see between the lines. Hehehe... So now u can be Vincent Calvin Lau...

there's a 6 year old in everyone of us.

i know... point was, i doubt you, or any of us, were that cool at 6...

Got to be a smartass to be interesting...I think I wanna get an imaginary friend too..Prob make him act like you.. ;)

I always love to read Calvin And Hobbes . It sometimes hit a point that I have been looking for . Love that tiger though :) .

keng : Correction. I was ALWAYS cool.

tilia : Yes, that would be cool thing to do.

yungjie : Hobbes more moderate in thought than Calvin, and nowhere as cool.


Heyy!! I love Calvin and Hobbes!! I think that although it's said to be meant for children, it can be interpreted in a whole new way for adults too! And a cynister way too, for that matter..

Unfortunately, Vincent, I don't love you.. :P


The C&H strip is cool. Unfortunately I did not discover them until I was like... 16?

jeanie : Are you kidding?? Everybody loves Vincent...

suanie : Ah...its never too late to learn the dark side of the force...Oh, wait. That's a different story.


ur right.. grown up calvin = vincent lau!

who's yer imaginery friend?


sugi : Actually, seeing as to how evil Calvin was as a kid, you would be scared to imagine him as a grown up

lyn : I've blogged about him before. http://vbglau.blogspot.com/2004/09/my-friend.html
Yes, I am a LITTLE eccentric.


Hmmm... Kelvin & Susie = Vincent & Jeanie? ;)

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