Monday, May 30, 2005

educate me

Sometime ago on MSN......

Seta : We have field trips for assignments. Visit homes, spend time talking to people, and write reports for it...

Vincent : So what sort of homes? Orphanages?

Seta : Yeah we visited an orphanage. There's also a home for abandoned kids. Last week, we visited a home for AIDS patients..

Vincent : Home for kids with AIDS?

Seta : No, adults.

Vincent : Eh, who decides the places you go to?

Seta : *says something that I can't remember* Why?

Vincent : Because that would be one of the last few places that I would visit. I rather spend my time for a more deserving cause.

Seta : ??

Vincent : Like cancer patients.....

Seta : So what have you got against AIDS patients?

Vincent : Well, counting the kids aside (those who got it from their mothers), AIDS is pretty much a self inflicted disease. This is what happends when you go around fucking random people, or poking yourself with a needle.

Seta : Well, some of them are pretty sad about it. A lot of them get rejected by their families..

Vincent : I am not saying that its a happy thing....I am saying that its self inflicted...like prisoners on the death row....you do something wrong....then you've gotta pay the piper..

Seta : I dunno...I guess its only compassionate.

Vincent : Yeah? I rather spend my time, and get scientists to spend their resources working on cures for cancer and stuffs....at least most of the types of cancer weren't self-inflicted anyway.

Seta : ....

So, you tell me.....am I wrong?

This is an argument I have had for quite a while. Although it sounds pretty extreme, I have not been able to think of a counter argument for it and nobody has yet been able to educate me as to why I should be more sympathetic towards AIDS patients.

I feel that since it is pretty much a self-inflicted disease (except for the kids and the odd blood-transfusion cock-ups) then people should divert their attention to other 'more deserving' causes. I am not even talking about the extreme stuffs like research grants for developing a cure. I am talking about simple stuffs....like money for more hospis and allocation of caregivers' manpower.

Usually most arguments have a flip side, but as I said earlier, I have not been able to think of one. Compassion, though valid, is a weak argument in my view - do they suffer more or does a kid with leukemia suffer more?

So, yeah........this is one of the rare times when I say, feel free to pounce on me for having such extreme views. Just tell me why I am wrong. Humour me...Educate me....

I agree with you, except for the kids who got it from mothers (plus the government is education everyone bout the dangers and the ways of spreading, people should be more careful, not ask for sympathy later.

Same goes to the pregnant teenagers who claims they hav mental stress. WHo ask them to have un-safe safe in the first place right?


I agree with you.

same principle as in should I give my support to a full functional beggar or handicapped person who is selling some self-made handcraft?

I would give it to the handicapped instead.


Well IMO the past is history. These people probably deserve sympathy just as much be it self-inflicted or not. Focus on the present, not the past.

They've condone evil in the past. So we don't spread the evil. What good can we do by shunning them aside. For among us who can't forgive them, at least we're happy(not as in 'laughing evil') to know that quarters of them learned their lesson. The hard way.

And maybe, that's already enough for them.


nono.. we should make sure those AIDS patients are also treated nicely.. so they don't go around raping our kids and passing the disease... =P

i only sympathize with AIDS patients who contracted the disease by the fault of others, such as medical reasons (blood transfusion, pregnancy and such), rape victims (although i've never heard of it, i think it is a likely event), innocence (infidel partners), and any other unfortunate circumstances that you can think of.

while the government and society at large play a part in educating the public, i think that their effort should rest at that and only provide support to victims of unfortunate circumstances.

imagine, a victim who contracted aids from blood transfusion (non-drugs related), having to stay under the same roof with another infidel fucker or drug addict, what an injustice!


it depends on your own principals. you say spend more on cancer, less on AIDS. So, those who got AIDS through fault of others, are you willing to give them up, let them die, so you can save more people from cancerr? Not everyone will agree with that.

i'm not saying i object your opinion. Just that you can't make everybody happy at one time. Equal trade, piss someone off to make yourself happy.


A lot of people who have AIDS arent very educated and they werent informed well about the disease. Also a lot of people cant afford condoms. Or they are ignorant and go like, Oh not shiok so dont wana wear. Drug addicts cant pay for new syringes. Prostitutes are kinda forced in to not using protection.

And if you are gona go by the "its self inflicted so they dont deserve the help" theory, then technically, heart disease, cancer, diabetes. It's also self inflicted isnt it? So smokers who get cancer dont deserve help? Diabetics who ate a lot of sugar and didnt exercise dont deserve sympathy and compassion?

Compassion for others is something we should try to develop in ourselves. It's really hard but its worth working for.


I guess Seta perceives this with a samaritan point of view: the fact that ppl make mistakes and have to pay for it too heavily.
but you are right about who suffers more... it is those who inherit such diseases or is a victim of a natural outbreak. These are beyond their control.


but of course, rape victims with HIV is a different story....

thank you guys for all your comments...not much time today, so I won't address all of you one by one.

Btw tilia, if they can't afford condoms, then maybe they shouldnt go around fucking everybody eh? Good point about the other stuffs though..


Hahahaha...Yeah right ppl wont fuck around coz they cant afford condoms...

Ppl are stubborn and horny. What to do? Government should just give out condoms for free.


thats something i've written about before. give out free condoms in schools. take away that ridiculous rule of selling condoms to ppl over 18. sell condoms in vending machines in toilets.

also, they should give out free needles for drug addicts. it should not be confused with encouraging people to use drugs. giving out needles is important so that those idiots dont poke themselves with dirty needles.


Definetely agreed.

Yes, your view is certainly an extremist one.. But this is freedom of speech, after all..

As much as you'd call me an idealist, I think it's not so simple/hard-and-fast rule as to who deserves to be treated and who doesn't. I'm in hospital 8 hours a day/5 days a week, so we see lots and lots of stuff. It's not only HIV+ patients who are the ones suffering from your so-called 'self-inflicted' diseases. How about lung cancer due to smoking, liver failure due to alcohol intoxication or just basic trauma to the limbs from driving too fast?

I guess what I'm saying is that we can't really play God and determine who deserves to be treated or not. Many people make choices in their life, some of them right, some of them wrong. We are fortunate that we make the wrong mistakes that are little, minute and not life-threatening. But who's to say that that is much different from the bigger mistakes? After all, they all are still, just mistakes. And as human beings, we're allowed quite a number of them.

All we can do, is try to treat everyone equally. (In fact, this is the basis of one of our 4 major medical principles!) Everyone is born equal, and we should aim to help everyone who needs it, regardless of their life choices.

We are here to help. Not judge. Not punish. Just to make the world a better place. :)


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Sorry to be an ass, but tilia, eating lots of sugar and not exercising doesn't really cause you to get diabetes. It's been researched lately that it's mostly genetic and therefore, can't be controlled. :)

But for all the other stuff you said, I agree!


come to think about it..

smoking does cause lung cancer but not all sufferers of lung cancer are smokers, yes? second hand smoke is worse is it not??

my mum's cousin had syrosis of the liver..and she hadnt touched a single drop of alcohol in her life...

besides...drinking and smoking, while self inflicted, are not against the law. poking urself with a needle and injecting shit into ur body is.



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