Friday, May 06, 2005

the greatest mystery

My halls had a formal dinner just now, celebrating its 40th anniversary. Its actually more of an excuse to dress up nice......and eat. This afternoon, when talking to my friend down the corridor, Lim, she was suggesting that we meet at 7.45pm before going down to the dining hall.

Vincent : Ok, 7.45 it is. Tell the rest of them not to be late ar. No need to put all that magic shag dust and everything.

Lim : Hmm? What magic shag dust?

Vincent : Oh...sorry, I meant make-up.

Lim : No la...won't be late. They coming to my room to change.

Vincent : For what? They got no room meh?

Lim : Haiyah, you all guys won't understand wan la.

And then later, at 7.30pm, on MSN Messenger :

Kevin : Eh what time meet?

Vincent : 7.45. You come my room when ready. Need to wait for the girls.

Kevin : Oh ok.

Vincent : Yeah, apparently they all changing in Lim's room. These chaboh all....I don't understand...all must change together...for what??

Kevin : Like that wan la girls. They want to ask opinion.

Vincent : Opinion? Chey! Best opinion giver - MIRROR! It doesn't lie, not like their friends.

Kevin : Mirror don't lie, but they lie to themselves mah.......

Vincent : True true...

Later at the dinner:

Vincent : Eh, I noticed that all of you have that long piece of cloth around your hands. Why ar? (I know its called a shawl, but my mouth was just kinda itchy)

Pie : Its like that wan.

Vincent : I think its quite useful. Serves as a good handkerchief. Can wipe mouth and hands after the meal. Cool.

So, can you chaboh out there explain why you guys feel the need to get dressed together in a bunch? Also, I need to know what the shawl is for. And before you retaliate and talk to me about why guys wear nooses around the necks, let me just explain that I do not like it, but it is the standard formal dress code. However, a piece of cloth (originally designed to cover the head) spanning across the back and wrapped over the elbows only to droop over the floor - is not necessary as formal wear. I don't know...but it looks kinda troublesome.

This reminds me of that Sepet, where Harith Iskandar says to his wife, "I'll never understand you women, even if I live to be a hundred." That damn scriptwriter came up with a line that would no doubt be echoed by all women who watched the show, "Its ok dear, your job is to love us, not understand us."


I am an engineer ok! Engineers MUST understand things ok! Its in our blood. If I can bloody understand the theory behind Navier-Stokes equation, I can fucking understand ANYTHING ok!

And since its 2.20am, and I have a lot of editting to do on a group business coursework due at 2pm, I shall stop and continue this theory another day...one fine day...........

And just so you know, I've proof read a 60-page report earlier today for my final year group project written by my groupmates. No problem there. But at the moment, this business coursework is 14 pages long and is full of shit which needs more editting than the report this morning. For your laughing pleasure, the jabroni in my business group thought that it would be suitable to open the first line of introduction with :

Before you question about our understanding of the term "real option", please
allow us to clarify what we mean by "real option".
Apparently, she must have confused a serious written report with the stand-up comedy act at her local pub. Any final year student who starts reports in that manner ought to be hung upside down from a tree and be licked in the face by a hundred scaby dogs with malaria. That damn cow.


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