Tuesday, May 17, 2005

greatness personified

*warning - this is one of those posts where I tell remind shove in people's faces the fact that I am great and powerful. Just like those dudes sitting high up in the skies. A wise young man once said - "Speaking the truth does not equate to an ego problem." If I remember correctly, his name was Vincent.*

I just came back from an exam. Let's recap what previous revision I had done for this paper prior to last night and early this morning.

Last Tuesday - went to the library to borrow a book regarding this course. Got the textbook recommended by the lecturer.

Last Friday - photocopied notes of lectures that I missed. Realised that the stupid book was of correct title but by a different author. Too lazy to go back to library.

Last...erm....no. That was the only work I did for that module in the whole semester.

And so....I crammed one whole semester's worth of work in about 8 hours last night and early this morning.

This morning at 9am, I walked into the exam room, looked at the exam paper and laughed to myself. 1.5 hours later, I walked out totally and utterly convinced of my genius.

Project Petaling Street is having some blog awards thingy in conjuction with their 2nd anniversary. Click here to nominate (you must be a PPS member though). There are 3 categories which you can nominate. They are:

"Ping of the Year" (B*tchingLOG's Racial Hoo-Hah..or any of the 300 or so articles in the archives)
"Blog of the Year" (B*tchingLOG...not a weBLOG)
"Neophyte Blog of the Year" (B*tchingLOG does not qualify, so choose someone else, like Kenny)

Somehow....I don't find this a shameless act of blog prostitution.....


Hey vincent.. wahh... u're trying to get us to vote for u huh? :) Hehehe.. anyhow, i've just been introduced to your blog and find it quite interesting.. so keep up the good err, work! :)

Oh, hello jean.

What you are cannot be uttered, and no letter or alphabet can contain it.

Yes there is greatness in each and everyone for there is a God dwelling within and there is NO limitation to self. But it is up to you to achieve it and show it.


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