Thursday, May 26, 2005

my deepest condolonces

Today is a sad day. Because of the passing of a loved one, today's entry shall be a grim one.

When you are as a devoted a person as I am, it is not often your faith is shaken. When you have been such a good friend as I had been over the past ten years, it is disturbing to see your friend betraying you. Betraying you by not being able to give you the thrills of before. Over the years, he had been a friend, a great friend, and I shared many ups and downs with him.

There were sad times, there were happy times. More often that not, they were happy. But life is cruel. Slowly but surely, my good friend drained all faith away from me. Slowly but surely, he took back everything he had given me over the years.

I could see my friend slipping away over the past one year. So unfair is life. So cruel is faith. He slipped into a deep coma last Saturday. Still, all hope had not died. Surely the Gods would be merciful? It was not to be. He showed a small sign of recovery this evening, but then slipped back into a coma.

He passed away tonight at 10.14pm.

Football had just died on me.

*That's two years in a row a Mickey Mouse team won the Champions League...with more luck than anybody in Vegas. That, and Greece winning Euro 2004, you wonder what the fuck is wrong with the footballing Gods.*


nah, the football gods were busy with La Liga.
Actually.... the Malaysian Cup.

Don't give up la.... i think its that American takeover which swapped the football feng shui around....


You got to admit that the comeback was pretty fantastic. But good looks on pointing out that the past two C.League winners have been absolutely rubbish teams.

The ball is round bullshit... they need to revise the whole fucking game.

Liverpool's fake road to the finals, Juve, Chelsea and now AC Milan... un-fucking-believable.

Shevchenko is a fucking idiot too. Scores goals from every angle except from right in the middle all alone, unmarked.

Fucking unbelievable.


Pint of bitter, plastic Manc?

You wouldn't know much about football, anyways, having only supported ManUre post-92. Maybe you should go buy Chelsea jerseys now, they're more likely to win. How does it feel to win fuck all?

The GREATEST final ever (tm), and head and shoulders above your freak (and incredibly lucky) one in '99.

Are you watching Ferguson and Jose? Shhhhhhhhhh.......


my my, pretty bitter about not having anything to show for this season eh? :)

And hey, this time being our FIFTH win, we actually get to KEEP the trophy, albeit a trophy with Manchest Unitd written on it... ONCE.



anonymous : True about Shevchenko. Stupid British press...everybody saying it was a brilliant save. First save was good...second save was luck. That idiots blasted it straight at him.

steve : Greatest final my backside. Liverpool were shit in the first half. Milan was shit in the second half. Exciting? Yes. Good football? No.

eyeris : Why do Liverpool get to keep it...when Milan have won it 6 times and Madrid 9 times? Your history is a bit rusty. Manyoo won it twice.


Vincent, get a clue. Any team that wins the trophy five times gets to keep the cup.

So, yes, Milan and Madrid DO have the European Cup in their trophy cabinets.

If you want to remember your win you'll have to come to the Anfield trophy room.......XD

And it was a great final. Unlike your lucky win in '99. Milan didn't hit the post twice like Bayern.....


aww come on where's your sporting spirit vincent? they said liverpool was lucky to qualify from the group stages after beating olypiacos 3-1, they were lucky to draw bayern leverkusyen, they were lucky to beat juventus AND chelsea, (over 2 legs mind you), and now they were lucky to beat ac milan after they were 3-0 down. come on probability proves you can't be THAT lucky.

and why is it a mickey mouse team that won? if i remember correctly the manager of the last year's mickey mouse team that won the champions league is now considered one of the best managers in the world. he even calls himself "the special one".

also it was an interesting final, although not every minute produced "good football". to come back from 3-0 down is rare indeed. and to do it in 6 minutes and against one of the most experienced defenses in europe is even rarer. though i have to admit greece beating chezh rep. was a boring game. 1-0. but this game was 3-3! 6 goals for you to enjoy.

all respect to milan, they played like champions in the first half. all credit to liverpool, they wanted the win more in the second half. there's only one thing you can expect in football. expect the unexpected.


stevie : Manyoo's win against Munich was lucky. I admit that. Manyoo's run to the final, however, had nothing to do with luck. That's the difference here.

GPL : I did say, it was an exciting final. But good football? Please. Don't listen to anything you read in the news, written by the biased British press. It was two halves of comical defending, first by Liverpool, then by Milan. And I was supporting Liverpool against Chelsea (didn't want Chelsea to win the treble), but anybody who says that Liverpool were the better team against Chelsea needs a boot in the ass.


Most of Liverpool goals this season were purely individual genius work from the likes of Luis Garcia, Steven Gerrard or Xabi Alonso. There wasn't any real "build up" goals. The benchmark of a world class team is when they can score consistently from set pieces or well passed balls till someone scores.

Benitez did improve the squad by getting rid of most of it.

I don't really see a big future for Liverpool. They're a solid team but that's about it. There's nothing spectacular about them.

I'm a ManU supporter but they played rubbish football this season.

But fuck it.. everyone has differing opinions when it comes to football. This shit could go on forever and everyone will still feel like they won this debate.

Vince: Don't blog about footie.. it almost always gets retarded comments.


True, that. I am a manyoo fan myself, and ironically, the best game we had all season was the FA cup final.

You've got a point about people talking shit when it comes to football (myself included sometimes). Football rivalry runs high, and because of that, everybody can't think.

The thing is...I don't see much of a difference with the Liverpool now, and with the Liverpool team under Houllier that won the Mickey Mouse treble. They defend like hell after taking the lead. They rely on a work horse in midfield (back then it was mccalister)...and there is no team play at all.


me thinks Man U only won it once in the time that THIS current trophy has been around, hence, the 'ONE time Man U name' gag. :)

like stevie G says, Real Madrid and AC Milan DO have a trophy each to keep after THEY won THEIR fifth European Cup.

Rule is, when a team wins the Euopean cup FIVE TIMES, they get to keep the trophy for good.

Can Man U fans count to FIVE? :)

But hey,like I said in my blog, in sports, everyone's a sore loser. Especially those who didn't even get into the final. hehe.

am having a blast at being an arse with Man U fans right now, so don't mind me yar? :)


Anyone who refers to themselves as "me" when they should say "I" should be shot. It is not cute.

eyeris : Five? I don't know.....we didnt finish number5 in the league this time around...

Jahahaha! Funny la you, i thot what happened... anyways, there's next year...

still laughing about the 'mickey mouse' thing...


sure, shoot me. me no problemo. heh. and while you're at it, why not shoot those who comment anonymously as well?

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