Wednesday, May 04, 2005

'UK elections' for dummies

Did you know......that we are allowed to vote in the coming UK elections? Still not too sure who is eligible, but I reckon its open to all Commonwealth citizens residing in the UK. Whatever it is, I got my voting card a few weeks ago, and I am definately going to vote on Thursday.

My British friend, DinoDude wasn't too chuffed when I told him that I was allowed to vote. Personally, I think its quite unfair as well. I am a foreigner. Foreigners shouldn't be allowed to vote. Period.

Oh, wait...if there is a period there, this wouldn't be interesting at all. So, for arguments sake, you can say that we should be able to vote since it affects us as we are staying here. Well, two isses there.

Firstly, who told you that you can vote for something if it 'affects' you? Its like the US presidential elections affect the whole damn world since those dudes effectively become one of the most powerful people in the world, but that does not mean that the whole world has a say. (I personally feel that Micheal Jackson would make a better leader)

Next, on the issue of 'staying here', while it is true that some of their policies will directly affect us while we are here, do not forget that we are going to leave as well. Most students here do not stay long enough to see out one full term of a governing party anyway. So why should a person (like me) who would be staying here for another 4 months decide who should stay in power for another 4-5 years?

But anyhows, since I was given that right, I am going to make full use of it. Also, because I want to experience and see how those polling stations and systems are like. Its also kinda weird because I am still not allowed to vote back home. Above all, I have selfish reasons - I want to work here, and work permits are not something they are too keen to give out these days.

So, a run through..there are 3 major parties here in the UK :

Labour - The current ruling party under Tony Blair. The main problem for them is 'war issue' which a lot of people are pissed offed about. I personally don't give a hoot about that. Vote for them if you are happy with how things are at the moment.

Conservatives - On paper, Micheal Howard had the nicest and most attractive package to offer. Unfortunately, even to idiots, his plan doesn't make sense. He wants to spend more money on health services, education and policing. And he plans to generate all those extra funds by lowering the tax. Smart ass. Again, I don't give much of a hoot about that. However, his immigration policies has ensured that he doesn't get my vote. At the moment, there are 150 000 immigrants to the UK per annum. He plans to cut that figure to just 20 000. Vote for them if you are stupid.

Liberal Democrats - Most of my British friends have said that they would vote for Charles Kennedy's Lib Dem. This is because they plan to cut tuition fees (big issue for students) and abolish council tax. Where do they intend to get all that money from? Simple. Tax the rich even more. 50% to be precise. Quite unfair if you are rich and get robbed by a Robin Hood government. Vote for them if you don't see yourself getting rich anytime soon.

So go on then all you buggers studying here.......exercise your right to vote! Or you could just draw a monkey face next to the candidate's face and vote the monkey.


That's democracy in action mate. Unlike what is being forced upon our throat here in Malaysia.

Each and every individual at voting age are given the right to choose.

Choose wisely because you are responsible for all your action. This includes to the action of your chosen person (i.e. candidate). In Islam, if the person that you have selected wins and do good stuffs, you'll get the same credit in the after life. However, don't blame others if the chosen one drags you to hell instead, it was your own choice.


You do know that if you are a Malaysian citizen and you vote in elections in a foreign country, that could be grounds for the Malaysian government to revoke your citizenship? I was told that last time around (sorry, can't find reference to official docs re: this).

I'm not saying they'll be bashing down your door come 6 May if you do so (and I don't even know how they'd find out), but just thought you might want to know.


hahaha... good summary.
Actually I'd go for the monkey.
And if they revoke my citizenship. I'd be too happy.


I will be voting Liberal. I would go for Green anytime but what a waste of my vote. I agree that we should be allowed to vote for a government that has its nose up the World's arse like the UK and US elections.

mamat : Theres a problem with democracy dude...it assumes that everybody can make logical decisions. That is unfortunately not the case.

dzof : Yes, I heard about that somewhere on someone elses blog, but that law is open to interpretation. Besides, I am sure they have better things to do than to pick on me.

lyn : Be sure to draw the monkey properly

jon : If you vote Green, you might as well draw a monkey and vote it


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