Friday, June 10, 2005

awesome day

If there ever was a defination of a totally awesome day, yesterday was it. It was a day where nothing could go wrong, and events of the day were memorable beyond all words.

It started off as another ordinary day, where the only thing I had planned to do was to collect my exam results and celebrate after that. My grades were pretty much set by previous consistent (but not spectacular) results even before I sat for the exams, so no surprises were in-store. The only thing that I was interested in was my score for my final year group project which the bunch of us had toiled over for the past 9 months. Still, we figured that we did pretty well and I had predicted the previous night that we would get 71% for it. So, it seemed that nothing surprising could happen...

I went for a compulsory meeting for final year students when one of my group mates told me that we had a photo shoot with the Evening Post newspaper about our project. It seems one of the lecturers were damn impressed with our stuffs so he tipped off the Evening Post. They did a phone interview with one of my group mates and came over later on to do a photo shoot of us with the machine.

Then, over lunch, we received another phone call saying that we had a tv news shoot lined up. They were actually in the university to film a story about another project, when they heard of ours and they requested to film one of ours as well. Unfortunately, it will never be shown here, so I will not have a chance to see it. It's actually a news agency that showcases British science and technology and sells the news to other channels all over the world, like Tech TV for example. So, if you happened to be watching a random channel back home and stumble across a project crushing palm nuts with a weird bicycle contraption attached to it.......I am the bloke riding the bike.

Collecting results weren't that big an occasion....but listening to my supervisor's endless praise of our project, initiative and wonderful teamwork was just awesome...

And I decided to top off a bloody awesome day by going out to celebrate with some of my friends. Originally supposed to do the usual mundane stuffs like drinking and clubbing, we finally decided on paying a visit to a stripclub table dancing club. Honestly, some of them were just hideous, but hey...NOTHING could have dampened my spirit that day. Oh...just to add, I did have a sudden sting in my eyes and they started to tear for a while. No idea why though. To add to the estacy of boobies, it was student night and a lapdance was half price for students.

Totally awesomeeeeeeee.......

UPDATE : You can check out the article here. Unfortunately, there isn't a picture of us with the machine there.

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phoarrr.. me jealous! ;)

They may screen it over TV Pendidikan back home- subtitled in malay- 5 yrs later

congrats lah anyway... which issue of evening post?


nottingham evening post i reckon. either today or tomorrow..havent checked todays papers

we wanna seeee!!! post up a snapshot of the evening post or something.

Congrats. How did you manage to get the palm nuts or did you test it with sackfuls of nuts? ;p

keng : see how la..haha

farihna : managed to order them. apparently palm nuts are also used as parrot food. we got them from a pet food supplier.


The only good thing about your day was the visit to the strip club.

No seriously...

Peace dude.


Table dancing?? ah i remember, hello nurse :). Congrats tho.


Heheh...sounds interesting...congratulations man...

gavin, viewtru, melvyn : Thanks guys.

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