Tuesday, June 21, 2005

chicks playing ball

About 2 weeks ago, the Euro 2005 football championship started. Women's football, that is. It was given a full coverage on cable tv, and although I do have access to it, I never did bother watching (I have better things to do...like sleeping).

I did however, make it a point to watch the finals which was on Sunday. In the run up to the finals, there was the usual crap where a bunch of dudes sit in the studio to discuss what they think will happen and try to educate everybody about the star players. There was also a compilation of the 10 best goals of the tournament to date.

Throughout the whole game, the commentators were going on and on about how the finals and the previous semifinal were the best games of the tournament, and a good advertisement for women's football. The pundits in the studio agreed with all that nonsense saying that 'those girls are great ambassadors for football'.

My verdict?

It was shit. Absolutely crap.

If, as according to those pundits this was a good indication of women's football, then I am not impressed. Only a couple of players impressed me. Most of them had awful ball control (the single most important skill a footballer should have). The '10 best goals' compilation did little to impress me either. Spectacular goals usually come from brilliant pieces of individual work like dribbling past a shit load of defenders (but, with bad ball control, that's not possible) or long range shots. We can also rule out powerful long range shots because (understandably) these chicks don't have as much power as their professional male counterparts, inspite of playing with lighter balls.

Also, just because it's a women's football match, why do they need to use women referees? If, the best referees around are men, then why not use some male referees? The refereeing was horrible. She disallowed a prefectly good goal and wrongly dismissed a penalty appeal. Generally, only the best referees handle the finals of such tournaments. So, I am guessing this was one of the better referees around. Quite a travesty, if you ask me.

Let's face it. Nobody wants to watch women's football. The championships were held here in England, a football crazy nation. And yet, media coverage was almost non-existant. The stadium used for the finals was Ewood Park (yes, home to Blackburn Rovers) and in spite of it being the finals, the stadium wasn't even full.

Maybe Messrs. Blatter and Johansson were just being realistic (although typically horny).

*Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, caused outrage last year when he said that women's football is languishing and maybe the players should wear tighter shorts to attract more viewers.

**Lennart Johansson, president of UEFA suggested a few days ago, in wake of the lack of funds and marketability of women's football, that "companies could make use of a sweaty, lovely looking girl playing on the ground, with rainy wet weather" adding that, "it would sell."


No ball control?

Just like Djemba Djemba or Phil Neville, then. ;)


Yes, and that is why those two clowns don't play first team football for their club or country.

replace the players with those beer advertisement chicks... hahahahah...

girls who play soccer usually have ugly thighs so i dont know how well the hotpants for soccer uniform idea would work..

yeah, and their hair is usually tied up like David Seaman's.
that's awful


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