Sunday, June 19, 2005

childhood love

Alright....how many girls out there know who Kaka is?

Not many, I am guessing. Everybody knows David Beckham....but Kaka is a dude who can actually play football plus looks much better. And he is Brazilian too.

Anyways, in the news the other day...

Brazilian Kaka to tie the knot next year

SAO PAULO: Brazil international midfielder Kaka says he will marry after the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

His wife-to-be is 17-year-old Brazilian student Caroline Celico, who has been Kaka's girlfriend since he was 13 years old.

"I'll get married after the World Cup, hopefully with the title won,'' the AC Milan player told Globo TV during a live interview on Saturday.

Kaka, 23, made the announcement just hours before Brazil's last practice ahead of yesterday's World Cup qualifier against Paraguay in the southern city of Porto Alegre.

Celico will have turned 18 by next year's World Cup. - AP

Some of you, upon reading that, might be wondering.............so what?

Some of you, upon reading that, might be thinking...that's a pretty young girl. 23 years old and 17 years old. Odd couple. Well, not quite. It is apparently quite the norm for Brazilians.

However, only a handful of people like me, did some immediate mental arithmetic and realised that that horny bastard started going out with her when she was SEVEN years old.

Damn peadophile........


And he's like what.... 12 when he first met her? hmm... wait... still won't be right once he hits 15 and her 9... Woo


He's a profssional peadophile


going out does not mean it has to involve making out :P

kim : Nolar. He was 13. It was stated in the article

yungjie : No, he's a professional footballer, part time peadophile.

sweelin : So its ok for a 20 year old guy to go out with a 14 year old girl?


lol. Maybe they are childhood sweethearts and met at the sandbox.

Yes, I know who Kaka is and I do think he's a better player than David Beckam. Cuter too. :P


kat : Hahaha...which 13 year old boy plays in sandboxes?

that brings a whole new definition to childhood love

sick bastard. see what football does to you? :P

yay! im one of the handful!!

He needs some other balls to hold, that's why!!!

Just imagine...if he had not become a famous footballer...why, he could have had an entirely different professional career as a pro paedophile...(^_~)v

suanie : yeah...and a whole new meaning to 'horny little 13 year olf boy'

FA : football good. hormones not good.

hliew : what balls?

raksha : imagine what micheal jackson would have been if he couldnt sing?


Baby's boobs I mean.

Oh my god! i cant belive he's getting married!! this totally broke my heart right now!! :'(!!!!

ok first off u fucking cocksuckers shes hotter than anything u pieces of shit nerds will ever tap , even if u pay the womam. Second why do u care wat hes doing mind your own business and maybe u wont all die virgins peace...

i agree

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