Thursday, June 23, 2005

crazy malaysians

My friend Seta alerted me to this quite some time ago. Go run a search on the Meriam-Webster online dictionary for the word 'amok' and you get...

Ok....before you Malay dudes start getting pissed offed and you Chinese dudes start laughing, here's food for thought. The rest of the world generally do not know the difference between Malaysian Malays and Malaysian Chinese. To most people, if you are a Malaysian, you are called a Malay regardless of race(weird how everybody thinks of us as ONE COMMON race, but we don't).

True enough, I did another search on Dictionary.com and it presented me with the following results sourced from Merriam-Webster:


Did you hear that?? It is in our CULTURE to go around assaulting people! Maybe we should go around assaulting the damn asses responsible for Merriam-Webster, eh? A murderous frenzy that occurs chiefly among Malays(ians)? That's weird because the last time I checked, we didn't have kids shooting at other kids in schools.

Now, I don't usually get pissed offed at such inane comments, and everybody I showed this to thought it was pretty funny. Well, its not. I would like to know....in which fucking culture do people go on a sudden mass assault of other people?

Goddamn stupid yanks...


booo.. yankee scums...

3/4 of their population should just DIE.

...... they have gotta be F***ing kidding right? WTF? Bloody hell!

OMG.... When did we as a nation run amok ?? Discriminating us just like tat.. .FUKS...

Why should we feel discriminated :/ ?

There are various-but-all-the-same-meanings for "amok" , I don't see everyone should feel insulted by this definition only . Face it , American are ignorant lots , but we can't live without those fat cats that keep on buying our shits ;o .

Anyway , with the recent increase of rapings and murders , I am not surprise why this "dictionary" label this word as our culture .


This is like the first time I agree with u at first time reading your articles. Anyway, I like what u hv here

Yankie Doofus must DIE!

i feel raped

foreigners now perceive that we are all uncivilised apes.

Main entry: McDonalds
Pronunciation: Mek-Dong-lou
Function: fuck knows
: an American creation against junk-food eating people that causes Americans to go fat. Commonly regarded to happen exclusively in American culture. Malaysians have better food to pig out on.


raksha : On this blog, it is Fucking..not 'F***ing' ok? hahaha..

yungjie : So you think that rape and murder only happens in Malaysia?

azwin : It's ok...you are also encourage to post your disagreement as well.

eyeris : Now at least that is accurate.


most of them are just plain morons..

lol! u have no idea. i know a few more. ;)

Nope but please let me explain , we all know that the american are fucking idiots , but why should we be pissed at this ? Let them label what we are "as they see fit" , only ourselves know better .

Like YungJie said, we all know the Americans are full of bullshit, so what's there to argue?

BTW, I know this is probably not the place to say this, but, if other people can think of us as one race, why can't we see ourselves as one community? The way I see it, there are too many inept little shits running around spreading stupid propagandas in the effort to separate what I used to think of as a good community. Sure we have our differences, but we share one country for fuck's sake.

Just an opinion. I just miss the old days when race was not a major issue.

p/s: people who have seen the world would not see race as an issue, except for morons. They are of a different species.


Oh sorry...forgot I can screw censorship on your blog. Okay okay...comment satu kali lagi. Hmm..but shorter expression lar..


There. Better kan? Muahaha!!


metal : Humour me. Would like to see somemore.

yungjie : You have a point.

muzuchi : You know, that is very true. I never like to look at ourselves as people of different races, but unfortunately, that is not how things work.

rahsha : Yes, much better. You have learned well. :P


Don't you think you're being hypocritical? All of you? I'm not saying that what was written was the correct definition of that word because I don't think it was. But don't you think it's wrong that you could add 'goddamn stupid yanks' to the end of your entry?

And don't you think that it's equally as ignorant to say or encourage people to reply with comments like '3/4 of their population should just die' ?

Just because only a little more than half the American people happen to have elected someone who obviously has some power issues. Just because in one dictionary probably complied by 3 people who are obviously ignorant. YOU comment on the ENTIRE population.

I was born in American, but I'm asian. I don't think the war is right, I don't think that dictionary definition is correct. But I am by birth place American. Is that why I should be damned? Is that why I should just die?

It seems to me, your retorts are just as racist and segragative as the dictionary definition. So, doesn't that sink you to the same level?


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