Friday, June 03, 2005

good theory

Inverse : Hey dude...check out this blog...*sends link*

Vincent : Haha. What a wanker...she sounds mentally unstable...

Inverse : Yeah...complaining about every damn thing...

Vincent : *reads some stuffs* What the fuck?? She's quite a bitch too...a stupid bitch to be precise...

Inverse : Yeah...stupid, illogical and complaining about how life sucks...in almost every post..

Vincent : Hehe...would most likely win PPS award for 'Blogger Most Likely to Commit Suicide'...

Inverse : Hahah....but I don't get it...she's got quite a huge fan club...look at the number of comments and hits...

Vincent : Ah..there's a theory for that. When some emotionally unstable kid complains about killing themselves, people do tend to console them and try to cheer them up. Its called dependency. Sometimes, listening to people bitch about how their life sucks make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Inverse : Hmmm??

Vincent : You see, when a blogger is stupid and says stupid things, people tend to try to correct them. Like if I say that I know what I am going to do after school, I know what I want to study, people might would look at me in awe.

Inverse : So??

Vincent : When there's this idiot, like that girl in that blog, who complains about not knowing what to do in life, people tend to give out advice. This tells you two things...people like giving out advice because it makes them feel good. Thats cuz you only give advice to people stupider and more ignorant than yourself. You don't really see anybody giving me advice on my blog rite?

Inverse : Fuck you la...

Vincent : Hehehehe...

Inverse : And the second thing??

Vincent : Second thing is...you are wrong about the fan club. That blog has a big fan club because it makes people feel good about themselves, not because that stupid girl writes well.

Someone commented in one of my articles before :

Genius and stupidity are relative. If it was not for the existance of stupid people, smart people like us won't be called smart.

Good point.

*No, I won't post that blog address. Stupidity is not a crime*


ur not talking about me by ANY chance are u? *terasa* :P

thus the quote on the top of ur blog right? Human stupidity is infinite.. hahahahhaa

or me , u not talking about me are u? *terasa rasa*


OK now i'm going to jump off a building and die.

(i think the world will thank me for this ba bai)


keng : That's not my quote la...

FA : Nah...you know I love you..

Suanie : You too..

Minishorts : You three..


I knew you were going to put that up!! Hehe

And wow... so many people terasa...

Isnt that quote on your page by Einstein?

Since you ruled out FA, suanie and minishorts, that whining psycho is definitely not anyone I know!

tilia : Yes it is

viewtru : Its not on your links, so no. Hahaha..


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