Friday, June 03, 2005

i would sing negaraku

In case you didn't already know, our lovely government is planning to get people to sing Negaraku (Malaysia's national anthem) in the cinemas before the movie starts. This was actually to try to get us Malaysians to love that cool song even more and hopefully instill a sense of patriotism into our idiotic culture of 'government bashing' and the 'never mind about the good stuffs, everything about Malaysia sucks'.

As you would imagine, loads of people have voiced their disgust at that plan. After all, we are Malaysians. Everything our government does is deemed to be unsuitable for us. Complaining is what we do best.

So what's all the fuss that everybody is kicking up all about??

Well, some dudes don't like the fact that patriotic values are FORCED on to them. Apparently, they said that they want to embrace these values themselves, and not for the government to force it upon them. One idiot even went as far as saying that it was a violation of his civil liberties!

Holy shit dudes...Wake the fuck up! Nobody is forcing any patriotic values on to you. They are encouraging people to take up those values and learn to love that song from your heart. Look, there are no violations of civil liberties or anything here ok? If you choose not to stand up and sing, then bloody sit if you wish. Its not as if they are going to put a policeman in every cinema and haul your ass to jail if you don't stand up for that minute or so. But hey.....if everybody around you stands up and you feel embarassed...who's fault is that? And even if you have to stand up...nobody forces you to open your damn mouth to sing it.

And then, some people complained that the Negaraku is a damn boring song...slow and monotonous. Wake up, you idiots!

Are you saying that you would love your country more if their national anthem sounded different? Everybody has different perceptions of music ok? Some people actually like slow songs.....like Joss Stone. Everytime I hear Joss Stone, I want to sleep. But hey, there are shit load of Joss Stone fans around right? Its OUR national song you are talking about for fucks sake. Is it so hard to accept it? Do it have to be fast and loud like Linkin Park? Its just a song...with nationalistic lyrics............yet people still have to complain about it.

Seriously, does it really affect us that much that we have to bitch about it like rabbid hyenas in menstrual pain? Is it too much trouble to get our fat lazy asses off the chair for 2 minutes and sing a song? Does it suck dry our taxpayer's money? Is the plan for the song to be sung in the middle of the movie, hence spoiling our enjoyment of it?

No, no, no and no.

So what are you idiots complaining about?


i wrote something on it too. am flabbergasted by people who cite examples like playing anthem at traffic lights, toilet bla bla bla. couldnt help but think they complain for the sake of complaining. i also tired to reply liao lol

They actually tried doing that national anthem thing many years ago. My dad said that at first they really did have a policeman standing in the cinema so people had to stand up and sing. But then after awhile the policeman went away, so people didnt give a fuck anymore. So, they stopped playing the song coz its pointless.

kim : I think, after a while, you do tend to get bored of people complaining and talking out of their ass...

tilia : If they do put a policeman in each cinema, then people can rightly so make noise. Otherwise I wish everybody would just shut up.


on your reply to tilia, exactly my sentiment. if it was a compulsory thing i'd definitely be against cause people should never be forced to do anything. on the other hand, it is proven once again that many msians do not read something thoroughly before commenting. all end up sounding like mules. particularly amused by those who say they'd forgo the cinematic experience altogether, as if like you said, the anthem would be play in the midst of the movie! same ol same ol~

very easy oni... they just need to put a chun chick singing the negaraku on screen before each movie.. and a chun guy next to her oso... then nobody will complain...

and the cun chick must wear a jalur gemilang bikini

i think its a case of something new, must complain. if don't complain we won't be malaysians.


i don't like to stand up before a show. macam dungu saje.

that's all.


Good argument. I'd like to see you stick to what you say, rather than being one of those idiots who complain about having the national anthem played before every movie.

keng/suanie : Oh yeah? Then you'll get some religious freak complaining about immorality in our society.

minishorts / mizuchi : The final choice lies with people whether they want to sit or stand. I just don't see what the fuss is all about


what's the point of it? will it make us more patriotic? or will it just make us look like a dumbass when some foreigners see it?

its not about spoiling the movie experience, but rather the point of doing it?


Imagine a couples going to see a romantic movie and having to stand up to sit Negaraku.

Imagine people wanting to chill out after a stressful day. You mean Negaraku actually doesn't get on your nerves after a hard day?

Imagine indirect brainwashing. Democratic world isn't it?

I dont know whether you know this or not, but international bodies are thinking of taking Malaysia to court due to the "degradation" endured by Jalur Gemilang. People treat the Malaysian flag like its a piece of decoration or something insignificant. In other countries, national flags are treated with reverance.

Come on! The government needs to come up with new ideas of instilling patriotism instead of listening to old tradionalists and conservatives in the government itself.

Talking about not standing up or to a small extent not singing Negaraku when it is played, isn't that a more severe sin inflicted on the national spirit? So the answer is that we HAVE to stand and sing it, right? Freedom of rights? Suhakam? Right, they do not exist in Malaysia. It's just a fake showing to bluff the international community on how fair Malaysia is.


waterjunk : The point of is, as they had justified was to HOPEFULLY make people more patriotic and appreciate the song more. It might not work, but there is no harm trying is there? On the point about foreigners, who gives a shit about what the foreigners think? If we did care about what the foreigners think, there are more pressing issues like clean toilets and proper maintance of tourist attractions.

robert : You mean singing Negaraku makes you lose all romantisism of a movie that hadn't even started? Or listening to the national anthem makes you even more stressed out? Brainwashing? Holy shit...instilling patriotic values is considered brainwashing? Whats the matter with you?

Moving on to your next point, why the hell should we care what 'international bodies' think about us? We decide how we run the country. Not a bunch of foreigners. Secondly, I would like you to reference where you got that crap about 'degradation' of the flag. Have you seen a Union Jack or Star Spangled Banner bikini? I have. Are you telling me that its not degrading to wear the flag on your private parts? That's bullshit mate.

Absolutely spot on when you said the government needs to come up with new ideas of instilling patriotism. The thing is....THEY DID! Everytime they come up with ideas, people shoot it down without even giving it a go. National service was never given a chance to succeed with so much opposition even before it started. Now this. Like I said, it only affects us by having to stand and open our mouth for 2 minutes. It doesn't spend any of our taxpayer's money. Yet we complain. Why??

Don't bring in stuffs like Suhakam alright? Human rights has absolutely nothing to do with this ok. You can stand or sit, but if you feel its a SIN to sit, then stand for a couple of minutes and keep your mouth closed, as apparently to you and loads of other people......that is an extremely difficult thing to do.


Well, I have a different opinion on this, Vincent! First of all, I can understand why people compain - if I go to the cinema, it means I want to see a movie, not sing. Moreover, people should have the right to spend their spare time as they choose, nothing should be imposed on them. And I think I'd get more pissed off when seeing people who have no idea what loving your country means singing because they like playing the patriot part.

Right on, Kayla. I, too, share your point of view. Although it not mandatory, it is, nonetheless, instituted (or as the government puts it, "advised"). Institutionalized patriotism sounds too much like communism for my comfort.

Vincent's argument is that we might feel pressured to participate when the anthem is sung, even if we don't feel like participating. What kind of patriotism does it instil if we are forced, or worse, shamed into appreciating our National Anthem?

I have no quarrel when anthems are sung before the start of a sporting event. Being a spectator at a game and watching a movie in a cinema are, however, two different kinds of activities--we are engaged more actively in one than the other. When we cheer for a local or national team, we have a sense of national pride. Even when the competing teams are clubs within the country, we appreciate that they are playing in a national league, which is representing the nation in the international governing body of the sport.

This relationship and the nature of being an active spectator make the singing of the national anthem logical, giving rise to patriotism. However, watching a movie is a passive activity and singing the anthem before it starts is just too comical to be a patriotic affair.


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