Friday, June 17, 2005

in the news..again!

A heads up from Viewtru, I am in the news...again!

It's an article by the New Straits Times about blogging. Read it here.

The important excerpt of that article (with me in it):

But for many, it is the bloggers' originality and linguistic flair that make them go back for more.

One blogger, for example, pens his sarcastic take on the idiosyncrasies of Malaysians with the opening remarks: "There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity, although I am not too sure about the former."

Muahahahaha....Hear that? I have originality and a linguistic flair! How awesome does that sound to you?

If only they had posted my blog address and name.....I would be femes.


hang on dude... you are almost there. I am not sure why the reporter quoted your line, but never put your name and URL.

I am sure you will have better luck next round.


whoa, congratulations...! they should put your nick or address in the article lar... these newspaper people aa...

article ddn't mention Jeff Ooi... Malaysia's MIB, he really must be a hated one amongst the NST echelon. Hehe.

Haha..sounds like the author of that newspaper article thought that the Einstein quote was a quote by Vincent instead...

how u know theyre mentioning u? mebbe someone plagiarised that part and put it on they're blogs... aahahaha

"There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity, although I am not too sure about the former"

I thought the quote was from Einstien? Must have been my mistake.


About that quote, I read it somewhere saying that Einstein said it. In fact, once upon a time the line read, "Einstein once said........."

Then someone told me that it was one of those email hoax that people just write for fun because Einstein was a humble dude and would never say something like that.

So not knowing whether it's true and with no way of verifying it, I just omitted his name


that quote is credited to einstein in a lot of websites etc dedicated to documenting famous quotes....so..

*shrugs* I dunno...But I do acknowledge that it isn't my line.

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