Wednesday, June 15, 2005


If blogs are a mirror of life itself, then......

You make the bed, you sleep in it.

If you blog-whore, then you get publicity.....be it good or bad. If there is something I learned in my one year of blogging is that I have NEVER written an article which EVERYBODY fully agreed with. You write something because you want to. You say something because you want to. If you touch on controversy, critisism will come. It is inevitable.

Some things cannot be justified. Some things can never be justified.

I swear I'll slap the next idiot who tells me that nudity is an art. I would like to see you encourage your 10 year old kid to appreciate art then. Posting naked pictures of yourself on your blog is something that cannot be justified. She did it because she wanted to, and fair play to her.

Just don't fucking tell me that it's art.


LoL!!! You are more conservative than my grandma!!!

Going nude is not exactly science. Got to be art!

Of course she didnt do it for the sake of expanding her artistic horizons and what not. She took the photos to feel sexy and she posted them up to get publicity and to receive emails from 40 year old men telling her that they wana screw her.

Stupid stupid stupid STUPID.

She posted it to please herself. Knowing that people are looking at it arouses her. That's it.

Art or not, conservative or liberal are totally besides the necessary point.

To those who disagree with her, she did it because: she WANTED to. Let her be.

To those who support her or saying it's art etc, try to emulate her(or do what vince says, get your kid to appreciate art).

Easier said than done. Don't call another conservative before you know yourself.


hliew : You should hear the conservative jokes I tell.

viewtru : So we are all artists now are we?

tilia, word : Spot on.


the getting naked part is not an art... but the photography part is ...

I wonder what's wrong with the people nowadays. There are like a quadrillion sites out there showing photos of not only nude people ... but nude people having sex with basically ANYTHING.

Why wouldn't they be concerned about the pornstars' upbringing ...

One word : WACKED.


Hey, I want to be the first to tell you this. You made it to the New Straits Times. See the URL

One blogger, for example, pens his sarcastic take on the idiosyncrasies of Malaysians with the opening remarks: "There are two things infinite, the universe and human stupidity, although I am not too sure about the former."

You're famou, man!!!!!


hehehe...thanks for the tip man.

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