Monday, June 13, 2005

my JPA mistake

I was doing some of my usual stuffs the other day, and thinking about stuffs in general when something hit me at the back of my head...it hit me pretty hard. It was about my article about JPA and the top scholars a few days ago........I was wrong. I did not think some stuffs thoroughly enough.

Ok...so its settled now. Due to ridiculous amounts of pressure from the government and the public, those top scorers did finally get what they want. But theres something I didn't think off earlier, and I misplaced a few arguments.

You know how everybody has been calling JPA a racist for not giving those scholarships to Chinese top scorers? I then argued that maybe those guys screwed up their interview or something. Some people did not take my reasoning too kindly though and they really DO believe that JPA are racist because they disallowed some Chinese blokes. Well, given that particular incident, if you disregard my argument about the interview, then that would actually make JPA a bunch of idiots, and not racist as some people argue.


Let's now imagine the situation here :

100 Malay applicants, ranging from students with 17A's to 6A's.
100 Chinese applicants, ranging from students with 14A's to 7A's.

If JPA were indeed racist, they would have given all the 14A students the scholarship but denying the Chinese dudes with 7A's in favour of the Malay students with 6A's. Either that, or they could have denied all Chinese students a scholarship.

So why did the 'racist' JPA give deny the 14A Chinese guy and give a scholarship to numerous other Chinese students who got fewer A's than him? We can now deduce that in this situation, there are two possibilities. Firstly, the interviews DO MATTER. Or, if you disagree with the point about the interviews, as some people did in the last post, then in that case JPA are just stupid and not racist. This is because they chose to give a Chinese guy with 10A's a scholarship instead of the 14A's guy.

Sure, they maybe be racist in the lower end of the scores (like 7 or 8A's students) and we will never know for sure. But one thing is for sure. In this case, if you want to accuse them of anything, then its stupidity, and not racism. You guys are playing the race card too easily once again. Me, I still prefer my 'interview' theory.


I really dont understand how you can get 14 As and be so sucky at the interview that a guy with 10As can beat you.

Marina Mahathir did say that a lot of scholarship winners were really incoherent...


I do understand it. I know a lot of such people.

You know what, I actually agree with this. What I don't get is, why JPA? Why not Petronas? or Telekom? or MARA? There are plenty of other firms giving out scholarships, and with good results, you've only but to ask.

IMHO, I think most of these 'top scorers' are just not resourceful enough to look for alternatives. I went to quite a few interviews before I decided to go with the JPA one. I'm in Japan now.

In the case of interviews, the Petronas scholarship is one that relies a lot on the interview. How do I know? My housemate knows someone who got the offer even though he only managed to get 7A's (this is from a few years back) and the guy is quite the intellectual type.


thank god JPA have settle...if not, alot of poor ppl who depend on govt hospitals will be taken as genie pig by the blur lower A student becos the higher A student are rejected....

I think as far as JPA is concerned, it does not matter if the student gets 10As or 14As. They might have looked at some other criterias, family background etc.

Bottomline is, criterias looked upon, they probably felt the 10As student deserved it better.

Another possibility is(taken from hear-says), JPA probably has some strategic plans. They do not wish that a 14As non-Bumi student outperforms their selected Bumi student. Thus choose someone less capable.

The blogsphere's pretty rife with discussions like this one. Read Jordan's Macvaysia.com, one of his entries has a very insightful look on this issue.


*correction - macvaysia.blogspot.com

mizuchi : Do you know...I have heard of people who spot the questions asked during interviews (the way students spot exam questions) and memorise what they want to say.

jane : That wasn't my point.

word : Such 'possibilities' are like conspiracy theories about aliens. I don't even want to discuss such ridiculous stuffs..


Lets be honest here:

Who gives a monkies how many A's you or I have.

Scholarships should be given out not just on merit, but also due to financial considerations. Malaysians are like sheep. Ohhh, you got 17As ya? Surely must get JPA one, otherwise they are racist.


Given the opportunity, I'd rather give a chance to a poor kid from some kampung who've managed to scrape his way to 7/8As than some Datuk's son, no matter whether he has 100A's or not. Some of my friends during my schooling days have the money to go for 11 tuitions (1 for every subject + 2 for Ad Maths, just to be safe) and still gets a JPA scholarship.

And immediately after getting the scholarship, daddy buys him a brand new Toyota to "reward him".

Double-you. Tee. Eff.


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